Former Bears GM Angelo rates Romo 15th best QB in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Your posts are the lamest of lame. Your dislike of one of the teams best players bleeds out in all your posts. Yet you steadfastly overlook all the teams real deficiencies. I'm surprised you didn't bring up the Seattle fumble a millennium ago. Romo is not an elite top 3 QB. Neither is Kaepernick, Wilson, or Newton. But what they do have, is top notch defenses and running games that keep them in apposition to win.

    At least the Cowboys run game is starting to come around.

    I personally respect Romo's game. He's fun to watch and played well this year. I hope they can field a team at some point to help him out more. He deserves it.
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    You obviously didn't watch the game. The offensive line played terribly that day. Romo had little time to throw all day. Defenders were in his face before he would finish his drop. Marc Colombo was particularly bad that game, but he wasn't the only one. No QB would have done well for Dallas that day.
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    Saw Brady throw 5 picks twice.
    Saw Brees do the same. I've thought they both sucked after that. ha haha ha

    Remember in New England a couple seasons ago when Romo went downfield and took the lead with 2 minutes left? Brady went right down the field and scored. Damn Romo defense. If only he could have run around and wasted he clock. ha ha ha
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    So where do you rank Wilson then? Cause you can't possibly think Romo, whos been in the league for 10+ years and has one playoff win, is better than Russell Wilson.
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    What happened in Week 16 this season? I forgot.

    13 game-winning drives since 2011, most in the NFL. Facts will beat baseless opinions every single time.
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    Oh wait..

    Remember Romo putting 5 TDs on the Bronco's and the defense giving up 51?
    Remember Romo game winning drive to beat the Vikings?
    Remember Romo game winning drive to beat Washington?
    Remember Romo game winning drive to beat Giants?
    Remember Romo putting up 300 yds offense and 23 point lead at the half against the Pack only to have defense collapse. Damn Romo
    Remember the Bears rolling the defense? Damn Romo.
    Remember the Lions game? awesome defense. Damn Romo.
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    Romo didn't play for 3 years.

    It should go

    Manning Brady Rogers -no particular order


    Rivers Roethlesburg Romo Luck -no particular order

    Wilson Newton Kaepernick Eli Stafford Ryan Foles Cutler

    The rest
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    Tony got hurt with less than a quarter left in the game. Are we now blaming his meltdowns on a "cyst". According to to Romo apologists the cyst wasn't even a real injury. You can't have it both ways.

    So that the facts are straight. Up until the 2012 Washington game, you would have been hard pressed to find a bigger Romo supporter than myself. Again, it comes down to puting the team above your personal likes and loyalty.

    We have been as bad as all but 4 teams in the past 18 years of the NFL. A big reason why is because of JJ leading this team with heart and loyalty, instead of brains and what's best for the team. Apparently he has won you over with his awesome product, and convinced you that #9 should be mentioned in the conversation with the top QB's in the NFL.

    Tony has played with some pretty good defenses. But then, we blamed it on his WR's, or his OL, or the RB. There is always a scapegoat. When is he going to rise above the excuses and lead.

    I have a challenge for everyone. Clear everything in your mind. Then picture Tony Romo. What's the first image that comes in your brain. I instantly think about him walking off the field with his shoulders slumped and his head down. That's not how your leader is supposed to be thought of!!!

    Say what you want about Russell Wilson. Everyone on his team looks to him for leadership. Everyone respects him. And more than anything, everyone trusts him to get the job done and not make huge mistakes. It's 100% polar opposite with our the back if everyone's mind is when is Tony gonna screw up and walk off the field with his head down...
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    Uh no. Give Wilson credit and stop with the bs. He doesn't hurt his team with silly mistakes and he makes plays when they need to make so no a dead man couldn't be number 4.
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    You want stats? I'm sure you'll find an excuse to overlook them and say thy dont matter. But hey, facts will beat baseless opinions every single time.

    1) Since 2010, Romo's quarterback rating in the first 12 minutes of the fourth quarter is 81. In the final 3 minutes it drops to 44...So it's not a myth that he struggles mightily during crunch time and when it matters most.

