Fellow fans, please vote for Cowboy McFarlanes!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by LPW, Jun 28, 2005.

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    The Spawn.com message board is running some Opinion Poll threads to gauge the public’s interest on what NFL McFarlane figurines to include in their 2006 Regular Series 13, Series 14, and Legends 2 series. I want to see some Dallas Cowboys in their selections, but right now it is not looking too good. With the Cowboys national popularity, they are always big sellers. So if we could show them that there is enough interest in a couple of our players, Spawn would jump at the chance of including them in the lineup.

    For the Regular series, I think a Jason Witten figure would be a good choice since he is one of our young rising stars not previously selected as a McFarlane. Julius Jones is selected to appear in this year Series 11 and Roy Williams already has appeared in the 2004 Series 10.

    Spawn is currently choosing the 2006 Series 13 and 14 lineups and will announce their final decisions for Series 13 by the middle of the upcoming season and Series 14 by the Super Bowl. Now is the perfect time for us to give them our requests. You can give Spawn your opinion by going to the following link. Mark Weber of the McFarlane staff is monitoring the threads for input to their decisions.


    The Legends 2 series is considering Tony Dorsett as a possible selection. Supposedly as of June 15th, the NFL Legends 2 Lineup is finalized but won’t be announced until the beginning of the NFL season. But there are many other former Cowboy stars, such as Michael Irvin, Roger Staubach, Randy White, and many others that would be great choices for any future legend series. We can start lobbying now for them to be included in the next legend series. Troy Aikman has already been selected to be in the soon to be released Legends Series 1 edition and Emmitt Smith has appeared in his Cowboys uniform in the regular Series 1 and in a Cardinals uniform in series 6. There are two threads asking for opinions on the Legend series.



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    I would still murder someone and take their wife for a Staubach McFarlane.
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    To be fair, Mcfarlane has already been good to Cowboys. They have Jujo and Roy williams. I don't think any more of our current team can even be considered. who..Witten? Johnson? larry allen?. As for legends maybe Dorsett and Staubach one day

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