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    Stash's Dallas Cowboys 2008 Mock Draft

    Round 1 (a): Antoine Cason - CB -Arizona - 6’0” 190 lbs.

    Naturally-gifted playmaker at a need position. Hard worker and solid character individual. A ballhawk with excellent anticipation and hands for the interception. Instincts, character and work ethic. Think Chris McAlister with a better attitude.

    Round 1 (b): Limas Sweed - WR – Texas - 6’4” 212 lbs.

    Rare size/speed combination. Smooth and agile with good change of direction for his size. Great hands and focus on the ball. Has the size to be a dominant red zone target. A leader with a solid work ethic and the drive to improve. If not for a wrist injury, a player of this caliber wouldn’t be available here.

    Round 2: Ray Rice - RB - Rutgers - 5’9” 195 lbs.

    Highly productive, versatile back. Thick and muscular with a solid lower frame. Can handle a full-time workload if necessary.Attacks the line of scrimmage with great power and low center of gravity. Great pass catcher and can handle blitz pickup as well. One of the draft’s most versatile running backs. Could either spell or eventually replace Marion Barber if necessary.

    Round 3: Red Bryant - DT - Texas A&M - 6’5” 326 lbs

    Tremendous size for nose tackle position. Very strong with a quick first step. An experienced four year starter and two-time team captain. Motivated, hard-working player who plays with an attitude. This pick would eventually allow the Cowboys to transition Ratliff to DE.

    Round 4: Chilo Rachal - OG - Southern California - 6’5” 315 lbs.

    Great size with the frame to get bigger. Excellent, explosive drive blocker with a teriffic hand punch. Experienced starter who plays with good leverage and technique. Would be an improvement over Kyle Kosier in a Hudson Houck power running line.

    Round 5: In my ideal scenario, this pick has been trade to the Tennessee Titans for CB Adam Jones.

    Round 6: Dominique Barber - S - Minnesota – 6’0” 211 lbs.

    Solidly built prospect who has improved with each year of experience. A leader in the secondary with the speed to cover 3rd receivers. Was the best player on a poor Gophers defense. Brother of Cowboys running back Marion Barber III (which might even help in long-term contract talks). Can be a solid special teams contributor.

    Round 7: Orlando Scandrick - CB- Boise State - 5’11” 188 lbs.

    Developmental cornerback prospect with good size/speed combination. Uses his hands well and is also solid in run support. Durable player who is also a good special teamer. Could develop into a solid #3 corner.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    Very nice.

    I'd love to see this.
  3. Woods

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    I think it looks good.

    I don't know much about Orlando Scandrick though. I'll have to do some research on him.

    Also, it would be great if R Rice fell to our 2nd round pick, but I have my doubts. You may need an alternative RB there. (K Smith, Forte, or Choice?)
  4. btcutter

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    only if this is our real draft........

    keep on dreaming.
  5. TheCount

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    Not bad, but where did you read about Barber's speed?

    Last I heard he ran a 4.7- 4.6 or some such 40.
  6. ThatsmyQB

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    Should be a 2nd round pick, I can't see any scenario where he's available late 3rd.

    You have a guy who Mel Kiper has ranked 23rd overall in his top 25 going to us in the late 4th round?

    Corners who run a blistering 4.32 at the combines usually get picked prior to round 7.
  7. the kid 05

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    I think Barber's bro could be our replacement to KD
  8. AbeBeta

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    Interesting on Cason since the draft board that is flying around for the 'Boys on various web pages (e.g., is noted to list our DB board as

    #1 DRC
    #2 Leodis McKelvin
    #3 Kenny Phillips (S)
    #4 Mike Jenkins
    #5 Aqib Talib
    #6 Either Tyrell Johnson or Josh Barrett (S)
    #7 Looks like Charles Godfrey from Iowa

    So Cason, although he's a board fave, likely isn't the guy at 22
  9. Tobal

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    I've seen Bryant everywhere, so he could very well be there

    Round 4: Chilo Rachal - OG - Southern California - 6’5” 315 lbs.

    He's a 2nd round pick everywhere I've seen, and it's usually not even the bottom half of the 2nd.

    I love your Mock though, but I could go any number of players, but I like the position order you took,

    I guess that could say I wasn't taking BPA, but I'm basically thinking the way the draft lays out this yr it fits our needs well.

    22 and 28 should be in the thick of the 2nd tier CB's WR's and RB's.

  10. Woods

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    That's not our draft board.

    In fact, a vidio clip of this board along with other stuff is posted on

    It appears that the defensive coaching staff is discussing various college players on the DL and secondary.
  11. dbair1967

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    I've said all along I think people in this forum are going to be very surprised where Cason ends up going. There's no way I'd draft him at 22 and I really think he'll be available well into the 2nd rd

  12. dwmyers

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    Do you really think Cason makes it past Atlanta's 2nd round pick? They just got rid of the troublemaker DeAngelo Hall and Allan Houston can't cover both left and right corner.
  13. theogt

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    Come on, abe. That's not any sort of official board. And even if it were, it likely isn't completely yet. The fact that we're bringing Cason in to interview and work out is much greater evidence of our chances of drafting him at 22/28 than some random list in dry erase marker on a white board.
  14. theogt

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    Or Green Bay's pick in the 1st round for that matter? The idea that someone would predict Cason to be available at our 2nd round pick is just laughable.
  15. ThatsmyQB

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    Tell that to DaBoys4Life who has us taking him in round 2, it is laughable.
  16. StarHead69

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    This far out from Draft Day, a lot of us are still way off base when slotting players. I notice that fans of all teams seem to have the same general idea as to where players will fall in the first round. After that, most fans completely disregard their teams draft position in the 2nd-4th round. They simply assume that even though they are picking LATE in the round... they will have their choice of all prospects labled as "X" rounder where they pick.

    That IMO is why a lot of guys on this board (myself included:eek:: ) are talking about getting Jamaal Charles, CJ etc... with our 2nd rounder.
  17. ThatsmyQB

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    So true, I think we all know we'd need to trade up to get Charles or CJ, but R.B.'s do fall, although I think they'll be gone, I think most of us have switched to getting Ray Rice in round 2 if he's still available.
    I think we'll be taking Felix Jones in round 1 anyway.
  18. dbair1967

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    We havent seen the complete list of invitees yet, every yr they invite guys who are chosen all over the draft, not just guys rated as 1st rd prospects

  19. dbair1967

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    yeah maybe...maybe they have some other guys rated higher than him...completely possible

  20. dbair1967

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    is Pro Football Weekly laughable?


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