Florida St @ Pittsburgh....Jemeis Winston

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by DFWJC, Sep 2, 2013.

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    there is no opinion to it.
    you are trying to argue not signing a heisman trophy winner.
    ut has had 2 or 3 in its history....
    that's simply too silly a take to even take seriously.

    you are more than entitled to say goofy things tho, so have fun.

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    There is no opinion to it because it's your opinion right? If it were someone else's, you would consider it a bunch of BS.

    It is your opinion and that is all it is. If Manziel self destructs and costs the program, it will not be worth it IMO. Simple as that.

    And just so you are real clear JT, nobody needs your permission to say or post anything, regardless of how "Goofy" you might think it is. I mean, everybody here puts with you right?
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    On a another topic while I have you both here....:D
    I think you both should now admit that yours truly was right (or closer to right) about the ACC not crumbling into oblivion--and specifically Clemson and Florida State not leaving in either 2012 or 2013...or 2014 or 2015 for that matter. Nobody can predict anything, anywhere, after that.
    I know, wishful thinking.
    But I still insist they will stay for a long time.

    All in good fun....

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I admit that. You were infinitely more confident in the fact that the ACC would keep FSU and others and you were correct. I was pretty sure that FSU would jump ship. I am not 100% sure that they still don't want to but it matters not. I don't believe they can leave now regardless. You were definitely right. I was definitely wrong on that one DFW.
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    No doubt.
    The ACC did a great job of circling the wagons and reeling in ND.
    Kudos to them.
    And they look like one heck of a football conference this year with the schools I wanted the Big 12 to poach.

    I absolutely believe the Big 12 could have poached both schools if they had been ballsy enough but the smaller schools were reluctant to lose yearly UT match ups and the bigger schools didn't want to make less money initially....

    Most Big 12 fans consider that a huge mistake but again gratz to the ACC.
    Phenomenal job by them.
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    You still haven't made anything close to a logical point.
    If Manziel is suspended for the the year tomorrow he will have still provided a top 10 season for his team and a Heisman trophy to the school.
    That is a VERY unique thing.
    He doesn't need to produce anything else to have been an A+ recruit.

    UT doesn't have a single guy on campus that's provided the impact of Manziel. They have half a dozen members of just his class that are no longer in school.
    A few which were kicked off after committing crimes.

    Again this isn't opinion.
    This is a person unwilling to admit the obvious and lie to themselves about it.
    Your take looks plainly foolish and dishonest. Just stop while you are behind.

    TAMU has the highest rated QB in the country committed for next year.
    They are again a top 10 team this year.
    David Ash was tossing picks to NMST.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    It is opinion, in fact. It's your opinion and it's my opinion.

    Did TAM win a National Championship with Manziel? No.
    Did TAM win a Conference Championship with Manziel? No.

    He won a Heisman Trophy. That's great but it has nothing at all to do with team success. It's an individual award and it's certainly not proof that your opinion is correct.

    Did you see the Texas/NMSU game? He also threw 4 TDs, and ran for another. Went 20/28 for 343 yards and rushed for another 92 yards. Manziel got pulled, and rightly so, by Sumlin after having sat the 1st half. This is not a comparison that proves your point. Do better.

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