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    Eddie LeBarron's nickname was "The LITTLEST General". He EARNED that title as a Marine Corps 2ndLt, after being wounded twice on the front lines. He was later awarded the Bronze Star Medal and retired as a Maj.

    Roger Staubach's " battle experience in Viet Nam", consisted of a one-year tour of duty as a Supply Corps officer at the Chu Lai base/port. A secondary air base providing relief for Da Nang Air Base approximately 50 miles to the northwest.
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    Don't kid yourself, anyone in country was a soldier...and all Viet Nam MOS in any service was 11bush...period. I really don't think that Charlie went around saying, this is a Naval Academy Grad...we leave him alone. No, everyone in a platoon needed to be able to sleep with a lady of the evening, to be able to trust she wouldn't come by with dynamite strapped to her breasts and blow up the whole joint.

    Hint, don't try and brag about someone else's bravery...a given medal wasn't all there was to it. Many didn't receive them for just as heroic action and price paid...guy.

    As to title, you call it that way, but the press said The Little General...don't be selective in admirable and respectful nick names..

    by the way, since you aren't afraid to be a Texas fan:

    Why doesn't Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico?

    Because Oklahoma sucks.

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