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    Interesting analysis:



    CZAR'S FRONT OFFICE TAKE: Well, one NFC team told me that Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter is no Rob Carpenter, who was a tough running back for coach Bill Parcells with the New York Giants. This team's negative rap on Carpenter was that he was he was too cocky and not very coachable. Parcells will take care of that. It is one of the most interesting aspects of the draft process when no two teams think alike on such character issues. Carpenter is a big linebacker, the kind Parcells loves for his 3-4 defense. But most teams had Carpenter rated in their Top 20 players. A solid selection despite one team's bad rap.

    SCHRAGER ON THE SCENE: Before we get to the next pick, let me just throw this out there-Michael Irvin looks phenomenal today. Sunglasses on, sharply dressed, and walking around like he's the mayor, Irvin's shaking hands with fans, signing autographs, and just dominating this room. There were a few fans taunting him from above earlier. Pretty harsh stuff. His response could have been one of rage. Instead, he just points, shakes his head, and laughs. We like Michael Irvin! That said, the Cowboys like Bobby Carpenter. The 'Boys fans do too. Everyone's happy. Let's go sing kumbaya on the star at mid-field of Texas Stadium later.

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