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    Ko Simpson to the Boys. I believe someone on this board was touting this guy earlier.

    First Round Mock Draft
    By: Robert Davis | Updated: 1/12/2006
    1. Houston Texans Reggie Bush, RB, USC, Jr.
      The best player in the draft no matter who declares.
    2. New Orleans Saints Matt Leinart, QB, USC
      They need a leader. If they wanted an erratic passer, they would keep Aaron Brooks.
    3. Tennessee Titans Vince Young, QB, Texas, Jr.
      His potential is through the roof, and would benefit from continuing to learn from Steve McNair.
    4. New York Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia
      Hoping Young falls, but get the stud tackle.
    5. Green Bay Packers A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio St.
      Rumors are they love LenDale White, but he's not going this high. Hawk could be a true leader on defense, something the team needs.
    6. Oakland Raiders Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St. Jr.
      The most upside of any defensive player in the draft.
    7. San Francisco 49ers Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon, Jr.
      They need a true nose in the middle of the line.
    8. Buffalo Bills Eric Winston, OT, Miami
      Mike Williams has been a disappointment, so they go back with another Top 10 tackle.
    9. Detroit Lions Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, Boston College
      They finally go for defense.
    10. Arizona Cardinals Jimmy Williams, DB, Virginia Tech
      Drafted to play FS, the Cards are building quite the defense.
    11. St. Louis Rams Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland, Jr.
      His speed could be deadly for the Rams.
    12. Cleveland Browns Jonathan Scott, OT, Texas
      They finally get their left tackle.
    13. Baltimore Ravens Michael Huff, DB, Texas
      His ability to play corner and safety would be a godsend to the Raven secondary.
    14. Philadelphia Eagles Marcus McNeill, OT, Auburn
      They have to keep McNabb healthy.
    15. Atlanta Falcons Darnell Bing, S, USC, Jr.
      After the combine, Bing will rise up the charts. His ability to lay the wood would be a big plus for the Falcons.
    16. Miami Dolphins Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
      Too early, but the Dolphins reach.
    17. Minnesota Vikings DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis
      Mewelde Moore is not an everydown back.
    18. Dallas Cowboys Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina, So.
      His ballhawking ability would be an ideal fit next to Roy Williams.
    19. San Diego Chargers Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa
      Could play anywhere in the linebacking corp.
    20. Kansas City Chiefs Claude Wroten, DT, LSU
      They have to address their interior DL.
    21. New England Patriots LenDale White, RB, USC, Jr.
      Dillon is only getting older, and White could be the workhorse Belichick wants in his backfield.
    22. Denver Broncos (Was) Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida St.
      Even after bringing in the Browns front, they still need help.
    23. Tampa Bay Bucs Winston Justice, OT, USC, Jr.
      Justice may not provide the immediate impact they want, but with DC Monte Kiffins son being the OC at USC, they know all about Winston's talent.
    24. Carolina Panthers Martin Nance, WR, Miami(OH)
      The big red zone target they have lacked since Muhsin left.
    25. Chicago Bears Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA
      The top TE in the draft on my board falls all the way to the Bears, who could not be happier.
    26. Cincinnati Bengals Jesse Mahelona, DT, Tennessee
      The Bengals have a high octane offense, but need to add some talent to the defensive side of the ball.
    27. Pittsburgh Steelers DeMeco Ryans, LB, Alabama
      They make a move for LenDale White because he is tailor made for their offense, but Ryans can help them all over at linebacker.
    28. New York Giants Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas
      They need some beef on the DLine.
    29. Jacksonville Jaguars Tye Hill, CB, Clemson
      If still on the board, the Jags will run the pick up ASAP.
    30. Denver Broncos Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio St. Jr.
      Rod Smith won't be around forever, and Holmes can be the playmaker they hoped Watts would be.
    31. Seattle Seahawks Tamba Hali, DE, Penn St.
      Should go higher on draft day.
    32. Indianapolis Colts Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota
      James may be too expensive for the Colts to keep him around, and Maroney would be a very good replacement.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This would be a horrible draft if it worked out that way.
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    Goose was on Norm today, and he said he thinks D'Brickshaw Ferguson will be a 15-20 type pick. He thinks the declared juniors will dominate the Top 10, and push guys like Ferguson out. Kind of goes against the grain of all the internet draft sites.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If Furguson somehow managed to slide out of the top 10, I would definatly consider going up to get him. I believe he is that good.

