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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Regardless of whether Tedy Bruschi is able to play after a mild stroke, the Patriots must get younger at inside linebacker.

    Florida's Channing Crowder (6-2 1/2, 241) and Georgia's Odell Thurman (6-1, 239) have the size and athletic ability to play in the Pats' system, but both have character issues the team typically ducks. One player to watch later on Day 1 is Notre Dame's Mike Goolsby. Though he's not a burner, Goolsby has the size (6-3, 249) and instincts the Patriots require.

    Linebacker also remains a high priority for the Rams. A speed and pursuit player such as Tennessee's Kevin Burnett could be a consideration in the first round. Burnett could compete against Robert Thomas on the weak side. Speedy Robert McCune of Louisville could be a run-stopping option at middle linebacker in Round 3 or 4.

    An option for the Seahawks at the 23rd overall pick is Virginia Tech's Eric Green, a cover cornerback with good quickness and feet. LSU defensive end Marcus Spears is another possibility; he has the size (6-4, 295) and bulk the team lacks at end.

    Troy State's Demarcus Ware is an intriguing outside linebacker prospect for the Broncos, who are moving to a 3-4 scheme. They want speed on the edges but also someone powerful enough to shed blockers against the run. Ware would fit the bill. Another intriguing prospect is Florida State's Travis Johnson. Though Johnson (6-4, 290) isn't a prototypical nose tackle, he could play inside or out in a 3-4.

    The Buccaneers are looking for an all-purpose tight end who can play a big role. One player they are targeting is Virginia's Heath Miller, who has excellent size (6-5, 254) and has displayed big-play capability. Meanwhile, the Bills need insurance at tight end. Miami's Kevin Everett is a possibility late in the second round, and Colorado State's Joel Dreessen could be a good second-day choice.

    Expect the Eagles to draft a quarterback with either their final pick on Day 1 or first pick on Day 2. Purdue's Kyle Orton or Connecticut's Dan Orlovsky could be a good fit in the team's West Coast offense. Oregon State's Derek Anderson (6-6, 239) is an intriguing prospect.

    Though running back isn't a high need for the Jaguars, they have taken a serious interest in Maurice Clarett.

    The defensive line might be a first-round focus for the Steelers. They need someone with size and quickness to play end in their 3-4 scheme. Southern California's Shaun Cody, who can play the run and rush the passer, could be a good fit.
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    Don't think Spears passes us at #20.
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    I understand the Bucs need a better TE, but Miller certainly isn't a good value for them in the first round and will likely be gone off the board when they come to pick in the second round.
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    I was thinking the exact same thing. The one thing that troubles me about the d-line and going to the 3-4, who is going to play it? Fergy at nose, that leaves us with Ellis and Glover at DE?? Is this something we want to do? I like both players (I like Ellis only because everytime we try to get a pass-rusher, this is the only guy who ends up getting sacks, i.e. Ekuban/Wiley). And I know we aren't getting rid of Glover. So is our D-line going to be Glover, Fergy, and Ellis. If so, where would Spears go? Do we trade Ellis? Also, I would love to see us get DJ! Have him with Dat, James/Singleton, and Thornton, and that would be a pretty good LB corp, especially if James plays good.
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    Ellis & Spears to play DE with Fergy in the middle would be ideal...

    A trade with Glover wouldn't suprise me...

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