News: Fox: Sparano could return to the Cowboys

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    Sparano could return to the Cowboys
    by Matt Mosley

    ...."We'll give you better answers on that as we go over the next three weeks," Jones told The Fan 105.3, indicating that changes could occur during the Senior Bowl later this month. "That's pretty much the way I'll leave it."

    He made it clear that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's job is safe, but it wouldn't be surprising for the Cowboys to walk away from offensive line coach Hudson Houck and secondary coach Dave Campo. Houck played a huge role in the drafting of Tyron Smith and he's also a close friend of Garrett's. But sources have told the Cowboys have an interest in former offensive line coach Tony Sparano returning to the organization. Sparano got off to a fast start as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2008 with an 11-win season, but he was unable to build on that success and was fired following a rough start this past season.

    Sparano called the plays for the Cowboys in 2006 and then served as the assistant head coach/offensive line in 2007, which was Garrett's first season as offensive coordinator. Garrett has always given Sparano a lot of credit for his initial success and has told people close to him that he'd be open to his return to the coaching staff. The tricky part will be that Sparano might have an opportunity to serve as offensive coordinator for another team. He certainly wants another crack at being a head coach, and serving as an offensive coordinator might streamline the process.

    But even though Jones has never had a great deal of respect for coaches, he hasn't been shy about paying them big money. He made Garrett the highest paid assistant in the NFL following the '07 season ($3 million) in an effort to keep from accepting offers from the Falcons and Ravens. If Jones is willing to pay Sparano $2 million to serve as offensive line/assistant head coach, perhaps he can get past whatever fears he might have....

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