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    1. OAKLAND RAIDERS: JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU. Does Russell really love football with his whole heart and his whole soul? Who cares? Brady Quinn will make someone a nice NFL quarterback, but Russell is a freak of nature -- Vince Young with a stronger arm, Daunte Culpepper before his knees went south.

    2. DETROIT LIONS: Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame. I can hear you whispering out there in Lionland -- "Joe Thomas. Pick Joe Thomas." But while it's true that a quarterback, no matter how highly rated, can't do much without blocking, Thomas would be just one upgrade among five on the O-line. On the other hand, can anyone see Jon Kitna leading Detroit to the playoffs? I didn't think so.

    3. CLEVELAND BROWNS: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma. Jamal Lewis is not the answer to Cleveland's offensive problems, but Peterson could be -- if not this season, then in the not-so-distant future. Had it not been for a bone-headed dive into the end zone against Iowa State that broke his collarbone, Peterson would have recalibrated the Sooner career record books in three seasons. He's powerful and fast -- what's not to like?

    4. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech. If Brady Quinn is still available here, the Bucs will face a quandary -- what good is a top wide receiver without a top quarterback, and what good is a top quarterback without good wide receivers? Nevertheless, the odds are that the multi-talented Mr. Johnson will be too tempting to pass up. Wide receivers with his size, speed, hands and confidence don't come along every year -- or even every decade.

    5. ARIZONA CARDINALS: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin. This is a matter of "best available" at this spot in the draft. The Cardinals also need help in a number of other areas, but Thomas was more dominant at his position in college than the top defensive backs or linebackers, and something has to be done to squeeze out more running room for Edgerrin James. Thomas did suffer a rather severe knee injury two years ago, but it didn't seem to affect him last season.

    6. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson. The Redskins ranked 31st in total defense last year, and an anemic pass rush was part of the reason. Jamaal Anderson of Arkansas is also a possibility here, but Adams -- a senior -- is more polished than the Razorback junior.

    7. MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Ted Ginn Jr., WR-KR, Ohio State. The only question mark with Ohio State's rocket man is his relatively small size (175 pounds). Otherwise, he would fill two needs for the Vikings, who lack a big-play wide receiver and lost 2006 kickoff return man Bethel Johnson to free agency.

    8. ATLANTA FALCONS: LaRon Landry, S, LSU. Atlanta moved up two spots thanks to the Matt Schaub deal with Houston, and team officials reportedly have their sights set on the top DB in the draft, a player who could be be plugged right into the first-team secondary as a Falcon. Landry, whose brother started as a rookie for the Ravens last season, is smart, a hard hitter and wicked fast (one stopwatch had him at 4.29 at the Combine).

    9. MIAMI DOLPHINS: Levi Brown, OT, Penn State. Miami could use a quarterback, for sure, but Russell and Quinn should be long gone by the time the Dolphins pick. Instead, they'll take hulking LT Brown of Penn State to help protect whatever live body winds up under center.

    10. HOUSTON TEXANS: Justin Blalock, G, Texas. As recently departed quarterback David Carr can tell you, a weak offensive line has been killing Houston -- and nearly killing Carr -- ever since the franchise was created. Blalock is big, mean, a crushing run blocker, adequate on pass defense and able to play either guard or tackle. And already a Texan, to boot.

    11. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers: Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska. Super-sized (6-foot-6, 296 pounds) and smart, Carriker is the ideal bookend for the 3-4 defense the 49ers have planned. He has keen football instincts that translate in attacking either the run or the pass, and he proved his durability as a Cornhusker.

    12. BUFFALO BILLS: Marshawn Lynch, RB, California. Of course, if Buffalo succeeds in making a deal for San Diego's Michael Turner, the pick here could be LB Patrick Willis of Ole Miss. But with Willis McGahee gone, the Bills could find themselves entering the 2007 season with Anthony Thomas -- who averaged 3.5 yards a carry backing up McGahee last season -- as their ground game. At 5-10, 220 pounds and with 4.45 speed, Lynch offers a burst that Thomas can't deliver.