    Moving Adams to RT would instantly make Rivera twice the player he was last year. Of course, that's just my opinion. If we made a move with Allan, the cap savings would allow us to look at a big time Center/Guard. Peterman really should be much improved and who can say about Gurode. I think that could go a very long way twords solving a multitude of sins for us. Bledsoe may actually be able to stay clean in the pocket, which as all of us know, is the only way he can be effective.
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    That's just plain silly wasting a 1st round pick on a safety when we need WRs,Qb's,pass rushing dt's. And don't tell me about Roy Williams, you only draft a safety or TE that high when you have every thing else.
    Has Roy made our secondary elite, no.
    Has Jeremy Shocky made the Giants offense elite,no.
    Has Tony Gonzalez helped the Chiefs to become a regular playoff team,no
    Has Adam Archuleta made the Rams defense elite, no.
    Is the strength of the Pats or Colts, the TE or Safetys,no it's the qb's, the backs, the receivers, the D-linemen.
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    Ferguson is good player, but why not draft a RT who already knows the position and leave Flozell where he is. No one knows if he can play RT. Why take the chance. I believe in continuity, don't fix what ain't broke cause it can lead to multiple problems instead of one.
  7. Alexander

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    So where are the WRs, QBs and "pass rushing" DTs chosen after us in this mock?
  8. junk

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    Actually, Flo only played one year at LT in college. He played the right side for two years, I think. He could handle the right side.

    For most players, it isn't a big deal. Just Jacob Rogers apparently.
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    NE has drafted two TE's in the 1st round in the last few years. The Colts drafted one in the 1st, and rely a lot on their TE's. Sanders is getting a lot of credit for the rise of the Colts D this year, and it's obvious how much Harrison helped the Pats. And Shockey and Gonzales are Pro Bowlers, easily worth 1sts IMO. How about how Ed Reed has played as a S? At the top of the draft, yeah you don't see TE's or S's getting picked very often. But towards the middle of the round, anything goes. A top notch FS could help a lot, but I'm thinking Landry or Huff may be better for us than Ko.

    I think things that make those teams successful are a little more balanced than you think.
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    As much as id love Ko Simpson on this team, we need O-Line help
  12. SDogo

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    I feel ya but if there is a huge run on OT's in round 1. Say 6 teams take a OT then Ko would be fine:)
  13. Hiero

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    ya i agree, unless all of the worthy OT's are gone, we must take an OT. there will be many to choose from. FS can wait til whenever it is much less urgent, and can be filled by a later pick.
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    Man i wish we had picks 11 and 20 again.
  15. SDogo

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    Your not kidding! I was doing mocks the other day and I started drooling over the options!:eek:
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    I just had to:laugh2:
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    Mel Kiper had Santonio Holmes listed at 16 on his top 100. If he's there should we take him. I think so.
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    I say it depends on who else is there. While, I would love to get a WR in here who scares defense ala Steve Smith, Santana Moss, I am not sure if the 1st round of this draft is the place to spend a pick to get it. I think if one of the top OT, DT, LB are there we take them first.

    Bottomline is we have about half a dozen postions on the team that need upgrading - OT, OG, C, LB, FS, WR, DT if we stick to our draft board, there is bound to be a to pflight guy at one of those positions available to us.

    I don't think we take a FS in the 1st. I could be wrong and wouldn't be upset if we did but, I don't see it. I am thinking more along the lines of OT, LB, DT or WR with that first pick.

    I see our draft board looking something like this:

    Marcus McNeil or Scott or Winston or Justice......
    Haloti Ngata
    Chad Greenway
    Santonio Holmes
    Rodrique Wright
    Orien Harris
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    I usually don't like drafting offensive lineman in the 1st round, (they don't excite me lol) but the Dallas Cowboys would be foolish to pass on McNeill that dude is a stud.

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