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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 27, 2004.

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    The love boat is sinking

    Tricia Garner

    Actress Bridget Moynahan is sitting next to late-night talk show host Craig Kilborn, looking her babelicious best in a mini black dress and knee-high black boots. Bridget is there to plug her latest movie, but, naturally, the conversation turns instead to her equally babelicious boyfriend, reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.

    Bridget talks about what a great guy Tom is. She smiles. "And he hasn't lost since I've known him!" Whoa, hang on a second. Could it be, the curse of the high-profile relationship has skipped this golden couple?

    C'mon. Of course it hasn't. Ignore the stats -- they're for fantasy geeks anyway. The only reason you need to know why Tom Brady won't be his MVP self this season is that he's dating Bridget Moynahan.

    Don't believe me? Let's look at Exhibit A: Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson. Four years ago, Sampras was on top of the tennis world. He won his record 13th Grand Slam title the summer before his wedding to Ms. Wilson (whose cuteness factor rivals that of puppies and newborn babies). The honeymoon, however, was anything but. It marked the start of a drought for Sampras that lasted more than two years without a tournament win.

    Pete should offer a sympathy call to Tiger Woods, who is engaged to model Elin Nordegren and currently is colder than Ashton Kutcher's movie career. Tiger's dad called this one a few years back when he told TV Guide, "Let's face it. A wife can be a deterrent to a good golf game." But Tiger went ahead and shacked up with the Swedish seductress, and all of a sudden his swing is off. Uh-huh. He's been living with Elin since 2002. He hasn't won a major in 25 months. You do the math.

    Once upon a time, former Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn was the hottest thing to hit New York City since six friends started hanging out at Central Perk. But thanks to age, injury and a Southern belle named Angie Harmon, Sehorn hasn't been the same since his late-'90s heyday. Instead of shutting down receivers, he has appeared on Oprah with his wife to judge the Most Romantic Man in America contest.

    And, of course, there's Brian Urlacher and Paris Hilton. Urlacher reportedly took a little hiatus from his marriage last fall and hit the Vegas strip with the trashy heiress. The result? Plenty of snickers in the media and the locker room, plus the worst season of his career.

    It's not that these guys can't have someone at home to tend to their sore backs and plantar fasciitis. It just can't be someone the rest of us have heard of. Think about it: Does anyone ever ask A-Rod about his schoolteacher wife? It's bad enough to be bombarded with questions about why you choked on that last pass/shot/serve. But to deal with just as many inquiries about how you keep your model girlfriend happy? I mean, really, how much do you expect one man to take before he cracks? It's bad enough he has to see "male performance enhancer" ads plastered all over the stadium every time he shows up to play.

    Andy Roddick might be a young thing, but he knows the score. He dumped pop starlet-budding actress Mandy Moore because the relationship was distracting to his career, then promptly found himself an equally beguiling but utterly unknown replacement for his affection. He advanced to his first Wimbledon final, while Mandy was left to wonder how it all went wrong.

    Now, back to Mr. Brady. He won Super Bowl 36, missed the playoffs the following season, then rebounded to win Super Bowl 38 in February. What happened during that middle season? He hooked up with Hollywood party girl and sometimes actress Tara Reid.

    A little piece of the spotlight gives you something warm to bask in. Turn it up, and you get burned.

    Sorry, Boston fans. As long as Bridget's around, the Curse of the Bambino isn't the only curse you're going to have to worry about.
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    Ms. Garner, please expalin Lance Armstrong winning his 6th Tour de France.

    That said, I hope this does curse him.
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    i wouldnt mind her putting a curse on me but i hope it does on him
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    min required
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    Good point. Now they'll both be eating crow.
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    I'm sure you guys have noticed that my posts have really been going downhill lately.

    Blame it on Angelina Jolie and Kate Bekinsale.
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    It's tough to type with one hand. :D

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