    13. ST. LOUIS RAMS: Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi. Willis wouldn't play in the middle in St. Louis -- Will Witherspoon has that position locked down -- but he could be an asset to an otherwise mediocre linebacking corps. By all accounts, Willis has a strong work ethic, possesses the speed (4.4) to be a threat on blitzes and plays the run well.

    14. CAROLINA PANTHERS: Greg Olson, TE, Miami. If they don't trade up to get Willis, the Panthers will probably move to fill another gap in their lineup -- tight end. And Olson's performance at the NFL Combine made him far and away the top prospect at that position.

    15. PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Darrelle Revis, CB, Pitt. At least four solid prospects will be available at that position when the Steelers pick -- Aaron Ross of Texas, Leon Hall of Michigan, Chris Houston of Arkansas and Revis. All things being mostly equal, Pittsburgh may well go with the hometown choice. The fans will like it.

    16. GREEN BAY PACKERS: Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU. Another cluster of prospects appears at this point, rangy wideouts Bowe, Robert Meachem (Tennessee) and Dwayne Jarrett. Meachem might be the fastest of this group, but he has to deal with persistent criticism that he shies away from conflict. Southern Cal's Jarrett has impressed opponents but not the stopwatch, clocking a pedestrian 4.62 at his pro day. Nevertheless, Green Bay needs targets for Brett Favre, with current go-to guy Donald Driver aging.

    17. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Reggie Nelson, S, Florida. This goes along with the "best available athlete" theory. Nelson is a proven playmaker who not only picks off passes but has a rare gift for blocking punts, and he packs a wallop as a tackler. The Jaguars are one of those teams with depth problems at several positions but no glaring holes, so Nelson might seem attractive. Plus, the current starters at safety, Gerald Sensabaugh and Donovin Darius, combined for just two interceptions last season.

    18. CINCINNATI BENGALS: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan. Opposing teams averaged 4.2 yards per rush against the Bengals last season -- not good -- and the 6-6, 330-pound Branch has a reputation as a run stopper. He also has a reputation of not going all out on every play, but that could be said of a lot of highly rated college players. He'll learn.

    19. TENNESSEE TITANS: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan. Two Wolverines in a row. Even if Pacman Jones doesn't wind up in jail -- or worse -- the Titans need someone to start alongside him. Hall may not be quite as fast as Chris Houston, but he's more experienced and solid.

    20. NEW YORK GIANTS: Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas. Sam Madison is only a short-term fix at that position, and Houston made an impressive vertical leap up the draft charts with his Combine performance. Thus, this could be an ideal mentor/prospect scenario.

    21. DENVER BRONCOS: Amobi Okoye, DL. Louisville. The Broncos need help all along their defensive front, and Okoye -- known simply as "The Kid" in draft shorthand for his age (19) -- could excel at several positions. He has, as they say, a huge upside.

    22. DALLAS COWBOYS: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas. Dallas answered most of its pressing needs through free agency, leaving the Cowboys with considerable flexibility. Marcus Spears didn't offer much of a pass rush last season at one end (a single sack), and Anderson has the sort of long frame (6-6) that can add beef without losing speed. Of course, if San Francisco chooses him instead of Carriker at No. 11, all bets are off.

    23. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee. Author of 12 touchdown receptions for Tennessee in 2006, Meachem would be a decided upgrade over Samie Parker at one of the receiver spots, and probably over the aging Eddie Kennison at another. Knocks on his toughness will probably drop him to this level of the first round.

    24. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Southern Cal. One of two first-round picks for the Pats in this draft. As for Jarrett, if he's so slow, how come he made the ESPN highlights almost every Saturday night? Besides being a tall target for Tom Brady, Jarrett should be a constant threat in the red zone.

    25. NEW YORK JETS: Aaron Ross, CB, Texas. The best cornerback available at this point, and the Jets could definitely use assistance there. Of course, they could also use a third running back to complement Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, but Ross' credentials at his position trump those of Ohio State RB Antonio Pittman at his, and Michael Bush is too risky for first-round money.

    26. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State. It will be strange not to see "Pos" in a Nittany Lion uniform this fall, but everybody has to leave college sometime. What he lacks in top-end speed, he makes up for in smarts and the ability to anticipate. He can also play either inside or outside.

