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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by zack, Dec 12, 2004.

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    Nail on the head.................You hit that one dead center. ;)
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    Since Aikman retired, we have started the 2nd most number of different QB's of any team in the league. Nuff said. :mad:
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    Make no mistake about it guys, since Aikman we've fielded two "starting caliber QBs", Randall Cunningham and Vinny Testeverde. Testeverde did a fine job for the first 6-7 weeks, and imo, he just got tired. We don't know, he may be hurt and just hanging on because he knows this is his last go around.

    I, in no way want Vinny starting for the remainder of the season. I think Henson should have remained the starter from T-G and on. Vinny is the closest thing to a starter we've seen since Aikman went down and Randall played a few games for him.

    I'm sure BP will start VT next week and maybe for the rest of the year.....I just hope when Henson finally gets his shot he can do something with it. I know most of us(some have been content with mediocre play at the position) are frustrated with what we've had to endure since Aikman left.

    I sure hope relief is on the way.
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    This is it. Vinny has deteriorated in the last few weeks and I now believe he was playing today with an undisclosed injury.

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