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    I M A G E S

    Roy Williams, inspired by his sister Alecia, started the The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation to provide resources and support to single mothers and their children.

    Quite the safety net

    Cowboys' Roy Williams extends himself to cover gaps single mothers face
    By Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    IRVING - Day-to-day parenting for Alecia Williams is a lot like managing an anthill, and this sounds a lot more organized and efficient than the reality.

    There is a pre-sunrise wake-up call, necessary to get showered and dressed before her son gets up. Because once Jaylen, 2, is moving, the day really begins. He must be bathed, fed, dressed and piled into a car to be dropped at daycare.

    Alecia almost literally runs errands before arriving at her job. She works in a restaurant and, when her shift is done, she hustles back to daycare to pick up Jaylen. They go home, and the process from the morning is repeated in reverse order.

    Routine chores such as doing laundry are performed on a just-in-time format: Alecia realizes there are no clean towels, she has a spare second, and she throws a load in while cooking dinner and paying bills. She cleans in the same way.

    Welcome to the life of a single mother.

    Now welcome Cowboys safety Roy Williams.

    Alecia is his sister and, as a response to watching firsthand her struggle to raise his nephew all by herself, Williams decided to launch The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation. The idea is to provide single mothers with assistance, resources and support to make their lives a little easier.

    "Seeing the struggles my sister went through to try to raise my little nephew on her own with no support and no help, that's [what] got me wanting to help single-parent mothers, because I see how hard it is," Roy Williams said.

    Which stunned Alecia when Roy first approached her with the idea.

    "Um, I was shocked. I mean, it touched me a lot that I inspired him to want to do this ... " Alecia Williams said, her voice fading into silence as if the magnitude of "this" had just sunk in.

    "Are you crying?" Roy asked his sister.

    "Yes, I'm crying," Alecia said, continuing to cry as she said it until both were laughing and crying and crying and laughing.

    What "this" entails is not simply Williams writing a check or even lending his name to a worthy cause. If he aimed only for that type of charity, he achieved it a long time ago. Williams has been signing jerseys and visiting sick kids in hospitals and dishing food to needy families since he arrived in Dallas two years ago. What he really wants with his foundation is to get his hands dirty, to do something that will affect the lives of people who desperately need it.

    "I'm very, very passionate about helping these single-parent mothers, because my sister really left out a lot of things about her raising my nephew, Jaylen. There are doctors' appointments when he is sick and laundry and diapers," Williams said, pausing to recount how Alecia used to have to bring Jaylen to the restaurant where she was a waitress. She had people watch him while she was waiting on tables. "When I was watching that, I was thinking she should not have to be like this. Things like that really motivate me to really make this foundation work, and it is going to make me even work harder and strive for the kids."

    Motivation is not one of Williams' problem areas.

    If anything, he is almost too motivated. He is motivated by making it back to the Pro Bowl. He is motivated by making it back to the playoffs. He is motivated by Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. He is motivated by winning a Super Bowl.

    "As you see, anybody can get there," Williams said. "It's a roller coaster. Once you get hot at the right time and your team is clicking on all cylinders, anything can happen. Our goals, for me personally, are let's shoot for 10 games again or even more."

    He is also motivated by his sister. In his eyes, what Alecia does every day, raising his nephew by herself, is harder than just about anything he does on the football field.

    "I wouldn't have it any other way," Alecia Williams said. "My son is everything to me. I can't say, 'Well, I wish it was this way.' I have to deal with the situation how it is."

    Jennifer Floyd Engel, (817) 390-7760
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    refreshing to hear a young player with his head on far.
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    We were just talking about some of the issues associated with this. Good for Roy in noting the issue and trying to help out.
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    I like articles about players making a positive impact. I really wish there was more of this in the news.
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    Great article, glad to hear he's doing something like this!!
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    The local evening news had a short spot about Roy Williams launching a new foundation called "The Safety Net Foundation".

    The charity apparently will be headed by his sister, and is geared towards support for single mothers.

    There will probably be more news about it tomorrow at and/or Dallas Morning

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    Maybe they should have Roy lay some hits on those deadbeat fathers who abandon their kids to the mother. That would change things real fast.
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    How recent is that pic, he looks like a linebacker.
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    Naw, he's just a biscuit short.
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    So's his sister, but they're both adorable. You can sure tell they're siblings.

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