News: Finnegan Brings Fiery Attitude

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    Free Agent Watch
    FA Watch: Finnegan Brings Fiery Attitude
    [​IMG]Nick Eatman Staff Writer


    (Editor's Note: With the NFL free agency period beginning next month, the Cowboys have some work to do. In this series, takes a look at a number of the veterans who could wind up in Dallas. Today's featured player is Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan.) Name: Cortland Finnegan
    Position: Cornerback
    College: Samford
    Height/Weight: 5-10/188
    Age: 28 (born Feb. 2, 1984)
    NFL Experience: 6 seasons
    Availability: He's one of the more experienced cornerbacks on the free-agent market this year. Finnegan does have some Pro Bowl experience, being selected in 2008 as well as receiving a first-team All-Pro nod that season. Here recently, Finnegan has been quoted as being "discouraged" that a deal with the Titans hadn't been reached. It sounds like he's preparing himself to play for another team in 2012, but seems like he'd be willing to stick around in Tennessee for the right price. Don't forget Finnegan walked out of training camp last year, admittedly because he was seeking a new deal. He later apologized for the move, but he followed it up with a less-than-stellar season and that might be the reason the Titans are willing to part ways.

    What He Brings
    : There are a few intangibles Finnegan would bring to the table, most notably an attitude and scrappiness that is evident in his play. Finnegan had a memorable bout with Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, where helmets were flying off and punches were thrown and landed on both sides. Finnegan has been dubbed a dirty player by several opposing receivers, but it's a distinction that Finnegan doesn't hide from; he actually relishes it. He's got ideal size, extreme toughness and playmaking ability – 14 career interceptions. This past year, Finnegan had 95 tackles, one interception and 12 pass deflections.

    : Finnegan has no real connections to the Cowboys. But playing six years with the Titans, he has faced several of the Cowboys' assistant coaches, Rob Ryan, Matt Eberflus, Joe DeCamillis and Jerome Henderson, who have coached on AFC squads.

    Where Would He Fit
    : The Cowboys will likely have a need for cornerbacks, considering Terence Newman's time with the club seems to be coming to the end. Also, Alan Ball is a free agent and might not return as well. For what it would cost to land him, probably in the neighborhood of $7-9 million per season, Finnegan would likely be pegged as the No. 1 corner for the Cowboys. He earned about $3.9 million last season with the Titans and will be looking for a considerable raise. However, the Cowboys have to be careful because Mike Jenkins is also entering the final year of his contract. Orlando Scandrick just signed a new deal (5 years, $27 million) but is expected to remain as the third cornerback if the Cowboys sign a free agent or draft a corner in the first round. Whatever the free-agent cornerback makes, it might make it tougher to re-sign Jenkins after next season or possibly even in the middle of this year. But more than anything, a guy like Finnegan would help right away because he brings an attitude to the team, combined with the ability to cover and tackle.
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    No, thanks.
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    he brings attitude but he will also want a 9 million per year plus contract. The Titans offered him a 8 per year contract hat he urned down. The guy is a true zone CB. No thanks.

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    To me hes one of those guys you hate playing against but love playing with. I love his intenssity and toughness. For the right price, probably no more then 7 per I would welcome him with open arms

    If were gonna end up having to pay big money I rather Carr though
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    I'm wondering if we pick up a 2nd tier CB, like a W Gay or T Porter for example in FA, and then use our 1st or 2nd rounder on another CB.

    Basically, M Jenkins would be our top CB, and then we'd have Scandrick, the FA pick up, and (hopefully) quality draft pick to give us 4 decent CBs.

    If we go that direction in FA at CB, we can try to spend more money on a getting another quality DL or LB who can rush the passer via FA instead.
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    They offered him $8M? I didn't see that anyplace. He was playing on a pretty reasonable contract before then.

    He's a pretty good CB all-in-all, and I like his chippiness. He's a great guy off the field, by most reports, too. Just has a mean streak. Needs to work on bump-and-run, and could be faster, but he's a pretty good player right now.
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    I would actually take him in a heartbeat. Aggressive. And physical. And he can tackle, which would be a nice change. He would bring a toughness to this defense, that it desperately needs
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    How many more years at his current talent level? Maybe, three?
  10. Prossman

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    thats what "Out clauses" in the contract are for! :pc: prossman
  11. CCBoy

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    True, but I'm looking forward to putting decorations on the icing of the cake next season...and not to another series of season pressed waivers. I don't like a near Washington, and now, Philadelphia rear view mirror.
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    /\ this /\
  13. BAT

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    Finnegan is 28. Not that old for a FA. And for those questioning his speed/athleticism, he ran a 4.33 at his pro day and had a vert of 44". A former safety, the guy loves to hit.

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    Myself, I love his prospect being added...period. I agree with you here. I was just presenting some of the considerations going on right now, in my mind, as to team concept in direction. Newman, and probably Ball and Walker should be gone. That is some major team direction, that will at some point include another and upgrade contract for Mike Jenkins as well. Like Jenkins, Finnegan has been to the Pro Bowl and was also All Pro one season. At an age of 31-32, questions do reenter although...
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    He might have landed one punch but Andre Johnson whooped his *** :laugh1:
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    I'd a bit torn on him, but leaning towards embracing him if he comes to the team. I bet he'd LOVE to tee off on a QB in a CB blitz.

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