For those who hate Tebow... And those who don't

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 9, 2011.

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    An 8-year-old cancer patient, Blake Appleton, received a much-needed morale boost recently -- a surprise phone call from his long-time hero Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos.

    The call came this month at a particularly grim time for Blake and his family. Blake, a native of Lake Worth, Fla., recently had told his mother that he no longer wants to undergo cancer treatment after being diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. "Without treatment, he may only have six months," his mother, Miranda Appleton, told

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  2. 1fisher

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    That is a great story.

    God, please bless this young boy.
  3. cowboyeric8

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    Second that.
  4. BlueStar3398

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    I love Tebow for doing that. I'm saying a prayer for that boy.
  5. Hostile

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    There aren't enough stories about this kind of stuff with athletes.
  6. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    It makes me love Tebow even more. You just don't see star athletes with this amount of class anymore. My heart goes out to the boy and I sincerely hope he can overcome the tumor.
  7. tupperware

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, we should root for guys like Tebow. Yes they get talked about a lot, yes sometimes they may get overhyped a bit. But the fact is, they do what you would expect a professional athlete to do and they're good teammates.

    He reminds me of Romo in those respects and he plays for an AFC team, so I hope he continues doing well.
  8. Idgit

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  9. SaltwaterServr

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    The more success Tebow has in the NFL, the more people he can reach and inspire. I hope the guy wins back-to-back-to-back Super Bowls, ugly throwing motion be damned.

    The more I learn about the guy, the more I want him to succeed beyond his most ardent supporter's dreams for him.
  10. The Emperor

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    Please don't let that be with the Stancos, Steelers, Cheatriots, 49ers, Saints, Packers, or any NFC East team.
  11. tupperware

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    Yeah I don't know how you can deal with something like that. I know you have to, but I don't know how you can. You're completely helpless..
  12. burmafrd

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    Tim Tebow is a fine young man. He just does not look to me like he will ever be much more than a temporary fix as a QB.
  13. Eskimo

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    The SB wins are fine so long as he is Cowboy by then.

    I hope the guy has a good career but I want the Boys to stomp on him when we play him. He can win all the other games.
  14. dougonthebench

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    I agree with you on that. But I also believe that lots of guys do similar things like this and don't want it publicized.
  15. Don Corleone

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    I don't know, but one thing he seems to have is a unwavering desire to learn and get better. That will only bode well for him. He may never develop into anything more than a serviceable passer, but who cares as long as he wins? With all the knucklehead athletes out in this world, it is refreshing to have someone like Tebow.
  16. Cajuncowboy

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    I'm sure there are. But I don't for one minute think Tebow does this for the publicity. As a matter of fact, I'm sure Tebow didn't mention this to the media. I bet the family did.
  17. burmafrd

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    if he only developes into a mediocre to average passer, he will never be able to take a team very far. The Top D's will shut him down for sure.
  18. zrinkill

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    Tebow did it again ..... :laugh1:

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