First look at Senior Bowl Practice

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Jan 24, 2011.

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    strickly from a Cowboys benefit prespective.

    a) Any of you willing to go back to the past, more specifically the early 90's ? Well, the blue print is available. I'm not saying the same success would be accomplished, but the type of components that made that era great are available. Wether they work out or not is a different matter. Begining with Mark Ingram. I've made my case for him before, so I won't do it again. The next subject is Owen Marecic. Whomever saw him today and didn't get immidiate flashbacks to the original 48, needs to get back and watch old films. Amazing, amazing, amazing how Ingram and Marecic are reincarnations of 22 and 48. For sure it would be gamble hoping for Marecic to last until the 2nd round, he's that good, but if it was a possibility and going back to the '90's is what they want, the opportunity is there.

    Tony Romo, Mark Ingram, Owen Marecic, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin.

    coached by Jason Garrett

    just sayin'....

    b) Gabe Carimi is a stud and so is James Brewer ( Indiana ). Nate Solder ? Too slow, looks like a project.

    Ryan Kerrigan ? After the big 3 ( Fairley, Bowers, and Quinn ), he'd be the first defensive player I'd take if I need a pass rusher. Doesn't matter what defense I have. He's either going to be a Clay Matthews clone in a 3-4 or a Jared Allen clone in a 4-3. Take your pick.
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    Tell me something I don't know.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    Are you there, RW?

    And surely are aren't advocating drafting a RB and FB with our first two picks? :confused:
  4. texbumthelife

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    Are you insinuating a FB might go in the first round? You must be hitting that Janoris Jenkins bud.
  5. Randy White

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    All I'm saying is that if that's where the franchise wants to go, the opportunity is there. To be honest, it's extremely tempting.. Almost seductive. So I would understand if that's what they end up doing.

    There are 10,000 arguments to go in another direction, and all of them are valid BUT....
  6. Randy White

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    Would it surprise you if the Patriots took Marecic with the 28th pick of the draft ? I wouldn't be. He's exactly the type of player they're always looking for during the Billicheat era and they have a ton of extra picks to address whatever other needs they might have.

    If I were the Patriots, I'd be in contact with the Cowboys, or some other team in top 10, in order to move up for Kerrigan, but that's me..
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    I just made a thread about Kerrigan on another board. My post was after taping a lot of football games on my DVR. I went back and watched games from the SEC, Big Ten, ACC and a few other conferences. One guy who jump out to me was Ryan Kerrigan. high motor guy who is relentless in his pursuit to the QB.
  8. UnoDallas

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    yea but so did Spencer - had a non stop motor

    when he was a senior
  9. CATCH17

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    Senior Bowl recap is about to come on NFLN.
  10. 28 Joker

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    Before you over draft a RB in Knowshon Moreno's tier at number 9, you might want to remember this part of the 1990s equation:

    Nate Newton
    Mark Stepnoski
    Larry Allen/Kevin Gogan
    Eric Williams

    The interior of the current Cowboys line is mediocre to poor at best and RT is terrible. LT isn't dominating but good to adequate.

    This current Dallas team will not get past the divisional round or even get back to the divisional round with it's current offensive line set up. They better at least change 2 positions, and they really could use 3 changes.

    Putting a first round pick on Ingram with an explosive weapon like Felix Jones on the team makes no sense, imso. The 1990s are over, and the explosive space runners have invaded the NFL. Jones is in the mold of Marshall Faulk, and Faulk played in Garrett's style of offense.

