Favorite musicians?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Metallica lost me with the black album. And Justice For All was an excellent CD and I was expecting great things from the black album, but was very let down. I don't even want to talk about the Load & Re-Load crap they put out. I've never even heard anything off of their latest release. I just have no interest in even listening to it.
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    I bought the load cd....realized it was a load of crap the first time I listened to it and then sold it to someone else that same day lol.

    Have not bought or listened to any of the newer stuff....now I did like the turn the page and whiskey in the jar covers.

    I liked the black album but it wore thin with Kirks infatuation with the wah wah on every solo.

    Justice for all was a great album but at times they just tried to mix too many riffs into each song and it just did not go as smooth...plus IMO that has the worst sounding drums of any metallica album...they are so high end and dry for my taste.
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    Interesting, eclectic mix, Juke.

    I'm trying to place which of those artists I can see the influence in your own work.

    You as a musican, and singer, not as a composer.

    Let's see.

    Singer. We got a crooner like Dino, who was cool way before Tony Bennett got discovered by the yuppies. What I see in you of him is (nope, not an alcoholic haze) is suberb PHRASING. In fact, there were two singers of that genre who I think outphrased even Sinatra, who knew how to caress a note. That was Dino and Perry Como. My mom's boys. :p

    Now Fogarty I know was an influence. The Credance Connection. Just the right amount of "twang" w/o going too country.

    John Lennon circa 64 is, my my yes. His vocals on "Please Please Me"..my very favorite Beatles song..I heard that influence I think. Or maybe a touch of Norwegian wood.

    Delbert McClinton - now there's the very defintion of eclectic. This is sorta like Joni Mitchell discovering Mingus.

    Paul Rogers I think technical virtuosity, but the voice is escaping me.

    Tyler is just energy (along with mouth). Can't feel too much of him from a ballad.

    Now, of course, you're YOURSELF, but I'd really appreciate a breakdown here. Just name some of the seminal tunes.

    Musician wise is hard for me as you did every instrumetn and all the tracks.

    But I admit to being a little disappointed neither Pat Metheny nor Keith Jarrett showed up on that list.

    My Biggees - Laura Nyro, Rachmaninoff, Isaac Hayes, (Hot Buttered Soul), Nina Simone, Chopin, Charlie Parker, Gerry Mulligan, Robert Plante, Marvin Gaye, Guru, Dylan, Gil Scott Heron, Pete Townsend. Rickie Lee Jones!
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    Adressing things in reverse order (no comment please)....

    I was thiiiiis close to listing Rachmaninoff (second symphony...a romantic's delight) but opted for Holst on the strength of "The Planets"...Charlie Parker, I play with a great sax player who sez, "I know the guy is a beast on the sax...plays stuff I couldn't dream of...that said, I find him very difficult to listen to." I have to agree with that.....Chopin I like but a bit too predictable...Marvin Gaye, WHATTA VOICE, magic indeed....Dylan should have written poetry or had someone else sing...Townsend is fun but I don't take him too seriously as a musician...Rickie Lee is super...Hayes is the ultimate in coooool....

    I'll send you some other stuff sometime and you'll hear the other influences....

    Dean Martin is the guy for me when it comes to the crooners. Sinatra, if you listen to VERY early stuff his voice is beautiful...but then he became a parody of himself.

    I LOVE "Please Please Me" I am right there with you on the favorite song thing...it's pure energy. It proves that energy can be captured on tape. It is far from a well played recording but I'd trade energy for efficiency any day of the week.

    Fogerty- Magic in that Bayou sound. Again, not a great guitar player by any stretch but there was color in each one of his songs. No need for some dumb MTV video there...everything he did painted images in the listener's mind. And he had some serious balls, "Fortunate Son"

    Paul Rogers. If a person needed to define "rock and roll" it would be his voice...that was always the attraction...and of course, his vocal with Free on "Alright Now" is a classic.

    Anywho...thank you for the kind words...and that you obviously actually spent time listening. When the song hits the street, I'll mention you on Letterman.

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    You better mention me as your MUSE, boy. :p
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    Yeah...and I like you more than Sharon Stone... :)
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    One of the few who will admit seeing that flick. :p
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    Movie junkie of sorts...I'll even admit to see "Titanic"....three times.


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