Final tally for RGIII trade

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bkight13, May 12, 2014.

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    Well these posts certainly contributed to the discussion
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    I have also liked their direction but they never seem to put it together. And then the next season is supposed to be the year they breakthrough.

    It all hinges on Bradford right now. He could not stay healthy at OU and does not seem to stay healthy with the Rams. He was having a pretty good year last year before he got hurt.

    And as of now, you could say the Skins have gotten the better end of the deal. RG3 has gotten them to the playoffs and won the East in 2012. Rams have yet to make the playoffs.

    But of course, we need to see if RG3 stays healthy and how those draft picks for the Rams work out.

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