Final tally for RGIII trade

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bkight13, May 12, 2014.

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    From PFT:
    So in the end, Washington got Robert Griffin III while St. Louis got Greg Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, Zac Stacy, Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead and Rokevious Watkins.

    Is a Franchise QB and media/fan favorite worth that much? I don't think it's as lopsided as it appears. But a rare case where both sides are happy.
  2. jrumann59

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    Wasn't minnie happy right after the walker trade.
  3. BAZ

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    Both teams finished last in their respected divisions. They shouldn't be too happy.
  4. burmafrd

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    Was not quite the sodomizing we gave the Vikings but not far off
  5. DFWJC

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    I like the direction of the Rams more than almost any team in the league.

    This is do or die time for Bradford, because enough pieces are now in place for SL to otherwise make a run.

    Kind of the inverse situation of where Dallas was the last few seasons.
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  6. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm guessing that right now the Skins don't feel to upset about that.
  7. SkinsHokieFan

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    I would do that trade 10 out of 10 times.

    Because of Bradford, the Rams will probably be in the 6-8 win range again looking for a franchise signal caller next year
  8. joseephuss

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    It doesn't really matter what the Rams do with their picks. They could waste them all or pick 3 future Hall of Famers. If Washington kept those pick they may not have drafted the same guys. They will be judged on the success of Griffin. I don't think he was worth the amount of picks they gave up. Few QBs are worth that much.
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  9. Cowboys22

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    St Louis is the huge winner in that deal, mainly because they got such a high pick this year. That's an incredible haul from one pick. RGIII is nowhere near special enough to be worth that group of players. You can use one future pick and get yourself an equivalent or close to QB. It would take you 4-5 years to accumulate the added value that all those players equal.
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    I tend to agree. I see St. Louis poised as a team who will be competitive for 10 years, at the least. They were 7-9 in 2013 and they've just added a boat load of talent. If Sam Bradford is the QB they hope he is, they are going to be competing for a Championship soon. If not, they are in excellent position to go get a top QB in the draft. Washington, they are a lot like us. They have a lot of holes all over the place and they don't have a lot of cap to work with.
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  11. Hardline

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    I hope if the Cowboys ever get in the situation where they have a top 2 pick and 2 franchise QBs in the draft,Some team offers a deal like that one to them. I will take it every time.
  12. BobGriffin3

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    The Redskins won this trade easily IF RG3 proves himself this year. I'm guessing after next season we are going to talk about how Sam Bradford is the next Manning......highly unlikely. Complete wash for the Rams, they will enter next years draft praying that a good franchise QB will be available as they boot Bradford to the curb. I get it though, I mean after 2 years RG3 is a bust and sucks. But Bradford deserves his 4th and he might be the guy......makes sense.
  13. OhSnap

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    So you would be fine with the pick as long as the Rams suck and have to find a QB?
  14. joseephuss

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    What is the criteria for proving himself?
  15. burmafrd

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    Snyder has to wear diapers after what the Rams did to him.

    Hilarious that anyone thinks Griffin was worth that. Luck- I would have maybe done it-MAYBE.
  16. SkinsFan28

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    As an obvious homer, I think it's a win-win.

    The Rams, through solid FO draft day actions took 4 picks and parlayed 6-7 quality players. Our true putridness last year certainly was the icing on the cake for them.

    For the Skins it's easier for the naysayers to harp but we got a division title on the acl of Griffin, something we hadn't sniffed in 10+ years. And we have set aside the annual off season qb chase. Further, in the previous decade we had wasted more picks than we gave the Rams on trying to find qb's, or trading picks away to get old qb's etc. Even last year, Griffin played at a NFL level on par with a mid tier qb, and clearly he was not the same early on, and benched later in a Shanny spite moment (he has had many of those). If Griffin, under Gruden, can play in the top 10 range consistently then all the better. We can use our picks things other than qb going forward.

    An asterisk to the whole notion has to be that while the Skins suffered the self inflicted loss of draft picks, it was days later that the NFL/NFLPA put a huge albatross of 36million cap penalty, and most likely the Skins planned to use some of that 36Mil on players that may have protected Griffin just a bit better than our wannabe RT.
  17. SkinsFan28

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    I can't edit the above, but to be clear, I mean by mid season Griffin was playing at a mid tier level, once you could see he was starting to trust his legs. Clearly the first games were not NFL grade qb play.
  18. OhSnap

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    The problem with a trade like that is you have to win a SB for everyone to ever say it was worth it but like you said he's probably good enough physically to stop the off season QB chase for a while and as long as his legs hold up maybe hit some playoff games with a good team around him. The biggest knocks I see on him are his skinny chicken legs and he has the PR skill of an ogre clubbin baby seals when he does a post game conference.
  19. koolaid

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    Its too early to tell how the trade turned out for the skins. The jury is still out on RG3. He did not have a good season last year but obviously the injury set him way back in his development both physically and psychologically. There were moments last season he did not look like a starting quality QB and his accuracy was not where it needs to be. The skins made a mistake rushing him back onto the field. The acquisition of desean jackson should give him two solid WRs to pair with a good RB so there should be no excuses, but the skins gave wayy too much up to do anything other than ride it out for the next 2 seasons.

    The trade was great for the rams. The risk is very low and that pool of players has a ton of upside.

    Personally RG3s body type scares me too much to make that trade again in hind-site if i am the skins. I would rather have a guy like Bortles who can take those shots for 16 games a year.
  20. Risen Star

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    Well then they're idiots. That was a horrific trade.
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