Favorite Cowboys/Redskins memory

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tnewsome30, Dec 28, 2012.

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    The History of Cowboys/Skins

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    This is easy. Michael downs knocking down the ball in the endzone so we would not go winless. I was listening to the game on krld 1080 or either the station ron chapman use to be on (can recall the name) because the game was blacked out. I celebrated like we won the Super Bowl. Little did I know, I would be celebrating 3 of them very soon.
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    The 1999 season opener. The game was in Washington. The Skins were supposed to handle the Boys easily. They were picked by most to win the NFC East that year. It was a back on forth game with the Boys leading 14-0 early but the Skins came back to lead 35-14. The Boys tied it up late and Aikman hit the Rocket in OT for the win.

    I was home alone for this game. It is the only time the cops have ever showed up at my house because the neighbors called thinking there was a fight. They laughed and told me to keep it down.

    Great game and great day.
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    1979 Game
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    Steve Beuerlein (subbing for Aikman) leading them to a win. One of the touchdowns I will never forget is the pass he threw behind Irvin (i think it was a slant) and Irvin had to bat the ball towards him to make the TD catch.

    I also think this was the game where Jimmy onside kicked it.
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    1979, last game of the season. Winner was NFC East Champ. Loser was going home. Eerily similar to Sunday, except the Skins could still sneak in.

    Roger brings us back from 13 points down in under 4 minutes and the Cowboys win by 1 point.

    Best game I ever saw.

    Close seconds are the Happy Birthday Joe game where Thurman's Thieves pikced off 5 of his passes and 6 total, and the "Triumph of an Uncluttered Mind" 1974 Thanksgiving miracle.

    I also like the 1999 opener and Troy Aikman to Rocket Ismail in OT.
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    "When you go up against a big gorilla, you don't hit him lightly. You hit him with everything you've got!" - Jimmy Johnson (in reference to being asked about going for it on 4th and 5 rather than kicking a field goal, and the onside kick.
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    1991 week 13. At Washington.

    They were undefeated and we were big underdogs.

    Aikman hit Harper on a Hail Mary right before the half, jimmy went on side and on fourth down. Pulled out all the stops.

    We won and started a run that led us to the playoffs and a win over the bears at soldier field.

    Aikman was hurt in that game and done for the year essentially minus a few snaps in the lions playoff game.

    The skins went 15-1 and won the Super Bowl that year. Had emmitt not drank the sports drink that he was told would hydrate him at halftime we would have beat them in week 2 also. He became sick and couldn't stop throwing up out of the half. Still had a big day.

    To this day I wish we could have got a crack at them in the NFC championship game in rfk. Jimmy was 3-0 up there.

    I am going to watch this game tonight.

    Of the recent games, the 08 game where we were playing for our lives and no one gave us a chance was also a memorable game. Romo with his bad thumb and a banged up barber did just enough to win.
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    1. 1989 - i remember it was a primetime game and the Cowboys were winless going up against the heavily favored Skins @ RFK. Paul Palmer had the game of his life. The D held the Skins to only 3 points. Boys got their only win that year winning 13-3.

    2. 1999 - season opener @ FedEx. Deion was out with a bad back or toe. Charlie Williams and Kevin Mathis were our starting CBs. Redskins WRs were wide open all day. In fact, they still may be open. Anyway, after a sluggish 2nd-3rd quarters, the Triplets responded with a vintage performance to erase a late 21 point deficit. Then the bomb to Rocket was the most exciting finish I'd ever witness live at a game.
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    I recall John Madden saying that the Cowboys defeat of the undefeated Redskins was the best coached game he had ever seen.

    That was my favorite along with the 1992 opening day beating of the Skins. That game right there proved we were ready for a Super Bowl run. That was an unreal season.
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    you must be thinking of 1988.. i know what play you are talking about though.

    we actually were 3- 13 that year.

    md26 was not with us in 89.

    i was mad as hell when they cut one of my favorite players.
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    1990 thanksgiving was a great game made all the better since I watched it with my skins fan cousins.

    kindle fire will not let me type the nickname of that burgundy clad team for some reason.
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    Jimmy was 3-0 at RFK?

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I was at the game (1992?) where we controlled the entire game until late in the 4th quarter and then had the BS happen. Irivn fumble right after a catch. The Emmitt/Troy fumble in the endzone. At least one really bad call by the refs.

    That was the game where Jimmy had tears in eyes at the presser and nobody said a word on the flight home after Jimmy chewed some tail when some guys were laughing and playing cards.
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    Edit I forgot the win over Washington in 90 was in texas stadium on turkey day...sorry my mistake, feel free to crucify me.

    We lost the game in December of 92 on the BS fumble on aikman in the endzone which todays rules would have been an incomplete pass.
  16. theebs

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    it was an awesome game and kind of kicked off the run.

  17. WPBCowboysFan

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    I had a 2" color TV with me and everybody around me was looking at the replays. Even the Skins fans there thought it was a bad call.
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    You were there too??? I was there maybe 30 rows up from that particular end zone in the corner. I remember the refs and players digging thru the pile to find out who had recovered the fumble. Then you look out maybe a full 40 yards away from the action and a Redskins player is all alone jumping up and down waving the football. It's funny because absolutely nobody in the stadium initially saw him retrieve the ball and move away from the crowd. Then seemingly at once everyone finally sees him waving the ball with all the Skins players and fans pointing at him. I think the Skins player was #26(Copeland?). They definitely could've used instant replay...

    Anyway that was a great game to see live. As you said, we carried the game throughout. The Skins got a flea-flicker to score their only TD early. A HB pass to a wide open receiver. I remember it like yesterday. Then the bottom fell out for the Boys late in the game. Being at that game, even before the Boys had won their first of 3 SBs, you could sense the team had already reached the rock-star status.
  19. WPBCowboysFan

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    Yea, it was great being there. Even tho we lost everyone there knew who the better team was.

    I was sitting at the other end of the field. Never even had a ticket. A friend from work knew somebody that would let him in the stadium and he got us both in. We moved around the stadium. He had friends all over the stadium so we just moved around.
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    Larry Cole cutting through the line to bust up the counter trey and tackle Riggins for a loss. That turned into a punt and Staubach did the rest to win the division.

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