    2) Since 2006 Tony leads the NFL in interceptions when leading in the 4th quarter by 7 points or less with 11. Clutch?

    3) Romo has 20 4th quarter comebacks since 2006. 3 of them have come against teams with winning records. Only three times did he comeback to beat a good team in the 4th quarter. Its absolutely ridiculous for people to talk about his great comebacks when they are talking about teams like Cleveland, Minny, or Buffalo....

    You like stats?????? Really?????
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    Yeah, I do like stats. Those were interesting if true. Source?

    Funny how you can't decide if his numbers since 2010 or 2006 are the ones that matter. Probably because his 4th quarter QB rating was spectacular back when we had a solid team around him so the inclusion of those years doesn't fit your agenda.
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    Liar. Don't bother providing a source to your fraudulent information. I guess when actual facts spit in your face you can just create your own "facts" to counter them.

    Here are Romo's 4th quarter QB ratings by season since 2010... feel free to verify these on Romo's splits page.

    2013: 105.6
    2012: 101.2
    2011: 104.4
    2010: 83.5

    So you lied about him having an 81 rating in the first 12 minutes and a 44 rating in the last 3 minutes. Your integrity is shot and you know nothing about football.
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    Just curious Jerry, I mean @Nav22, what are your NFL QB rankings?
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    He actually isn't lying. If you use Pro Football Reference, this is true. Also, quite a few sites have sourced the information coult provided.

    Your stats are also true.

    Personally, I feel like anyone can skew stats in their favor. For example, if you go back to 2010, Romo doesn't lead the league in game winning drives. And with the same token, if you skew coult44's 'final 3 minutes' to 'final 4 minutes' the numbers change in Romo's favor.

    EDIT: Just so you are aware, the QBR Coult is using is not the standard metric the NFL uses but rather the ESPN metric. ESPN's perfect QBR is 100 and the NFL (the one which I consider official) is 158.3
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    Gotcha, thanks. Good example of twisting stats to fit an agenda.

    Romo's the highest-rated 4th quarter passer in the league and has a ton of game-winning drives to boot.

    BUT let's shorten his career from 2006-13 to 2010-13 AND split up the 4th quarter into 2 inequal increments AND use ESPN's Total QBR instead of the traditional QB rating used by everyone else in any other setting and SEE!?! Romo stinks!

    What a joke.

    Notice how the guy didn't call it "Total QBR", he incorrectly labeled it as "quarterback rating" so that people would think he's referring to the traditional rating.

    Why? Because an 81 "quarterback rating" is mediocre by today's standards while an 81 TOTAL QBR is OUTSTANDING. Like astronomically good.

    So this is his ammo: in his cherry-picked time frame and in his cherry-picked inequal 4th quarter increments, Tony Romo is OUTSTANDING as a 4th quarter passer for the first 80% of the 4th quarter before dropping to mediocre (not TERRIBLE, mind you... a 44 Total QBR isn't NEARLY as bad as a 44 quarterback rating) in the final 20% of the quarter.

    OooOOOH, let's cut the bum!!!

    And he wonders why nobody takes him seriously. What a joke.
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    I know this might make your head explode, but Romo should be ranked where his performance and numbers say he should be ranked.

    There is zero tangible evidence as to why Romo's - and ONLY ROMO'S - statistics should be downgraded among his peers. But that's what happens because of silliness driven from the facts that a) he's the Cowboys QB and 2) fans/media stupidly treat QBs like they win/lose games on their own in the ultimate team sport in which they spend over 50% of the game on the sidelines.

    Ranking him at 15 is a joke considering he has the 4th-best QB rating EVER and was 8th-best in 2013 despite an abysmal defense that forced him to take far more chances in games than he should've had to take. I'll split the difference and put him at 6, not taking the back injury into account since nobody knows how he'll respond from that.

    Another season, another year as a top-10 passer. That's something like 8 straight years. Zero justification whatsoever to rank him OUTSIDE the top 10.
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    Right, even if was a "choker" as some like to say, having a 90-39 TD/INT ratio and 96.5 QB rating over the last 3 years does not qualify him as 15th best in the NFL.
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    SEATTLE'S DEFENSE. Over Wilson. Period.
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    I rate him 6th

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