Forget about DeCastro, Barron, or a CB

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Offense won't be addressed in round one, nor will the secondary. No matter what fans think of DeCastro and Konz, it just won't happen...not with the defense we rolled out last year. And with the depth at OG and C in this draft, that will happen later, if at all.

    Whether we move up, move down or stay where we are will depend on who's still on the board and what we're offered, but the handwriting is already on the wall, in my opinion...we are looking for disruptive players at DL or OLB.

    No, you don't draft backups in round one, but on defense you do pick up disruptive players up front for the rotation and as starters.

    1. Cox, DE, Miss.St.....6'4"...298.....4.77 (40)
    2. Brockers, DE, LSU...6'5"...322.....5.0
    3. Ta'amu, NT, Wash...6'2"...348.....5.3

    1. Perry, USC.......6'2.5"...271.....4.59 (40)
    2. Branch, Clem....6'4".....260.....4.67

    There are bigger names in the draft, but I think these are the most disruptive guys in the front seven that also fit Red's type. Coples is a pure 4-3 DE who plays when he wants too...not a worker. Ingram has 30" arms and can't beat the best protectors...not even a tackle in senior bowl. Merciles is a one year did the kid from Illinois last year do in his rookie year?

    My personal favorite is Perry...with Spencer signed, Perry gets one year in rotation to make the same move from DE to OLB that Ware made. He would be an awesome player opposite Ware, but he's also capable of playing Ware's role. People have been talking about what happens to the offense if Witten goes down, but that's nothing compared to what happens to the Defense if Ware goes down, gets nicked up, or simply needs a blow...he's the only pass rush.

    I know it's blasphemy, but as great a OG prospect as DeCastro is, I'm still not convinced he'll be drafted ahead of Glenn from Georgia, who brings the great mobility for his size along with the body and experience of playing both tackle spots as well.

    We brought in no one In free agency who can be disruptive on defense while solidifying ILB, CB, and safety. Round one is going to offer us a chance to add quality guys up front who can collapse the pocket and OLBs who have the size, strength, quickness, and moves to get after the QB. If there's any thought about another OG, C, or OT, it won't happen in round one.
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    Forget about DeCastro, Barron, or a CB ???!!

    Sorry. Must've got some dust in my eyes. I'm not crying...! Gimme a sec. I'll be back and read the post when I can see again.
  3. SDogo

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    My first issue is you specified we need disruptive players then went on to list Brockers and Ta'amu. Neither of which are rockets off the snap or considered disruptive. Ta'amu is a space eater who has a terrible motor and questionable work eithic. Brockers is a prototypical DE who will put up 4-5 sacks a year but offers a little more in the run game because of his athletic ability.

    I love Branch but are you talking about taking either of the OLB's at 14 because both would be an astronomical reach.

    Out of the 5 you listed only 2 are considered disruptive in Cox and Branch and only one of them presents value at 14.

    The other odd thing is you talk about depth at OG and OC which after the first 3 rounds dries up rather significantly. Blake, Brewster, Jones and Molk will all be gone by the end of the 3rd. On the other hand, this a deep class along the defensive line and you can grab quality DE and NT's well into the 5th round.

    The 3rd thing is you talk about rotational guys who can start, there is no position in the NFL on a roster that is as fluid and where depth is needed as CB. Realistically you can field 3-4 CB's on any given play. Your not going to see 3 or 4 DE's or NT's on the field in any situation. It can be said a 4th CB on any team is as close to starting as any backup position.
  4. Ren

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    There's not a single OLB in this draft worthy of us ignoring other glaring holes to pick in the 1st.

    If we go OLB at 14 i will rage, it will be definitive proof that Jerry has become Al Davis
  5. Chuck 54

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    Maybe a difference of opinion on what disruptive means....I think Brockers and Ta'amu are both considered disruptive because they push back the pocket regularly...they are not big time pass rushers, but they consistently push blockers back. I think Perry may be the best pass rusher in this draft, which is why he is my favorite.

    Right before listing players, I said we could move up, down, or stay put, depending on which players we want...Ta'amu was my last choice on DL, but Ratliff will never move to DE without a true NT to push the pocket. I think Ingram will drop in the draft as coaches study him closely.
  6. tm1119

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    You really think that little of Perry? He cant be a disruptive pass rusher? Or do you just not think he fits our scheme? I know hes raw, but his size and athletic ability is too much to ignore in my opinion. I wouldnt draft him at 14, but if we trade down past pick 20 he'd be pretty high on my list of guys to look at.

    Also, why no mention of Poe? I dont think its a foregone conclusion that he wont be available at 14.
  7. SDogo

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    I think Perry is an athletic freak who has maxed out his potential and will grow into what he has to be a solid OLB but I'm not buying he's a double digit sack guy. I think he can be more dynamic then Spencer and at 20 I would consider him. I don't really see a OLB in this draft who is going to produce double digit sacks year in and year out ala Ware so it's not really dissing Perry as much as it is saying where he fits in among the elite pass rushers in the league.
  8. Chuck 54

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    I don't know what people want these college players to do. Do you guys look at their stats?

