Flacco to be highest paid QB; so what's Romo worth

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by muck4doo, Mar 1, 2013.

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    i hate jalen rose.

    somebody needs to remind jalen he once signed a hundred million contract and he was far from elite.
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    maybe you all should!;)
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    It's a good lesson though; rarely is the highest paid player the best player. It's usually just a perfect storm of timing and circumstance. I believe Jalen's good buddy Juwan Howard was the highest paid player for a time.
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    let him walk then.

    bet on himself like Flacco did..lead the Cowboys to the playoffs, then he gets paid.

    I don't see why Jerry continues to pump so much money into an 8-8 squad.

    Bottom out.Let's get some top 5 draft picks.
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    He got a 107 million dollar deal, but he wasn't the highest paid.

    Shaq signed a bigger deal that same offseason.
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    That's a tricky question,,, I mean, how much would you pay Dale Earnhardt Jr to drive your Ford Taurus in the Daytona 500?
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    I live in MD and the love for him now is way higher than it ever was. There was a lot of talk of letting walk this year, that he wasn't a franchise QB. Very average seasons and some real bad performances in the playoffs. A lot changed when Cam Cameron was fired mid season and obviously after the playoffs, but he was never loved like Unitas or Ray Lewis.
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    You have to factor in age. Flacco is 28. He has at least 3 years of prime left, then 2-3 years of late prime. Romo has 1-2 years of late prime left.
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    Sorry, Romo is not FAR BETTER than Joe Flacco. Flacco just put together one of the greatest post-seasons in NFL history culminating with a Super Bowl victory. Joe Montana gets all his praise for the exact same reason, not due to his stats because they certainly weren't earth shattering.

    All of those guys have won a Super Bowl, Romo hasn't even made it past the divisional round of the playoffs. I don't want to hear about how their respective teams were light years better because some of them weren't; they just got hot at the right time. Romo is who he's always been. He's a great TALENT, but he hasn't shown that he can get it down when it matters the most and I'm sorry, that counts as far as measuring the value of a QB.

    Eli took two wild-card teams into the playoffs and came away as champion. His teams weren't world beaters by any means, but they played their best when it mattered the most and so did Flacco this post-season.

    Romo is a good QB, but he's not elite and he won't be until he wins something significant and that's just the way it is. Stats are becoming more and more meaningless as the NFL clearly favors the offense. In the last 2 years alone I'm pretty sure that the previous top ten passing yardage seasons have all been eclipsed.

    Romo's actual value is somewhere between the opinions of the homers and the haters.
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    He's won a Superbowl for that franchise... That counts for something, that team also has been to the playoffs A LOT.
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    Ok, maybe not Unitas (just Aikman) - tho some have had high praise for Flacco and defend him more than the Romo lovers here.

    Here's a quote from a Baltimore fan on another forum. You cant make this stuff up:

  14. Ultra Warrior

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    Exactly. I've heard Ravens fans complain about Flacco just like Cowboys fans complain about Romo. Joe getting a ring shut them up & all of the sudden they never doubted Flacco. :rolleyes:
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    That's right. A player really hasn't won anything until the day comes when...he does!

    As recently as december, there were people in Baltimore saying that no way they should re-sign Flacco.

    He was even #1 most hated player one website's (Sportsideo) December list.

    Here is what they said:
    Most hated list....

    1. Joe Flacco- During the football offseason, Joe Flacco proclaimed himself to be the best quarterback in the league. This season, in the last two weeks, he has been outplayed by Charlie Batch and (briefly) Kirk Cousins. One of them hadn't seen NFL relevance since Seinfeld aired and the other was seeing his first NFL action of his career. The best indeed. His absolute mediocrity as a quarterback would be way easier for me to deal with if he accepted it and shut his mouth but no. Flacco makes it a point during every interview to stress how he isn't ever the problem or how he played well despite throwing 3 picks and fumbling more than Jim Abbot reaching for his wallet. A lot of people like to point to the fact that if Lee Evans catches the ball in last years AFC championship game, Ravens would've made the superbowl. A fact indeed, but I like to redirect them to the pick six he threw with under 4 minutes left to play that put them in that hole to begin with. Flacco was supposed to take the next step this year, but despite an electrifying performance in his opening game, he has fallen back into the inconsistent mess he has been since he started playing. I don't even really hate the way he plays, in this rare case, it's equal person and player that frustrates me. Forget that he was almost backing up Troy Smith during his first year in Baltimore or that he routinely has Ray Lewis threatening his first born after every mind numbing interception he throws. He is one of the most disappointing big game Quarterbacks in recent memory. Yes he's gotten to two AFC championships, so has Mark Sanchez and I left him off this list as a sympathy vote. He got to those games playing mediocre football at best behind a motivated defense that sensed Trent Dilfer 2.0 might be enough to get them back to the superbowl. If it's a big game, Joe cool becomes Joe I belong in in special school and falls to pieces.
    Adam Braustein, Sportsideo

    Now that's gone.
    The easist thing to say is that someone or some team will never do something when odds are against it anyway. The naysayers are right until it actually happens. Pretty simple.
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    I agree that I used the wrong language when comparing Brees, Romo, Brady and Roth to Flacco.

    No, they are not "far better". But will maintain that they are all better and will leave it at that.

    Stats are just as meaningful today as they were 10, 20 or 50 years ago. What has to be done is "normalize" the stats and look at them in the context of everyone else's stats within the same time frame.

    Just like comparing the offensive stats for the 1930 baseball season to any in the "dead-ball" era isn't going to be very meaningful, trying to compare today's passing numbers to those put up in 1970 is going to be just as meaningless. However you can get a good read on a player by comparing his stats to those of his contemporaries.
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    IDK why everyone dogs on Flacco so much. The guy DOMINATED in the playoffs this year, he has 9 playoff wins, 2:1 TD/INT ratio and a 117 QBR in the PLAYOFFS. That defines clutch.

    If we had a better offensive line, I would take Flacco over Romo. But since our awful line requires the QB to be able to escape so often, Flacco would get destroyed back there.
  18. DFWJC

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    He's one of those guys that's been fortunate in that no matter how average he's been in the regular season, he gets to go to the playoffs each and every season. If you go every year with a good team, at some point you're going to start playing well if you're a good player. His team had so many playoff wins in spite of him in his early years...but it did give him valuable experience.

    The last two years have made difference for him in the playoffs--especially this year.
    Before this year he had as many playoff INTs as he had TDs and his QB rating was in the 70s.
    His playoff QB rating is not 86.

    He does deserve a ton of credit.
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    I would try to get Romo on a lower salary-cap hit deal but with 80% of the deal guaranteed.

    $20mm-signing bonus
    $5mm 1year one base salary
    $16mm convertible base salary in year 2
    $16mm guaranteed salary year 3
    $10mm salary year 4
    $13mm salary year 5
    $21mm salary in the dummy year to help absorb the 2nd and 3rd year bonus

    Romo would see at least $57million and realistically a minimum of $67mm and possibly $80mm. His contract would look like a $6 year $101mm contract if he wanted to break the $100mm mark for some reason. If Tony wanted more that that he could play the next two years for $25-$27mm and hit free agency at 35 with a franchise tag on his back.
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    same old same old

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