for those who were keen on trade up

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Apr 17, 2006.

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    for Huff...say the following happens:

    1 Texans- Bush
    2 Saints- Hawk
    3 Titans- Leinart
    4 Jets- Cutler
    5 Packers- M Williams
    6 Niners- Davis
    7 Raider V Young

    the Bills are on the clock...not only is Huff on the board, but so is the best OL in the draft Ferguson...of the teams we COULD trade up with, the Bills seem the most likely to deal down because of their situation with money...its conceivable that we could move into the 8 spot and get would cost us our 1-2 and something else to do it (probably the 3 next yr, although maybe the 4 might get it done as well)

    they'd probably get tons of trade down offers and a team like Philly (which likes Justice and also brought Ferguson in for a visit) would probably get aggressive to move up as well, I would think the Cards would be very interested too...but if they'd deal with us I'd trade up in a heart beat to land a player like Ferguson, who some think is the best player, or at least one of the top-3 players in the draft...he's good enough to move right into our LT spot, and we could immediately move Adams to RT...also would lessen the urgency for Adams to rush back early in TC or preseason as we'd have Fabini and Petitti/Columbo to man the RT spot until Adams was definitely 100%

    just food for thought

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    If that were to happen, i would trade our whole draft this year, and picks one and two next year to hopefully get picks 8, and 9 or 8, and 10 landing Furgeson, and Huff in one draft would be sick, and they would develop together (we would be SICK, in 07-08)
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    Furgeson won't get past the Jets, and Packers though.

    sorry i feel like debbie downer i was excited about it

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