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Forget the LBs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

    11,284 Messages
    1,968 Likes Received
    I know it's unpopular, and everyone else is going gaga over Manny Lawson or Rob Carpenter, but I don't want to spend our first round pick on a LB.

    Let's look at Lawson with an eye on the ignorant move Houston just made...Houston says they wanted Mario Williams over Reggie Bush because they need Williams to help them catch Indy in their division due to Peyton Manning...please, don't buy all their rationalizing.

    NC STATE had Mario Williams at one DE...he did nothing against the best the ACC had to offer...he racked up most of his sacks against terrible teams with terrible OT's late in the season...DL goes bust in the draft more than any other position.

    Now, consider this, NCSTATE had Williams at one DE and Manny Lawson, the guy you guys are so infatuated with, at the other...HOW the HELL did any team score? How did NCSTATE suck so badly?

    This is a great draft for CBs, meaning there are going to be some top talents still available at #18, guys with 4.4 or better speed who can cover.

    Due to Aaron Glenn's age, Henry's lack of top speed and best NFL season at S, along with the fact that Reese is best suited in the nickel, I'd take a CB and consider moving Henry to FS in the future when my draft pick was ready to start.

    I think we can find an OLB/DE tweener who can play opposite Ware later in the draft, assuming we don't end up moving Burnett there, a guy who played very well when in there for Ware towards the end of the season.

    I also think Lawson will be gone before we pick because teams love the guys who run fast at the combine.
  2. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage Zone Supporter

    47,183 Messages
    8,029 Likes Received
    I wouldn't be upset if we went with something other than OLB.
  3. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

    40,209 Messages
    11,871 Likes Received
    I don't have a problem selecting a CB #1.
  4. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage Zone Supporter

    47,183 Messages
    8,029 Likes Received
    We'd better get used to the idea of someone other than what we'd expected. And those who are locked in, may be disappointed.
  5. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,776 Messages
    20,043 Likes Received
    I wouldn't be completely opposed but I don't think that is the direction we are going.
  6. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    22,559 Messages
    3,094 Likes Received

    I've heard this argument a bit so let me argue against it just a bit here for sake of balance.

    NCState didnt lose but 1 game where they scored 20 or more points all year.

    Not only that but you have to examine some of the games:
    They lost 27-19 to Wake Forest. How'd Wake get to 27? Try TWO INTs returned for TDs.

    Sometimes the supposedly obvious can be misleading.

    Mario Williams had 3 sacks in 1 game against Florida State so its not like he has only sacked Duke QBs.

    I am all for an OLB provided Lawson or Carpenter is there because I think for Dallas thats the best value. He'll start and likely be an upgrade over what we had last season. Now you can say the same thing about FS and possibly RT.

    But can't you say a 2nd round FS would start? Can't do that at OLB IMHO.
  7. VACowboy

    VACowboy Well-Known Member

    5,632 Messages
    1,774 Likes Received
    Which CB would you prefer at #18? Cromartie? Hill? Joseph? Trade down and take Jennings?
  8. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

    5,943 Messages
    320 Likes Received
    Wouldn't be against us taking a CB IF all of our LB'ers are gone. Cb value will be there at our pick, no doubt.
  9. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

    5,943 Messages
    320 Likes Received
    Myself. Hill if he is there, or trade down for Cromartie, I have a feeling he goes lower than projected.
  10. NorthDalal

    NorthDalal Member

    636 Messages
    20 Likes Received
    I'm w/ you Wayne. You forgot to add North Carolina's 275 running effort and don't forget that a projected late 1st early second (McCargo) was at tackle.

    All 3NC State guys are suspect.
  11. TDHND

    TDHND Member

    575 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    I want an offensive lineman that can start right away to help create holes so JJ can show why he's the starter.
  12. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

    40,209 Messages
    11,871 Likes Received
    There won't be one available at #18.

    I have no stomach for another "soft" USC tackle.
  13. Woods

    Woods Well-Known Member

    12,460 Messages
    61 Likes Received

    I don't like all the "rumors" swirling around concerning Justice.

    In any case, I think there are some good OL to get in the 2nd and 3rd rounds anyways.
  14. TDHND

    TDHND Member

    575 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    Yeah true. So it looks like another defensive player I guess.

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