First of MB4's many drafts

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Our picks are 1,2,3(cle),3,4(det),4,5,5(comp-Reeves),6(mia-Ferg)6(comp-JJ)7

    I think we will sign Roy Williams.

    We then have 2 #1 WR's, a solid 3 in Crayton and several young WR's, you have to figure one would step up

    1st- Duke Robinson-OG/C-Alabama- Not very sexy, but could be start at LG, or at least back up a few spots for a year. Colombo will be re-signed, but he can back up RT as well.

    2nd (small trade up using 5th)- Brian Cushing- USC- I see him as an ILB. Hes a huge player, but does seem banged up a lot. He could play OLB a little but I dont see him as a great pass rusher. Helps w/ the versatile defense. I think Zach walks away a winner.

    3rd- Matt Shaughnessy- DE/OLB- Wisconsin- Never want to underrate pass rushing.

    3rd Courtney Greene- FS/SS- After a terrible year for Rutgers, his stock slips. He is strong in all areas w/ great size and speed at 6'2" 210 and 4.5 speed.

    4th- Kyle Moore-DE-USC- Good size for 3-4 end, not a pass rusher but a strong run stuffer

    4th- Pat White KR/WR/RB- WVU- Intriguing prospect, worth the gamble.

    5th-Mike Tepper- OT- Iowa- 6'7" 330- fits the Cowboys mold

    6th- Traded for a 5th the next year(We gave up a 5th for Holland, so we want to get a future pick out of this draft)

    6th- Patrick Turner- WR-USC- Poor mans James Hardy, 6'5" 220 lbs. Long arms, good red zone target/ and maybe a future TE!

    7th- John Parker Wilson- QB-They like Bollinger so the need for QB is pushed back a little. JPW reminds me of Romo a little

    You might say not enough OL, but Holland could back up a lot of spots, and Robinson can as well. Colombo and Flo arent going anywhere anyway.

    I think we will have enough to sign Roy. And re-sign Colombo and Ware. It might be tough to retain Canty. But maybe some of the bigger name guys help us out by restructuring.

    I dont think we bring Henry back, Jenkins can fill his 3rd down role, while Scandrick goes outside and Newman covers the slot.

    What I like about this draft is, most of the players are versatile, potentially saving roster spots.
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    Are you talking about Duke Robinson OG from Oklahoma or the Tackle from Alabama? I assuming the guard from Oklahoma.
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    Yea, my bad. I did a lot of flip flopping w/ the picks.

    I like Duke, great size, looks like a sure thing
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    so even though we trade for Holland we still go guard in the first round thats interesting were there not any tackles that you liked?????? How about some WR???? I don't thin White is going to let himself be converted and if he does why do we have to take him I don't want another crap prospect.

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