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Fox: Big discovery: Tiny electron's mass more precisely measured

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. jobberone

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    Big discovery: Tiny electron's mass more precisely measured
    By Tia Ghose

    Published February 20, 2014
    • [​IMG]
      The most precise measurement yet of the electron√Ęs shape casts doubt on ideas such as supersymmetry that predict a zoo of undetected particles in the universe. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
    Scientists have made the most precise measurement yet of the electron's atomic mass.

    "It is a major technical improvement," said Edmund Myers, a physicist at Florida State University, who wrote an accompanying News & Views article Wednesday in the journal Nature, where the new measurement is detailed. "They have improved the precision by a factor of 13." The new value is just the tiniest bit smaller than the previous best value, though not by a significant amount.

    The new measurement could one day be used in experiments to test the Standard Model, the reigning physics theory that describes the tiny particles that make up the universe.

    But before the new value can be used to test the basic physics theory, other fundamental constants[​IMG] need to be measured at higher precision, Myers said. [The 9 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics[​IMG]]

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