    27. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Tank Tyler, DT, North Carolina State. One of the Saints' biggest problems last season was stopping the run. Tyler can stop the run.

    28. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Brandon Meriweather, DB, Miami. Here's the dilemma: New England needs secondary help, and the versatile, hard-hitting Meriweather may be the best available at that spot. The question is, Is Meriweather's thuggish reputation overblown, or enough to make him more of a detriment than an asset? Should the Patriots decide that the second choice is true, they might snag Aaron Ross with their higher pick and hope Dwayne Jarrett is still around at 28.

    29. BALTIMORE RAVENS: Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State. He's not Adalius Thomas, but he sort of plays like him.

    30. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: Daymeion Hughes, CB, California. The Chargers probably need an infusion of youthful talent into the secondary as much as anything, and Hughes' college production belies the extra tick (4.5) it took him to cover 40 yards at the Combine.

    31. CHICAGO BEAR: Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State. Teams that pick next to last normally don't have many weaknesses, but the Bears would like to see some competition for Desmond Clark at tight end.

    32. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Jon Beason, LB, Miami. In the mold of Ray Lewis and Jonathan Vilma. Enough said.
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    That pick would make me do back
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    this is the wildest mock I have seen thus far....Branch will not fall that low...Jamal Anderson will not fall that low...Justin Blalock will not go that high...some website should track all of these marks to see how far on/off people are...that way statistics can start to be accumulated and the consumer can decide which guys are just trying to create a stir with outlandish predictions...and which guys are going off sound football logic
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    Very poorly done.
  5. theogt

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    Wow. That's crazy. I'd take it. He doesn't really fit our scheme, but Anderson is by far the best DE in this draft. Then again, if he was there at 22 the phones would be ringing off the hook with trade offers.
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    I like to refer to it as. "Very RealFootball365 done."
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    I need to invent a new word: Drock. It's a portmanteau of the words "drunk" and "mock" and means 'to mock drunk' in verb form. It can also mean a mock created while drunk in the noun form.

    Ex.: "I polished off a fifth of Crown while talking over the draft with some buddies. So I sat down and drocked the first three rounds. It's a crazy drock."

    The one listed in this post is a drock.
  8. theogt

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    I lolled loudly at this levy of letters.
  9. diamond cutter

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    I am not a big fan of trading up, but if Okoye drops that low I would FREAK if Dallas didn't make some sort of a move to get him.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    You and me both ! Okoye would be a dream come true !
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    Mocks are all over the place this year. Gonna be an interesting draft..
  12. Aikbach

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    Sometimes draft days are the most shocking things you've never anticipated, third rounders going first, first rounders going in the third.

    It isn't all that crazy.
  13. firehawk350

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    Your right! But still Carriker over Anderson? I don't care who you are or what scheme you play, that's just plain D-U-M-B.
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    The 49ers want to play a 3-4. Carriker is the perfect 3-4 DE. Anderson could probably play the position, but would have to put on some weight. Even with 10-15 extra pounds on him, he'd probably still be better than Carriker, though, so you're right.
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    I see more than one pick in that mock that makes me shake my head, but in particular, I just don't see the Vikings taking yet "another" speedster like Ginn, when they still haven't seen that much production yet out of their other young speedster WR they recently took. I "believe" his name is Williamson, and if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone on here will let me know that I am, but I believe his name is Cory Williamson (??) and as of yet, he hasn't shown much to warrant him having been the Vikes first round pick.
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    you know i was just thinking and i dont think any 1 knows who were going to pick.. its just going to be the best player who slips.. if its carricker or alan branch or some 1 like that then i think well def take them
  17. Aikbach

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    Perhaps, I know any honest person was shocked when Indy took Edgerrin James before Ricky Williams however so who knows.
  18. LowTech

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    Remember guys, only 21 players will be gone when we pick at 22. Everyone always seems to talk like there won't be anyone left when we pick.
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    These guys at 365 are all hacks.
  20. Aikbach

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    In reality Sports Illustrated is not much better.

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