News: Fox: Xs and Os Breakdown: 36 inches to paydirt

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    Xs and Os Breakdown: 36 inches to paydirt
    Bob Sturm

    December 2009. Week 13. Critical matchup at home against San Diego for the Cowboys. Down 10-3, the Cowboys have marched from their own 27-yard line all the way down the field in 12 plays. 11 of the 12 plays were runs, and the 12th play was an incomplete pass. They have driven the entire field without ever completing a pass. This is a real show of strength against one of the best defensive fronts in football.

    1 yard to go. 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line. Dive play where Marion Barber, behind FB Deon Anderson, is stopped just short of the goal-line. 3rd and goal, another Barber dive is again stopped just short. 4th and goal. "23" personnel for the 3rd straight play. This time, Felix Jones is deep and Marion Barber is lined up as the fullback. The Cowboys give again to Barber and the 4th down play is the worst of them all. 3 cracks from the 1 fail, and the Cowboys lose 20-17.

    A topic that has been discussed at great length in just about every circle of the Cowboys' kingdom this week has been red zone problems. There is no doubt that the inefficiency of this offense can be traced on some level to the inability of the team to produce as many points as their yardage indicates they are earning.

    Countless coaches - including Bill Parcells who hammered this point home in many Cowboys' press briefings - would tell us that a football team needs to get 7 points for every 100 yards of offense in a given game. Anything less would draw our attention to the efficiency of the offense. Yards are yards, until you get to the 1-yard line. Then you need that yard. And the Cowboys have constantly failed there in recent seasons....
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    Great article, it's sad that Garrett doesn't seem to be learning.
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    He calls silly traps and power pulls on the goal line. Long developing run plays are not the typical call for short yardage.
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    Luckily, it's a passing league and you don't need to be able to run to win. Right?
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    I was at that SD game. That was totally deflating. Newman's pick a couple plays later got the crowd back into it, but the missed FG totally took any life (and there wasn't much to begin with) out of that stadium.
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    But if you look back at history he only did this because the simple, shorter plays were routinely getting stuffed.

    I think the problem in years past (2009-10) were that Gurode was doing okay but Davis and Colombo were having problems getting low and this was causing a big stack of players who were piled up around the 1.5 yard line leaving the RBs nowhere to go on the power runs.

    This year on the right Tyron Smith earlier in the year got abused a few times on power runs and this has caused Garrett to shy away from it again. It doesn't help that Costa gets tossed around down there routinely either.

    I suspect we go Center first round and bring in a quality vet for RG. I think LG gets filled by Arkin, Kosier, Nagy or Holland. Smith and Free will probably be flipped. The new Center, vet RG and Free should create a good power running side and I think most of our short yardage miseries will disappear.
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    You know that I hold a similar view. But I have viewed a number of pancake blocks on drive plays for Tyron Smith. That makes me wonder a tad, about a flip of he and Doug Free.

    Another consideration by Jason Garrett, is the pattern established by an opponent up to that point in the game as well. If they are blitzing and overloading the interior, then a play that extends is sometimes attempted.

    Now, with realistic fullback and tight end blocking, an outside run or play-action is potentially a choice as well. Having a back able to make good vision selections, such as DeMarco Murray should help as well.
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    Yes, I think we need to run outside more and see if our OTs, TEs, FB and WRs can create a crease for Murray to get in. All the interior would have to avoid is allowing quick penetration on such a play.

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