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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by superpunk, Nov 22, 2006.

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    3. COWBOYS 6-4 6 6 6 7 4 19 [​IMG] Let's see — the new quarterback is playing far better than the old quarterback, the troublesome wide receiver has been quiet recently, the Cowboys have moved into the first place in the division, and the two teams they're competing with are falling apart due to injuries. I don't think Cowboys fans need any of my stats to help them be optimistic this week. NEXT: vs. TB (Thu.)
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    We're not in first place in the division.
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    We're tied for first place with the Giants but they beat us in head to head & also hold better division record. So we must make sure we've got at least 1 more win then they do by seasons' end. If we beat the Bucs (we'd be 7-4) & Giants lose against the Titans (they'd be 6-5 or 7-4 if they win), we'll either be alone in first place or still in a tie. The game against Giants in the Meadowlands first Sunday in Dec is a crucial game which we must win cause that would put us at 8-4 and solely alone in first place. Don't want to even think about if we lose that game.
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    As I said, we're not in first place in the division.
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    One should always listen to Bruiser Brody. :)
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    Ah, you're just being picky. The tie breaker doesn't really kicked into play the last week ot the season. So as far as looking at the standing, we're in first place, albeit with another team. :p:
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    So, if the season ended today, we wouldn't be tied, but since it doesn't we are? That "other team" holds the first 3 tie-breakers over the Cowboys.

    Enjoy your fantasy, but from my perspective, as long as the Giants and Cowboys have the same number in the "W" column, the Cowboys are in 2nd place,

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