News: Felix Is Out, Sean Lee Questionable For Bills

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Felix Jones out, Sean Lee questionable for Cowboys

    11/11/2011 4:45:31 PM

    Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones will miss his fourth consecutive game, while inside linebacker Sean Lee is listed as questionable according to Tim MacMahon of

    Lee, who missed last week's win over the Seattle Seahawks due to a dislocated wrist, has been a limited participant in practice all week. He wears a heavily wrapped cast on the field, preventing him from being able to use any of the fingers on his left hand.

    Lee, who leads the Cowboys in tackles and interceptions, said earlier this week that the pain in the wrist is much less than he anticipated. However, the coaching staff isn't certain how much they can count on Lee in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

    "Honestly, we hope he can play," defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. "He brings so much to the defense. He's smart, tough, he finds the football like no other."

    Jones has not practiced since suffering a high ankle sprain in the Oct. 16 loss to the New England Patriots. He is listed as out along with receiver Miles Austin and cornerback Mike Jenkins, who are both dealing with hamstring injuries that are expected to sideline them for at least three games.
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    I'd like to see us at full strength for a few games just to get a feel for where we're really at.
  3. Don Corleone

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    Timing may work out just right. We should be full strength in December. Just in time for the tough stretch of games left (Giants and Eagles).
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    We can deal with Felix being out because Murray has been a workhorse and is basically the starter now anyways. Tanner can spell him for a few snaps throughout the game.

    The big losses right now are Jenkins, Austin and Lee. Two of those guys have been to the Pro Bowl already and the third was well on his way to his first visit when the injury happened. Not many teams aren't going to be stung when losing that amount of talent.

    It is a good chance to see how Dez responds as the #1 now that he is at full health. I'm also curious to see if the switch has flipped in Otree at WR. I really hope Otree strings together some good games for us in this stretch as Dez is easily taken out of games due to his limited route repertoire. Robinson can't carry the passing game alone. Now would be a great time for Otree to breakout.

    Ryan has the defense playing well but the Bills can score points. If we want to beat them we need to score some TDs and avoid turnovers.
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    How long will it take for Lee's injury to heal? Or is it something that will require surgery at the end of the season?
  6. Eskimo

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    I don't think any ligaments are torn (at least that is what I remember being reported) so he probably won't require surgery. I don't know how much instability there is in his wrist right now but probably not a great deal if they are going to let him play with the cast. There was quite a bit of swelling in the soft tissues and this will usually take four to six weeks to settle down. My guess is that he'll probably play most of the rest of the year with the cast on and then will try to let it heal with rest in the offseason.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Not sure I can take another FG fest by Bailey.
  8. cowboyeric8

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    I can take it as long as it produces a W. But TDs would be nice.
  9. LandryFan

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    At least we have a kicker that can produce a FG fest. Been a while since we could say that.

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