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    I have not watched as much college football this season as I normally do.

    However in the few times I have watched games, other than WVU or Marshall, I have seen some players that intrigue me.

    Now, I really do not recall some of the players names, do not recall if some were not allowed to enter the draft yet. And I don't know if they looked good just the time I seen them play or if they were pretty good throughout the season.

    Here are some I am wanting to know about from some of the draft gurus, or maybe just people who followed the team and may have more insight, including if they can enter the draft and so on.

    Wheeler, Linebacker at Georgia Tech.
    Although he was not a huge standout during the gatorbowl, he made some plays. I had also seen him doing really well earlier in the year. Heard the announcers say he led the team in tackles.
    Any info on him would be appreciated.

    RB/FB from Hawaii - Have no clue of his name and if I did I would not be able to spell it. Seemed like a rather large running back but when I seen him playing he had deceptive speed and they were running on the edges and he was making people miss with his speed and knocking others over with his power.

    I know many remember the QB and RB for Boise state, I am curious about one of the OTs and that one LB, the names escape me.

    There was a CB playing for LSU...not the S Laron, and not the one that they targeted and burned many times...The other one. What is the story on him?

    That Rutgers FB...Really liked him. Of course I like WVUs fullback as well.

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    Not certain of the FB from Hawaii but you may be talking about Reagan Mauia. The guy his huge. He's like 6 foot, 350. He averages like 5 yards a carry but he only has 30 Attempts this year. He has 10 catches and averages about 10 yards per reception and he can block. He's an interesting guy. Will be interesting to see how he runs at the combine.

    On the Boise St guys, not certain which OT but it's probably Ryan Clady. Doesn't really matter cause both are Sophs but Clady is pretty good. He goes a good 6-5 or so and he isn't finished growing yet. Probably checks in at about 320. He's already a second team All-American and he's been All Conference. He was also a 1st team Freshman All American last year. He's pretty good. As far as LBs go, if it's an OLB, it's probably Brooks. If it's an MLB, it's probably Korey Hall. It's probably Hall. Defensive WAC player of the year and 2nd team All-American. Problem with both these guys is size. Hall is maybe 230 and Brooks is lucky to check in at 220. I don't know that either would fit a 34.

    Brian Leonard is the guy from Rutgers. He's probably the top rated FB coming out this year. He's a do it all kind of FB. Runs well, catches well, decent blocker. Not a punishing run blocker, probably better pass blocker, especially because of that offensive scheme but a pretty nice player. Size is pretty good at 6-3 235 or so. He doesn't have a second gear but he has decent speed and quickness. Good Feet for his size. He would do well as an H-Back in the type of scheme Washington runs. Hard worker.

    On the LSU CB, either Zenon or Jackson. Both are Jrs. Both are 6 foot. Jackson is bigger at 190 or so. Zenon is smaller at about 175. Jackson is probably the better cover CB. Zenon might be faster and quicker. Better at playing the ball in the air. However, he probably gets burned more as well.

    Philip Wheeler is a Jr. this year, I believe. He's kinda hit and miss if you ask me. He had three sacks this season, all in one game against Miami. 14 tackles against ND but missed three games after that. 5 tackles against VTech, Maryland and Clemson and then 10 Tackles against Miami. 5 tackles against NC State, UNC and Duke, 7 against Georgia, 5 against Wake and then 12 against WV. He seems to get up for the big games but kinda disapears for the rest of the schedule. He's also kinda small. He's listed at 6-5 225 but he looks smaller to me. I don't know. I think part of the problem is that he's playing out of position. He moved to MLB this year. Before that, he was an outside LB. He has a lot of natural athletic ability. He can run and he is also pretty good in coverage. Might of had a better year as a Soph then as a Jr.
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    Dont forget their other safety, Jesse Daniels.

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