Former Bears GM Angelo rates Romo 15th best QB in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Trent dilfer part duex
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    You just saw the best defense in the league destroy Peyton Manning and one of the greatest offenses of all time and you want to us this lame argument? You're going to sit there and spew this trash with a straight face? That Tony Romo should have carried a team with possibly the worst defense of all time and certainly the worst defense in this franchise's history to the the playoffs? (Which he almost did by the way.)

    I wonder how Troy Aikman would have done with last years defense? Or Roger the Dodger? Or Russel Wilson?

    Oh...I forgot. Winning a SB automatically erases all previous mishaps and all future failures.

    Get this one man army, Tony Romo should carry this team no matter how bad it is coached, built or performs on the field utter garbage outa here.

    Tony Romo is a good QB and those don't grow on trees or fall from the sky right on your lap. Enjoy competent QB play while you can instead of whining about problem # 22 on the starting roster because it won't be getting better when he's gone and for those who preach otherwise please provide previous evidence that Jerry Jones is capable of finding a decent QB in the draft because he hasn't done so yet.
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    We were actually 26th in defense, and mostly because of 3 anomaly games where we let up 51, 49 and 45. You judge our overall season without those 3 obscure games we actually ranked 12th in points per game. Not quite the worst defense in NFL history but it sounds nice as a rallying cry to defend Tony.
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    When we really do have an average QB, we'll know it. Assuming nothing else changes, you'll start to see 5-11 seasons.
  5. Alexander

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    And get started on that All Pro defense to support him before it is too late.
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    I knew he had some athletic ability for a QB, but didn't think he had that many rushing yards, though it's really not surprising IMO. Andrew Luck is great at making something out of nothing, even with his legs, how about that fumble in the playoffs he scooped up and scored the TD, incredible stuff.

    I think you can put him in the discussion, or in the same tier as Romo (which I did), but I don't think he had a better year then Romo last year. In fairness to Luck though, he lost his #1 target in Wayne early in the season, though in the same sense you could say Romo was affected by a back injury for the majority of the year as well.
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    Did Trent Dilfer have the 3rd most passing touchdowns in NFL history after his first two seasons behind only Dan Marino and Peyton Manning?
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    The Russell Wilson butthurt is amazing. I guess the Seattle defense gave him a higher QB rating than Romo too..

    The fact of the matter is that Romo is going down in history as an IF player.

    IF he diddnt bobble the snap
    IF Parcells stuck around and cracked the whip
    IF he diddnt get saddled with Garrett
    IF he had an offensive line turns eventually turns in to
    IF he had a defense

    The guy is 34,coming off two back surgeries, playing under his 3rd coordinator is 3 seasons, under a lame duck coach, facing a difficult schedule. If he ever wants to be anything more than an IF player or fantasy QB he is almost out of time.
  9. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Please do not bring logic and facts into these little arguments because they obviously mean nothing....
  10. Alexander

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    It really is. If anything he has played with poise rarely seen in a player so young. But hey, he is just lucky or something. He is far from my favorite player and I would not take him to start a franchise, but give him some credit.
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    I didn't know trent dilfer set a record in college for passing efficiency
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    That was fair and on point.
  13. Animosity

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    What happened in 2007 and 2009 when we had top defenses?

    Romo is done. Two back injuries, 35 years old, declining skills. The guy won't be a starter in 2015.
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    The first one had nothing to do with the structure of the back so it's misleading to call it a back surgery.
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    When you recycle this post at this time next year, change 2015 to 2016 but leave the age the same
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    Right. And that's all I'm saying. If someone told me they thought Luck had a better year than Romo, I wouldn't argue it.
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    Says you.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    I said he isn't the #4 QB ranked. I know you want the kid to be great, but he isn't that. Sorry to smash your dreams.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Romo played with a back injury. He couldn't make the downhill throws with regular zip. And I never said Romo should be ranked #4. Or even in the top 10. But Wilson #4, ya right.

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    Not #4 ranked helluva. Respect. Oh no! I'm done for!

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