    I do agree with getting an upgrade at fullback.
  11. braw

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    Season League Team Age GP Att Yards TD % A/G Y/G LNG
    1991 NCAA San Diego State Aztecs 18 11 201 1429 21 7.1 18.3 129.9
    1992 NCAA San Diego State Aztecs 19 10 265 1630 15 6.2 26.5 163.0
    1993 NCAA San Diego State Aztecs 20 12 300 1530 21 5.1 25.0 127.5
    1994 NFL Indianapolis Colts 21 16 314 1282 11 4.1 19.6 80.1
    1995 NFL Indianapolis Colts 22 16 289 1078 11 3.7 18.1 67.4
    1996 NFL Indianapolis Colts 23 13 198 587 7 3.0 15.2 45.2
    1997 NFL Indianapolis Colts 24 16 264 1054 7 4.0 16.5 65.9
    1998 NFL Indianapolis Colts 25 16 324 1319 6 4.1 20.3 82.4
    1999 NFL St. Louis Rams 26 16 253 1381 7 5.5 15.8 86.3
    2000 NFL St. Louis Rams 27 14 253 1359 18 5.4 18.1 97.1
    2001 NFL St. Louis Rams 28 14 260 1382 12 5.3 18.6 98.7
    2002 NFL St. Louis Rams 29 14 212 953 8 4.5 15.1 68.1
    2003 NFL St. Louis Rams 30 11 209 818 10 3.9 19.0 74.4
    2004 NFL St. Louis Rams 31 14 195 774 3 4.0 13.9 55.3
    2005 NFL St. Louis Rams 32 16 65 292 0 4.5 4.1 18.3
    Totals NCAA 33 766 4589 57 6.0 23.2 139.1
    NFL 176 2836 12279 100 4.3 16.1 69.8

    the guy averaged about 250 carries/ yr Felix could only dream of that kind of workload.
  12. Randy White

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    Nate Newton was considered a novelty in Dallas. He was " the kitchen " to the Bears' " Fridge ". In other words, he was a joke. Good, solid player, but a " joke ". Mark Stepnoski wasn't even sure which position he was going to end up in ( center or guard ) or if he was going to work out at all. Technique wise he was very good, but his size was his biggest detriment. Kevin Gogan didn't become a starter until '91 ( after starting his rookie year in '88 ). He was a bust as a Tackle and not until Crawford Kerr was lost to a career ending injury after the '90 season, and the Cowboys desperately needed a guard, was he switched there. Larry Allen wasn't drafted until 3 years, 3 rushing titles, and 2 SB after, and Erick Williams started a whopping 3 games ( almost getting Troy Aikman killed in one of them ) in his rookie year, the same year that the RB won his first rushing title.

    The point is that the RB made alot of those guys look ALOT better than what they truly were. Those are not my words, those are Nate Newton's words, and he's 100% correct.

    Drafting Ingram with the 9th pick makes no sense. Drafting Ingram with the 15th or later pick, would make alot of sense IF that's what they want to do, Felix Jones not withstanding. Felix Jones is a scatback. He's not a workhorse, nor will he ever be mentioned amongst the league rushing leaders in his entire career. To compare him to Marshall Faulk is, well, not wise. Mark Ingram has that potential ( as workhorse back ). Doesn't mean it's going to happen, but he does have the potential.
  13. UnoDallas

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    I do agree with getting an upgrade at fullback

    probably a UDFA if not then a 6 or 7 rder

    Patrick DiMarco FB 6-1 #240 - His blocking skills were compared to many of the offensive linemen in attendance as DiMarco devastated opponents, opening large holes for the running game or protecting his quarterback on passing downs.
  14. Hostile

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    I am a Pac 10 homer and I love Marecic. I am a former FB and I love FBs.

    I do not want to spend a draft pick on a FB, but if it was Marecic I wouldn't cuss for long.

    However, under no circumstances do I want Mark Ingram in the 1st round. DL, DB or trade down and add picks. Now, if we trade down and get him, that's more palatable. But in truth the only RB I want is still at Bama, Trent Richardson.
  15. acer941

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    What about a Demarco Murray or a Kendall Hunter type RB.
  16. realtick

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    The love affair with Mark Ingram is a mystery to me.
  17. VACowboy

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    22 may have made his OL look better than they were, but he was OFTEN five yards down the field before he got touched.
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think he is just a workman type running back where his style, measurements or speed might not impress,,,but he produces and did so in a pretty tough college conference.

    I don't think he is all world or anything, but at the same time I will not slight the guy because he produced against good competition.
  19. Sam I Am

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    Emmitt Smith like you say? :)
  20. JeffInDC

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    You DO realize that, if Jones would've had the average number of rushing attempts per game OVER 16 GAMES that he had over the last 8 games (14), he would have been at least in the 225-230 carry range. From what I saw of Felix over the last 8 games, I think that he showed he CAN be a guy to get 14-16 carries a game and catch 3-5 passes a game. Give him that amount of carries each year AND a better run-blocking O-line (can't figure out for the life of me why our fat guys can't run-block as well as they pass-block) and he'll easily have over 1000 yards and a LOT more than 1 measily TD.

    Will he ever be a 250+ carry back? Who knows. But, I can definitely see him in that 215-230 (13-14 carries per game) range.

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