Floyd was 5th on our draft board, why did we pass him up?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Because the planets weren't aligned properly, Madame Moonwhisper said he would leave the NFL soon to begin his life long ambition of becoming the Premier danseur noble of ballet, there were rumours MIB was investigating him for deportation off the planet for alleged violations of the Alien Act, and finally the Counsel on Illegal Acquistion of Life Force has been threatening to send him to the Hades dimension.
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    Because we need pass rushers not space eaters, dude had 3 measly sacks in college...
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    Because Brian Price [was] better.
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    Why did he fall......how about for a starting Center and WR Terrence Williams, an extra half second for a 108million $ QB, besides whatever Monte Kiffen and Rod Marinelli said.
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    Some of you are turning this into a Floyd bashing thread.
    They said that Floyd was outstanding and the had the guy rated 5th on their board.

    No need to bash him or act like they didn't like him. They clearly did.

    They just thought the the trade down deal could get them Oline help plus more...and hopefully it did.
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  7. RoyTheHammer

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    Glad to see you survived that coma.. welcome back. :)
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    Search is your friend.
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    yeah. he is just embarrassed about looking so bad.
  10. RoyTheHammer

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    Probably still is..
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    There are hushed whispers around the NFL that Floyd dropping so far had little to do with the standard explanations we've been seeing, like 'not a fast twitch guy' or 'doesn't fit the new defense'. Instead, if you want the lowdown on why so many teams passed on Floyd, get in contact with those teams' security personnel and/or private investigators. There is something there that scared off a lot of teams at the last moment.
  12. RoyTheHammer

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    2 questions come to mind..

    Like what?


    Where did you hear this?
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    Bottom line -- poor draft board or poor decision......not sure which, and it remains to be seen.

    If JJones is correct, it is a poor draft board and he could get more value from an OL and another.

    If whomever set the draft board up was correct - then it was a poor decision to give up the fifth best guy for your team -- in order to pursue a guy with a second round grade and another later pick.

    It may or may not be the correct decision -- but it is either a poor decision or a poor draft board either way.
  15. LittleD

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    Jerry's deal with Romo to get him to sign was that he would fix the OLine no matter what. The scouts were trampled in order to follow through to get Tony under contract. This is just normal business in Dallas LaLa land.
  16. Sandyf

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    If we are to believe the "experts", Floyd was a top five pick for every team or every team's draft board before the draft. Why did he fall? Probably will never know but safe to assume some information came down the pipe that turned teams away at the last day or so.

    Sure Minnesota took him and again with three first round picks, who could critize them for taking him. If anyone has been reading the Minnesota blogs, what you gleam from them is that Floyd seems to be doing okay but having trouble with I guess one could say being in shape. So far nothing outstanding but nothing bad either.

    The question I have is that if he was so great according to Kiper and the rest why when he was falling did no team jump up to get him especially when he fell to the teens where the cost where minimal.

    Gooselin, Watkins and all the rest can critize Jerry and Jason for not taking him but why not do the same for the other teams that could have used a "great" DT.

    Just has to be something there for so many teams to pass.
  17. xwalker

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    Didn't Morris Claiborne play in the SEC at LSU?
  18. NeonDeion21

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    And wouldn't have Michael Brockers from LSU been the pick at #14 if we hadn't traded up? :laugh2:
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    i vote the next person who asks this question gets banned.

    we have seen all the takes there is to see.

    now we get to wait and see if it was the right decision in a couple seasons.
  20. Trajan

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    This may be the most accurate summation of Jerry's draft strategy to date. I salute you, Sir !

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