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    I know next to nothing about college football...saw this kid in the Senior Bowl...and then today, on the College skills competition.

    He placed first and second in the distance competition with throws of 74 and 71 yards.

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    Troy Smith won that last year, didn't help his draft stock too much and he acknowledged it when they were giving him the award by asking, "How often do you get to throw a pass 70 yards down field in the NFL?"

    It doesn't mean anything really.
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    it means he's a good athlete is all, but Flacco is a bit more polished than Troy
  4. Natedawg44

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    Some of these feats are laughable. Who can forget the Micheal Bishop 93 yard toss or the Kyle Boller throw to the endzone from his knees at midfield.
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    I don't know about all these skills competitions but Flacco isn't too shabby a QB. He's a HUGE dude and has a pretty good grasp of the position, makes good decisions, and has fairly good accuracy. If we could get him on the second day sometime, as a 3rd QB here, he'd be a nice addition.
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    Flacco will be a 1st day pick. I watched every one of his college games here in Delaware. The guy has the prototypical size and arm strength NFL scouts drool over. He is very good at the ball fake as well and has some wheels for a big guy. Would love to see him wearing the Star. Flacco was at Pitt and was told he wouldn't start ahead of Tyler Palko. Transferred to UD and played right away.

    Another Delaware player named Omar Cuff could also hear his name called during the draft. This kid lit it up as a tailback. I expect him to be drafted day two.
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    I think so too, at least he can see over the D-line and see the WR he is throwing to. I never thought Smith was good and he will never be a good QB in the NFL. If I was in his shoes, I would try out for a WR position with the Ravens.

    Isn't this the Falcco from Pitt?
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    You never thought Smith was good? What did he do in college to show you he was a bad player?

    About the only knock on him is his accuracy, which never got him in trouble in college considering he threw only 14 picks his entire collegiate career and completed over 65% of his passes his last year and his height, which he can't do anything about.

    More than anything his size and a bad performance in the bowl game did him in.
  9. DCfaninDC

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    He did not do anything to show me he is bad. Actually that was it, he didn't do anything. Nothing to impress me at all. I have came to beleive that mobile QB do well in college but I would never want them in my team in the NFL.

    I am sure it has to do with other school's D as well. Not all school are able to recruit who they want and it helps mobile QB feast on the secondary who can't keep up with speedy receivers and unpredictable QBs.

    Before his bowl game, I bet my friend that OSU wasn't going to win and that Smith was in for a bad game. Unlike the the so-so soft Big Ten, SEC teams can play D. He was stupid enough to take the bet this year too. :D

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