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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Billy Bullocks, Aug 1, 2005.

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    This book, Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornsby (author of High Fidelity) is awesome. I was in Europe and I finnished this thing in like a week. Awesome book about Hornsby's obsession with Engligh "football" Club Arsenal. I know most of you arent soccer fans (ive become one in the last couple years), but I think alot of you could relate to his obsession with his favorite team. Much of his mood is affected by how his team is performing, and I know some of you are like this. If you want a good read, keep an open mind(its about soccer), but if you give it a shot, I think most of you would like it. Also, High Fidelity is an excellent book (regardless of weather you have seen the movie or not)
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    High Fidelity is a great book as is About A Boy.

    I couldn't get through Fever Pitch, I know nothing about soccer so it was like reading Greek.

    He's got a new book out called A Long Way Down...haven't started that yet.
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    Yeh, hes an excellent author. Im young, so it's really easy to read. He seems to write realistically, therefor I can relate. I got cousins in Liverpool, so you can imagine what its like for me, i have to like "football". I will say, going to a game at Anfield Road was probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Ive been to college and pro sports here in the US, including NFL games, and I can say, I've never seen the passion that I saw at Anfield Road that day against even a team like Coventry City(they suck)

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