For those of you saying we should draft only defensive players in next year's draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Dec 11, 2013.

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    So we don't take any D linemen? None? We took Crawford in the 3rd; Ratliff in the 7th; Chris Canty in the 4th, etc. Is there something that says we can't draft a DL anywhere other than the first two rounds?

    How about we take a 3rd round rated lineman in the 3rd round? Or a 4th round rated DL in the 4th round and so on.......They didn't have any DL rated in the later rounds? None? The dumb move is going to the 4 -3 without drafting DL. A dumb move is going to a Tampa 2 D when you drafted and paid big money to press corners.
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    No we can take the player where you have them rated but you don't draft a 2nd round DL in the 1st over players you have rated in the 1st.

    Who says Dallas didn't have DLs rated in the 2nd or 3rd but were drafted before we picked. You do understand how the draft works. Dallas probably had Short rated higher than Escobar but guess what, Short was drafted before we picked.
    In the 4th round they must have had Webb rated over any other DL available.

    You can't go into any draft saying I'm getting this position no matter what, you can miss out on a very good player by doing that.

    you also have to think Dallas didn't know they would be without Ratliff, Spencer, and Crawford. They were all healthy then so don't force a draft pick when you had those guys healthy.

    Tell me which DL you would have drafted over the player we picked. Also don't tell me a guy drafted late 3rd in the 2nd, because obviously no one else had that player in the 2nd round.

    Here are the DL taken after Escobar before our 3rd round pick.
    2nd round Hankins and Hunt
    3rd round Logan

    3rd round after we picked Williams but before Wilcox pick
    3rd round after wilcox pick
    Jenkins, Jordan Hill, Moore, Brandon Williams, Akeem Spence

    Here are the Dline taken in the 4th round after Webb
    William Gholston

    Who would you have drafted, I don't see any there that would have really helped us
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    Who ever said that? Not me so I don;t know what your point is.

    Who said Dallas didn't have DL rated high in the 2nd and 3rd but didn't pick them? It's all speculation and we can't say one way or another. But you can't tell me it's completely logical to not at least take a flier in the later rounds? We've pissed away draft picks here for years, all of sudden now we want to stay true to our board when we didn't in the first round and made a panic reach for Fred?

    You needed to draft Spencer's replacement, at the very least. I don;t know why that doesn't make any sense to some people. We franchised the guy two years in a row and didn't think he was worth the money he was asking. We gave him 20 million dollars. Ratliff played 6 games in 2012 and was placed on IR......6 games. And there was tension with him when he wouldn't come back. The red flags were there. So I don;t know how you hang your hat on Ratliff for any extended period of time.

    So we can't trade down if the value is not there? You're saying that the draft is static and we can;t move around for fear of losing guys like David Arkin, Shaun Chappas, Bill Naggy, Josh Thomas, Matt Johnson,Danny Coale, Caleb McSurdy, BW Webb, Joseph Randle, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Sam Young and Jamar Wall.

    Sorry, but we needed to look at DL, even if it was for depth. You can't tell me that you don't take anyone especially after you switch to the 4 - 3. The Cowboys underestimated the trenches yet again.
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    That is what I mean. He was the BPA on the draft board and Jerry, after consulting with Marinelli, overturned the pick of Garrettt and Tom.
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    Right the BPA was never DL when we picked at any point in the first 4 rounds. Also we thought we had Spencer, Crawford, and Ratliff.
    You don't force picks.

    This year looks likes a great year to get 2 maybe 3 DL in the first 4 rounds.
    Also we need to go after a DT and DE in FA.
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    Dallas traditional philosophy and that of Garrett was you take BPA. Before this years draft around February, he said they went away from it a little cause the value didn't overtake the need. He said this year was BPA. I think Jason and Tom were set on Sharif, but Jerry pulled the trigger on Frederick after that discussion with Marinelli,
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    Actually I heard(think it was Broaddus) that Garrett wanted Eifert and Tom wanted Floyd
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    There are a lot of Dline prospects in each round. Dallas can draft defense in the first 3 rounds and find worthy picks

    1st round Stephen Tuitt DT, Trent Murphy DE, Lous Nix NT, and RaShede Hageman DT
    2nd round Ray Drew DE, Kon Ealy DE, Kelcy Quarles DT, Kareem Martin DE, Michael Sam DE
    3rd round NT DaQuan Jones NT, Jackson Jeffcoat, Scott Chrichton DE

    Any combinations of these players would help the defense and they would not be reaches in each prospect round at all. A draft like the one above with picking up Linval Joseph would solidify the Dline.

    In the 4th and 5th round Dallas should invest in some of these bigger secondary players
    4th round Stanley Jean Baptiste 6'3 220 lbs
    5th round Dontae Johnson 6'2 195 lbs.
    These guys are really big corners which is this team needs to cover those bigger receivers. They are lower round picks and solicit high round picks. They could even be moved to FS if the need arises.
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    makes Garrett dumber than I thought...
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    True. Don't force picks. Take BPA aligned with need.

    We do have severe needs on the defensive side of the ball though.

    BTW, I read earlier that someone said all we do is draft offensive players.
    But just the year before saw us dedicate draft picks from Rd1, Rd2, Rd3, Rd4 all to defense.
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    It ALMOST ALWAYS comes down to a mixture of both which is why I hate the never ending debates over it.. If you go into the draft desperately needing a DT and at your pick you have your 15th ranked player but he is a WR/QB w.e and you have your 17th ranked player and he is a DT you probably go with the DT.. Once you get into rounds 4/5 it starts becoming more about BPA and finding guys with traits to be successful in the league
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    I'd take Ebron, Sefarian-Jenkins, or Amaro in round 2 if one was available. The wheels on Witten's bus are falling off fast. One of those guys and a one year of NFL weight trained Escobar would be matchup nightmares for any team with all their size.
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    The primary purpose of trades is to align BPA with need.

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