News: Fox: Robinson proving he's no number three

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Robinson proving he's no number three
    Keith Whitmire

    It's getting harder and harder to refer to Laurent Robinson as the Cowboys' No. 3 receiver.

    Robinson, who was signed just days before the season opener, has proven to be the Cowboys' most productive receiver since getting acclimated to the team.

    Among wide receivers, Robinson is tied with Dez Bryant for the most catches on the team with 38. He leads in touchdowns with seven.

    Meanwhile, supposed No. 1 receiver Miles Austin has missed the last three games, and five games total this season, with a hamstring injury.

    And Robinson has proven to be just as clutch as Tony Romo's favorite target, tight end Jason Witten....
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    And Robinson has proven to be just as clutch as Tony Romo's favorite target, tight end Jason Witten....[/quote]

    Do disagree with above statement. In last 2 games there has been some miscommunication between Robinson & Romo but it still worked out; believe Robinson has caught 3 or 4 TDs in last 2 games. Sure would really like to keep this guy cause we can't count on Austin nor Dez to ever make it thru any season w/o injuries. It's a fact of life in the NFL. There has been
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    He reminds me of a faster Crayton. He seems to find a way to get into Romo's vision when Romo escapes the pocket. Crayton was really good at that too.
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    0 Likes Received way is Robinson in the same league as Witten when it comes to clutch. He's owned the redzone lately, but there is another 80 yards of turf that he's proven to be less than reliable over.

    Love what he's done so far....but he's got a lot of room for improvement. If he can improve on that out.
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    I am a genius for picking him up and starting him on my fantasy team the last two weeks!

    I do agree there has been some inconsistency to his game. But he has been there for Romo in the redzone where it really counts. I love what the guy has brought and would love to see him signed to a longer term deal.
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    The thought of a 2012 WR/TE/RB corp consisting of Austin, Bryant, Jones, Murray, Robinson, & Witten is pretty damn scary - ESPECIALLY if the injury bug of 2011 goes bye-bye. Romo should HONESTLY have his best statistical year EVER (especially if the O-line keeps getting better).
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    Robinson has been really good in the Red Zone, and that should be acknowledged, and he has caught some great passes up the field, but he seems to be tougher than the #1 and #2 receivers, and that alone warrants a good contract from Jerry.
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    If we can sign him for Jordy Nelson money or less I'm okay with the deal (he got 3 years $13M from the Packers). Anything more than that and we should let him walk. You can't pay your #3 guy that much. The only way to really do that is to get rid of one of Miles or Dez. We need to invest cap dollars in secondary, pass rusher and interior OL more than we need to at offensive skill positions where we already have an embarrasment of riches.
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    Me too. :)
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    The guy who wrote the article looks just like Peter from Family Guy... :laugh2:

    Anyways, this is a horrible article honestly... He tries to highlight the success of Robinson while taking jabs at Austin and Bryant which is ******** since they're both the starters.

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