FoxSports Glazer Mock: Cowboys take CB Tye Hill

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 28, 2006.

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    1. Texans Reggie Bush RB Southern California
    This pick could be swayed by their ability to get a pre-draft deal done, which they know they can get done with DE Mario Williams. Bush, however, is the draft's most dynamic player. The closer they get to Saturday without a deal the closer we get to Williams being the pick.

    2. Saints Mario Williams DE N. C. State
    While head coach Sean Payton loves Matt Leinart, they can't spend $10 million for this season on Drew Brees and $20 million on Leinart. They will try to trade down a few spots to grab any of the draft's top five players if they can. They also love LB A.J. Hawk. He brings the attitude this team sorely, sorely needs. Also, if the Texans can't get a deal with Bush and they pass, then the Saints would pounce on him in about, oh, let's see ... a half a second.

    3. Titans Matt Leinart QB Southern Cal
    If they go with Vince Young then the front office is sending a message to the coaching staff that they are simply grooming him for the next staff. Little known story: When the Vikings were shopping Daunte Culpepper, they pretty much had a done deal with Tennessee until Culpepper told them he wouldn't play there. Why had they gone after him? According to team sources, offensive coordinator Norm Chow wanted Leinart but didn't think he would be there at No. 3 (this was before the Saints signed Brees). Chow didn't want Vince Young or Jay Cutler so they went after 'Pep.

    4. Jets D'Brickshaw Ferguson OT Virginia
    Also like A.J. Hawk, but right now they pretty much know that somehow they need to keep a quarterback healthy. Ferguson was a man amongst boys at the Senior Bowl. He'll add weight with the right strength coach and his feet are incredible for his position.

    5. Packers Vernon Davis TE Maryland
    Should come down to Ohio State LB A.J. Hawk and Davis. Lately, word is that Davis' stock is rapidly rising within Packerland but how do you pass up on a near-sure defender like Hawk?

    6.49ers A.J. Hawk LB Ohio State
    Hoping that Hawk or Ferguson can get to them and if not, they'll probably try to sell the pick a few slots to someone who wants to jump the Raiders for Vince Young. However, if somehow, someway they can get Ferguson they'll probably try to trade Kwame Harris then throw a party that they got the draft's best tackle to put next to Larry Allen. If Hawk is taken by the Packers and they can't trade out, they'll take Davis but talk about Michael Huff before pulling the trigger.

    7. Raiders Vince Young QB Texas
    Young has something no other quarterback in this draft possesses. If it's first-and-10 with 14:00 in the first quarter or fourth-and-17 with :02 remaining down by 6 ... he's the exact same guy in the huddle! You can say whatever you want about the Wonderlic, but Young beat pretty much a pro team on college football's biggest stage by himself! Some believe Young's a smokescreen and they really want Davis.

    8. Bills Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida St.
    With Dick Jauron there they should go defense. The Bills are also looking for takers who want to trade up for Jay Cutler. The Cards and Rams could both be in play here.

    9. Lions Michael Huff S Texas
    The Texas safety would probably have gone earlier if he agreed to work out at corner at the Senior Bowl but he declined. Detroit would also probably look at offensive and defensive line at this slot as well.

    10. Cardinals Ernie Sims LB Florida State
    If Vince Young somehow slips, they scoop him up. If Bunkley is still available they could also go after him. Arizona has concerns with Sims' concussion history but Denny Green loves him as a player. Doesn't want to get sucked into drafting Cutler but may be too tempted if he's available at 10, or even at 8 if the Bills offer it up. Looking DB as well with Huff, Jimmy Williams and even South Carolina's Jonathan Joseph.

    11. Rams Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
    Could go with a corner here as well or defensive lineman. However, they like Cutler and incumbent Marc Bulger has not shown he can stay healthy for a whole year.

    12.Browns Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
    Would probably want Bunkley if he's there but Nota's strength is too attractive to pass up. Could also look at an outside rusher.

    13. Ravens Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida State
    Won't go QB, even if one is there as they await the release of Steve McNair. Team is built on defense and Wimbley would fit their scheme well.

    14. Eagles Winston Justice OT Southern Cal
    If he's still on the board but they could also decide to go with a wideout or, believe it or not, a defensive back because of how deep this position is. Justice, however, makes the most sense for what they do.

    15. Broncos (from Falcons) Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
    Doesn't possess the size of Florida's Chad Jackson but many inside the NFL think Holmes will be more explosive. Will also look at Lawson and even a running back like Laurence Maroney.

    16. Dolphins Antonio Cromartie DB Florida State
    The Dolphins are a crap shoot but Cromartie's freakish athletic ability may make him worth it here for Saban. Would probably look at any number of DBs in this slot. Worked out DE Kamerion Wimberly this week as well.

