Former Cowboys Kicker Matt Bryant Loses An Infant Son

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 24, 2008.

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    Buccaneers kicker Bryant's infant son passes away

    By Pat Yasinskas

    Updated: September 24, 2008, 4:38 PM ET

    TAMPA, Fla.

    -- The infant son of Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Matt Bryant died Wednesday morning, coach Jon Gruden said.

    Matthew Tryson Bryant apparently died in his sleep, Gruden said. The coach said he did not know any further details. The child was born June 16.

    "We're shocked and very saddened by this," Gruden said.

    Gruden said he was unsure if Bryant will play in Sunday's game against Green Bay, and that the situation would be addressed later in the week.

    "The entire Buccaneer family is deeply saddened by this tragedy. The Bryants have been an inspiration to our entire community through their commitment to their family and their exhaustive efforts working with children and those in need in the Bay area," Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Matt and Melissa during this difficult time.''

    Pat Yasinskas covers the NFC South for
  2. Idgit

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    Yuck. I feel sick just thinking about it.
  3. jumanji

    jumanji Member

    680 Messages
    5 Likes Received life would be over without my son in it.

    either sids or the kid rolled over and sufficated. we had baby bumbers to prevent the kid from rolling over.
  4. Hostile

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    14 years and 2 days after I lost mine.

    No one should out live their child. It hurts.
  5. Nors

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    thats terrible

    Gruden needs to give him a week off - JMO
    Family more important than Sunday
  6. tyke1doe

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    As one father to another, I feel your pain. Maybe not empathetically, but sympathetically.

    When you're a dad and you love your children, you might not be able to feel exactly as another dad who lost his child feels, but you experience a certain amount of sympathy that's real because you can imagine how it would feel if the same happened to you.
  7. djtavo

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    if i ever have a kid and he dies, i will go with him.
  8. zrinkill

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  9. CrazyCowboy

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    Terrible......I pray for his family
  10. braw

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    I feel your pain..My wife and I had a 9 month still birth 11 yrs ago.

    Feel for Matt's wife and Him, My prayers go out to them.
  11. SultanOfSix

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    It could have been SIDS. It's a shame. It really must be tough.
  12. Cbz40

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    My prayer go out to Matt and his family.
  13. BigDFan5

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    That is horrible, as a father I dont know what I would do if something like this happened, its just terrible to think about

    Prayers to the Bryant family
  14. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man, that's TRULY heartbreaking... God bless the Bryant and Bucs family! :pray:
  15. parchy

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    Former Baylor kicker, too. Just terrible.
  16. DragonCowboy

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    Wow. I can only imagine how that'd feel.

    Prayers with Bryant and the baby.
  17. Eskimo

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    The new recommendations are nothing in the crib (including baby bumpers) and child flat on his/her back. No smoking in the household. Be careful not to overbundle them when they are sick.

    Other than that, it is just bad luck.
  18. LeonDixson

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    I can't think of anything worse than losing a child. God Bless Matt and his wife.
  19. HoleInTheRoof

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    God bless the Bryant family, as well as anyone who ever has, and unfortunately will, suffer the loss of one of the Lords little angels.
  20. Tenkamenin

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    Very sad, my heart goes out to his family

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