Favre's Daughter: Quit Daddy

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by SoTex, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Favre's 5-year-old daughter wants daddy to quit
    Oct. 13, 2004
    SportsLine.com wire reports

    GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Brett Favre's daughter wants her father to quit playing football.

    With the Packers mired in a monthlong slump and alone in last place for the first time since 1988, many Green Bay fans are fearful the three-time MVP's retirement might be hastened.

    Favre isn't saying, but he did ask his youngest daughter, 5-year-old Breleigh, for her thoughts as he drove her to kindergarten on Wednesday.

    "We were just talking on the way," Favre said. "I've always tried to pick her brain. I said, 'Are you ready for Daddy to quit football?' She knows I play and she knows people want my autographs and things, but she doesn't really grasp the whole concept of what's going on. She said, 'Yeah. I'm ready for you to quit playing football, so you can live with us full-time in Mississippi."'

    Breleigh lives with Favre and his wife, Deanna, in Green Bay during the football season, while her 15-year-old sister, Brittany, stays with relatives in Sumrall, Miss., so she doesn't have to move midway through the school year.

    "It's kind of funny that she said that," Favre said of Breleigh's comments, "because I'm with her every night. I said, 'If I quit playing, there's no more football, there's no more games, no more cheering.' She said, 'No, I'm ready for you to do that.'

    "If you want the truth a lot of times, go ask your kids. But I don't think she really knows."

    Regardless, teammate Ryan Longwell isn't surprised family and football are both pulling at Favre, who turned 35 last week and is playing in his 14th NFL season.

    "I think Brett is at that stage where it's tougher for him to leave home every year," Longwell said. "For the married guys with kids, I think that's the pull that eventually gets us all away."

    Coach-general manager Mike Sherman said he's not worried about Favre's future: "My only concern right now is the Detroit Lions and this season and this team and we'll worry about next season when that comes around."

    Favre recounted the conversation with his daughter when asked whether he had thought about life after football. Foremost on his mind, however, is reversing the team's tailspin. Only eight teams have overcome a 1-4 start to make the playoffs.

    "I consider it a challenge," Favre said.

    The Associated Press News Service
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    The fact that he's even asking her that question means that he's ready to quit.

    Good luck to you Brett... he was a really fun guy to watch in his prime.
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    I think you are right. I would like to see him finish strong. (Minus the Dallas game). Favre is one of the few that play for the love of the game.
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    When Farve and Bledsoe retire I'll officially feel old. I still remember this guy breaking my heart in Jacksonville when he upset the FSU Seminoles.
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    I am Terrell Owens ******* child and I would like to see him retire.

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