    17.Vikings Chad Greenway LB Iowa
    Like Cutler but he'll likely be gone. Could also look at a DB.

    18. Cowboys Tye Hill CB Clemson
    Would also look at a guy like N.C. State's DE Manny Lawson or even a running back here. If they stick with DB, Jason Allen could also be considered.

    19.Chargers Marcus McNeil OT Auburn
    They need help protecting their new young starting QB.

    20.Chiefs (from Bills) Jimmy Williams CB Virginia Tech
    May be most talented corner in the draft but teams have serious, serious doubts about his character. His college coach sent teams a letter insisting he's not a bad kid but many haven't bought it. Herm Edwards could do wonders for this kid.

    21. Patriots Manny Lawson DE N. C. State
    They'll look for the best available defensive player. Lawson can replace Willie McGinest. Would also look at a DB here. If Greenway fell here we could see him as the pick considering the relationship between Bill Belichick and Greeway's college coach, Kirk Ferentz.

    22. 49ers (from Redskins) Jonathan Joseph CB South Carolina
    Just looking for best available defensive player.

    23.Buccaneers Chad Jackson WR Florida
    Jon Gruden is always looking for more offensive firepower. Could also go with a corner to be Ronde Barber's successor or an offensive lineman.

    24.Bengals Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State
    Need help in the secondary and at TE but they don't have any TE but Davis rated this high. May also look to trade their pick.

    25.Giants Tamba Hali DE Penn State
    GM Ernie Accorsi loves Penn State guys and they need the heir apparent to Michael Strahan. Could also look at a wide out in this slot and if somehow Jackson or Holmes fall down here they could also pounce on one of them.

    26. Bears Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA
    Bears could also look to get out of this pick and grab additional selections, which could be smart considering the draft falls off at about 24 to 25.

    27.Panthers Joseph Addai RB LSU
    Every other mock has LenDale White, which is why we went another direction here. Is it ever the consensus pick? Nope!

    28. Jaguars Darnell Bing S Southern Cal
    Big safety for a team always looking to upgrade on defense. Could also go for a TE here like Leonard Pope.

    29.Jets DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
    Jets need help in all sorts of areas but they also need a stud to replace Curtis Martin when he hangs up his stellar career.

    30. Colts Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
    Need a back here to replace Edgerrin James.

    31. Seahawks Davin Joseph G Oklahoma
    Top guard in draft helps fill the void left by Steve Hutchinson.

    32. Steelers LenDale White RB Southern Cal
    It's hard to draft a guy who hasn't run a 40 yet but the Steelers did the same last year and it paid off when they drafted TE Heath Miller. Could always go OL as well.
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    He is a good player, but I still like the upside of Lawson much better.
  3. Doomsday

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    I just dont see them taking a CB in the first round, they have too many other pressing needs.
  4. stilltheguru

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    tye hill=bust.

    trust me
  5. dboy05

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    It would be unexpected but, I wouldn't mind having two 4.3 guys playing corner.
  6. Chuck 54

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    I'll be happy with any DB, LB, WR, or OL in round 1 as long as we have a definite plan to draft all 4 positions this year.
  7. superpunk

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    (gd minimum
  8. stilltheguru

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    and dt :cool:
  9. MrPhil

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    Agreed Wayne.......
  10. morris1110

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    not a bust , an over achiever , but not for our division with all the big receivers to deal with... I think we will look at someone over six feet with speed, be it corner or safety
  11. maxsports

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    I would be surprised if we take a DB in the first round. That is an awful lot of money spent in the backfield if we do. We have so many other needs!
  12. Zimmy Lives

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    Is he Rod Hill's son! If so, then he!! no!!!!
  13. alancdc

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    A running back? Why in the *#$&@#*@ would they take a RB? If the Cardinals take Simms the 40 fans they have now will trade in their season tickets!
  14. theogt

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    Why don't these people do even a minimal amount of research regarding teams' needs?
  15. DLCassidy

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  16. Sasquatch

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    Tye Hill would be a good value at 18. This wouldn't shock me in the least, if we can't trade down.

    My only concern with Hill is that he looks so tiny on film. I hope he doesn't hurt himself out there. :)
  17. JackMagist

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    Ummm...Ernie Simms is a Linebacker :confused:

    As far as our pick goes...I don't see any way that we take a CB with Lawson still on the board.
  18. JackMagist

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    I'm sure the guy is thinking that we will take a CB and convert Henry to FS. FS is still a need as far as I am concerned; I don't trust an old drunk to play such an important position for us.
  19. alancdc

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    I didn't make my point clear. My bad. They said that WE might take a running back, and then I said that the Cardinals would be crazy to take Simms. My fault on not being very clear!
  20. Avery

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    I would rather take one of the CB's at #18 and move Henry to FS then drafting Allen from Tenn.

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