    In his senior year at Troy, playing lower competition, the great DeMarcus Ware started every game at DE.... Recorded 62 tackles (43 solos) with six sacks.

    I would not begin to say Perry or anyone else could be what Ware is...just making a point. Perry is 272 and ran a 4.59...Had 58 tackles and 9.5 sacks against much tougher competition....he has the same type of athletic ability as Ware, running 10 yards in a RB time at combine.

    Why was Ware taken that high?
  9. 151

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    "his career having played in 35 contests, recording 101 tackles (57 unassisted), 21.5 TFL, five sacks, four pass break-ups and four forced fumbles"

    I was on the Poe Bandwagon, maybe back when the season started, when he was a 2nd-3rd rounder. But I am kind of thrown off by his numbers. Definitely not dominant like his athletic attributes suggest.

    Memphis? .
  10. tm1119

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    Im along this line of thinking as well. 3-4 OLB is a hard position to project because most of the time the guys are raw athletes instead of polished players. Perry honestly reminds me a bit of James Harrison as he isnt as long and agile as Ware, but can still use his combo of great straight line speed and muscle to get around OT's.
  11. Aven8

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    While I don't agree with you on Ingram I do however agree with you on the rest. We are on the same wavelength as far as what we will most likely do. While I agree we need a solid Oline for Romo, I don't see this team going in that direction until in the later rounds especially after the guard signings. I think we go front 7 early and often.

    I'm actually still kind of perplexed that a lot of fans have forgotten how bad our front 7 really was last year. Does anybody remember Eli throwing 47 times without a sack in the first game?? With that same crappy oline we were in position to win. It was the defense that caused us to lose games.
  12. Ren

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    It would be down right ******** to draft something you already franchised with the 14 pick. We could have spent that money to improve other needs if we where going to draft OLB. If we spend it on a OLB we'd have 2 OLBs for the same position and a the same holes we had last season or another OLB and 9 extra mill in cap space with nothing to spend it on and the same holes we had last season

    You're willing to ignore CB, Safety, DE, NT, OG, MLB and OC to draft something we don't really need at 14? The best OLBs coming out don't look any better the what we already have, what's the point?

    Ware was a need when we drafted him we have MUCH bigger needs in other areas now
  13. BAT

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    Spencer is not guaranteed to be in Dallas in 2013. It would be even more daft to ignore such an important position. The Giants approach is to stock up on these kind of players. It appears to have worked for them.
  14. Ren

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    They're a 4-3 team and their DL as a whole is good. We're a 3-4 team and have a bad DL so no matter who you put at OLB or how many OLBs you have you're going to have the same problems with QBs stepping up in clean pockets and your edge rushers overshooting. Not to mention all those other holes you had will still be there.

    Personally i would rather have a OL that can produce more then 4 rushing TD in a full season, a secondary that can cover for more then 2 seconds or a DL that can actually get some pressure. It makes a hell of a lot more sense then reaching for a OLB at 14
  15. brooksey1

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    I say its the one position we don't draft at all. Our problem on defense was our secondary and linebackers when Lee got hurt. Our DL was very good and we were #1 in the NFL against therun through what 10 games last year? Spears and Spencer are fine. The problem is the undersized nose in Ratliff. Move Ratliff down to rotate with Spears and bring in a big NT. Newman is gone and Carr has arrived. What we need is a big NT, CB (we landed carr) and Saftey help, sorry, I think you have it backwards. More pass rush off the strong side will come with the improvemnt of Ratliff sliding down and a healthy Bruce Carter behind Anthony Spencer allowing him to do some different things.
  16. burmafrd

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    taking lower rated players due to need rarely works out well. But then this comes from the same people who think Romo can take another year like this one without ending up on IR
  17. btcutter

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    I wouldn't say that our DL is very good against the pass. DE's were easily blocked by G which frees up the T to block our OLB. Pitt and SF have very good DE that requires T to help or take on the DE and that forces the TE or RB to go one on one against OLB which favors the D.
    We need to upgrade our DL and that will make Spencer and DBs look a lot better.

    Obviously our ILBs (except Lee) were also a big liability against the pass. I am praying that Carter becomes a quality starter. We can really use his speed and athleticism against Vick and McCoy.
  18. CowboyFan74

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    Well that's a compelling argument. Interesting and fresh...:cool:
  19. AKATheRake

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    I think Nick Perry and Bruce Irvin are this drafts best pass rushers suited to play OLB in a 3-4 scheme.

    Are they the most complete and worthy of the 14th pick I would say no. But I would give a high 2nd in a heart beat. I rather move our 2nd into the first round than trade down from 14.

    This years draft if you're not looking for a QB has best value from picks 20-45. But I still rather stay at 14 and get BPA, DeCastro for instance.

    Then try and get one of these 2 pass rushers in the 2nd even if I had to use a 4th and 5th to move up and do so.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    If Livingston and Bernadu were our answers to the o-line and we are basically done there.............Romo should demand a trade, seriously.

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