Football Gameplan's 2012 Cowboys v Browns Wk 11 Preview

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EmDiggy, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Thanks, man.
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    Thanks OP.
    I believe that Haden is out this week.
    I havent seen a whole lot of the Browns but I was shocked with what I did see. All Ive heard about Weeden is that he was aweful but I think he looked pretty good.
    As far as the video and the Browns offense in the red zone, I think we will be fine as long as Sims doesnt bite hard on the play action.
    Richardson is a beast but Ill take our LBs in the ground game. I think that Little is their biggest recieving threat but i remember him dropping a ton of balls.
    Obviously we shouldnt look past the Browns but I think we should dominate this game and gain more momentum and confidence moving forward.
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    Haden will play.
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    Weeden stares down his receivers, I'll be disappointed if we dont walk away with atleast 2 picks

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