Five Free Agents the Dallas Cowboys Need to Bring Back

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by big dog cowboy, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Five Free Agents the Dallas Cowboys Need to Bring Back

    By Danny Webster


    COMMENTARY | Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys' inept playcalling yet again, they're forced to watch the playoffs like the rest of us ... yet again.

    Nevertheless, it's never too early to look at next season. Actually, it is too early unless Monte Kiffin and Bill Callahan are gone before the NFL Draft. If not, then we can expect about the same in Dallas next year. Jason Garrett fits the blame somewhere.

    But the Cowboys face the thrilling task of trying to bring back some players who contributed, or can contribute. One of those names is Anthony Spencer, who is not on this list because the Cowboys should not dare bring him back.

    Never count out the mind of Jerry Jones, tho

    So here are the five players that Dallas should make sure to bring back next year. Mind you, the names aren't that eye-popping because the list of free agents isn't alarming. Some of these names are for need and depth purposes. Others are there because they're essential.

    5. Brian Waters
    4. Chris Jones

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    There is an interesting case made for each of the 5 players. You will be shocked who is #1.

    I know I'm a tease.
  2. 50cent

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    I can agree with all but Sims and I'm on the fence now about Spencer (microfracture is no joke). Wilbur flashed at SLB, while Holloman got a taste of NFL LIFE too. I'd let them slug it out at SLB & let Dursnt back up both Lee and Carter. This makes Sims, his fake hustle and bad angles expendable (draft another LB too). Waters brought a mentality that rubbed off on these pups, loved it. Keep him around to shows them how to train their bodies to face a 16-game season in the offseason to finish his job. I'd tag Hatch or something, but no way he walks without something in return.
  3. JoeyBoy718

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    I agree only on Bailey and Jones.
  4. KB1122

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    I would like a better punter. Jones does some things well, but he's around 20th in average yards both gross and net. And we never seem to get a game-changing, momentum-switching, field-tilting punt, like we did all the time with MacBriar.
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  5. Fredd

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    I can agree with 2 (especially), 4 and 5....1 (too expensive) and 3 (ih?)? not so much
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  6. Carharris2

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    Not sims. He's absolutely terrible. He completely sucks. It's beyond me how our staff, no matter how bad Bruce looked, decided to play this guy.
  7. The Natural

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    Sims is a football player. There's a reason they bought him back this year (and a reason why most of you were happy about that, I might add), he's not an every down player but he can produce in a more limited role like what he did before this past season. Also plays with some much needed attitude on that side of the ball.
  8. Zimmy Lives

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    Tease! :p

    I understand the reasoning for keeping Hatch but you just can't pay age. Hatch wants a big payday but no legit GM in his/her right mind would give him more than $12 mil for two years.

    Sims I don't get. the only things he has shown is an inability to cover and an inability to stay healthy. Time to draft or sign a LB who can run and cover in this scheme.
  9. Future

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    I have never seen a momentum and game changing punt in my entire life.
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  10. silver

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    only Bailey deserves a nice contract. The rest? Meh. Hatcher if he was 10 years younger. Don't pay injured players. No to Spencer, Sims or Waters please. They were injured Jerry, i n j u r e d. Do not pay them. They'll likely miss time again in '14. I'm sure after 24+ of GM you should be able to realize this but then again history says otherwise, do not pay injured players. Stay away. Thanks.
  11. XDez88BeastX

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    No hatcher! & No sims! Get younger & coach better! I'm sick of this extending old dudes crap! Bother kickers & Waters I totally agree with. I really want waters back as a mentor to the Guards & as a backup. Although he is better than both guards he is old & breaking down he is more valuable as a trainer & spot player to us for just one more year
  12. xwalker

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    Why are people so fixated on Brian Waters? The Cowboys can't wait until after training camp to address the Zero depth that they have at Guard. Waters did what would be expected of a 36 year old in 2013, he got injured. He'll be 37 next season. He has yet to have surgery to repair the injury.

    Ernie Sims needs to move on. I was highly in favor of him returning after the 2012 season, but he just made too many dumb decisions in 2013. Many want to cut Durant, but he was good when he filled in for Lee at MLB and was reliable but unspectacular at SLB.

    They need to move on from Hatcher also. He will be 32 and want big money. He had a lingering shoulder/stinger issue and those seem like they usually reoccur. The Cowboys need YOUNG free agents.
  13. Zimmy Lives

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    Waters brings senior leadership to the o-line. Yes, he is an old man but his salary is not prohibitive. Dallas still needs to draft a guard or tackle early (2nd round) to compete for a starting job -- pushing Cook and Costa off the roster would be my goal -- somewhere on the line but Waters would still have a place on this roster.

    As for Durant, I agree: He is a solid LB and he needs to compete for a starting job with Wilber.
  14. Hoofbite

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    I bring Hatcher back.

    Over 30 but he's coming off his best season.

    Find something reasonable to pay him and get it done.

    I also bring back Jones. I think he's better than he gets credit for.
  15. wileedog

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    No way. That was the epitome of "contract year." There was even talk of him not wanting to get back on the field banged up so there wouldn't be 'bad tape' out there on him.

    All he has done since the season ended is talk about getting paid. He could to shut it down big time once he is. Bad risk IMO.
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  16. Galian Beast

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    I'm stunned by all the people saying bring hatcher back or spencer or ware...

    These people are the classic jerry jones posters in my opinion.

    Only person over 30, I would bring back is Waters, and that is because he was our best offensive linemen this year AND he doesn't break the bank AND you only need to sign him for a year if he wants to play.
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  17. nake

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    I hate to even put this in writing, but Sims for depth is probably a good idea. I want Hatcher, but he'll probably cost too much and we have just been burned too many times giving longer deals to older players. I think we'll be outbid on Hatcher. Waters just makes the team better, so let's get him back. Lee is kind of a middle-of-the pack punter, so I guess it depends on if there is a better one on the market. I mean, if an Andy Lee is out there, let's get him if we can. I think Bailey is a restricted free-agent; the chances of any player in that category leaving are pretty remote. But, there is a risk in waiting to extend him. If he's hitting all of his FGs next season, he might just want to keep up that head of steam right into free agency.
  18. CATCH17

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    No way..

    This team is going nowhere.

    It's time to start thinking about getting more cap room so the next coaching staff doesn't inherit a mess.

    Dallas needs to be in overhaul mode because we aren't doing anything with this same group.
  19. Verdict

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    I really think linebacker play overall this year wasn't all that great outside of Lee. If we are going to just fill linebacker positions with mediocre players (like we did this year) we might as well do it on the cheap with UDFAs least the upside is cheap and a possibility of getting better.

    I will go one step farther .......I personally don't think that the players played all that well under Kiffen (especially the secondary). The defensive line over achieved based on the talent put on the field. The linebackers and db's underachieved. I think we have a lack of talent at LB (outside of Lee). Carter I'm not really sure about. He underachieved based on ability.
  20. Verdict

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    Waters is still a decent player, but he costs a lot and doesn't like to go to training camp. His play will continue to drop off due to his age and he won't heal as fast as he used to. I am not adamantly opposed to him coming back, but only as a last resort, stop gap measure. I would love to see us trade back in the first or second round and get another pick to use on a guard.

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