Florida State guard Rodney Hudson and other risers and fallers from day 1 (OL).

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Tyron Smith, OT, USC Trojans: Smith weighed in at 307 lbs, up 27-pounds from his listed weight on the USC athletic website last season. Some were concerned that Smith lacked the bulk to hold his own against the NFL's bigger and stronger defenders. Smith now appears to have the size and strength to go along with his superb athleticism. His workouts will show us more.

    Marcus Cannon, G, TCU Horned Frogs: A tackle at TCU, Cannon will likely move to guard in the NFL, although there are some who still expect him to make a play for a right tackle spot. Reports indicate that Cannon was at 375-pounds last season. He weighed in at 358-pounds at the Combine, which is very encouraging. I still like him to play guard in the NFL.

    Ben Ijalana, G/T, Villanova Wildcats: Ijalana was a tackle in college who, like Cannon, projects as a guard at the next level. Some may rethink that after his arms measured 36-inches. He measured 6'4, 317-pounds. He'll still be considered a guard, but his arm length has to make some think there's a possibility he could play tackle.

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    A lot of Cowboy fans who HOPE that we address the OL THIS year to play more physical Offensive football. I like Tyson Smith or Gabe Carimi at pick #9 and Benjamin Ijalana or Marcus Cannon at pick #40. These two guys would definitely provide more explosiveness to our aging OL. I also like the big RB (John Clay) in RD 5 from Wisconsin who appears to have dropped his playing weight from last year by 27lbs to 238lbs. If J. Garrett wants physical play, Jerrah definitely NEEDS to address the OL this year and get a Big RB like John Clay to pound the rock inside and wear down opposing Defenses for Felix Jones.
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    wouldnt mind those round 1 picks. but not round 2 think we could get very good value in r 3 or 4 at guard with guy's like moffit , boling or rackley. i would hope we address the secondary in r 2 either moore at saftey or Best CB available. no reason to prop up Clay on this board i have yet to see a mock on this board that doesnt have us getting him :laugh2:
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    I think the Eagles or Colts will draft Derek Sherrod.

    Sherrod is going to be a safe pick. He will be at least a solid LT in the NFL. He is very under-valued, imo.

    Sherrod needs to get stronger in his legs, and I'm sure the Eagles will like his extra weight, because they may draft him to protect Vick's blind side.

    Dallas-Tyron Smith
    Detroit- Anthony Costonzo
    New York-Nate Solder
    Philadelphia- Derek Sherrod
    Indianapolis- Will not like Carimi at LT
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    I could be quite happy with Smith and Iljanna. There is our right side for now; and maybe in a year or so Smith goes to LT and Free moves to RT. Then next year we can draft C and G to replace Kosier/Holland/whoever and Gurode.
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    I'm never going to understand it.
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    Smith has a lot more upside than Free does. So its quite possible in a year or so he would be a better LT. Free was an excellent RT.
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    I agree with the ranking of your OTs.
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    Looks like Ryan Bartholomew had a good day as well.

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