Frank Coyle of provides Oklahoma St. RB Kendall Hunter draft prospe

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    Photo - RB Kendal Hunter - Oklahoma St
    Kendall Hunter #24 - 5’7” 199 lbs. - Oklahoma St. -
    Hindu Theory - Ahmad Bradshaw
    Quick powerful tailback completed a strong late career, displaying the skill set to develop into an NFL running back. Kendall is a compact runner who fits the change of pace back type role and probably additional duties for the pro game. He is a powerful compact tailback who shows quick footwork through the hole to pick and slide and create running lanes. He is a strong runner built low to the ground who hits the hole with authority and has the ability to make yardage after contact. He is one of the more unheralded prospects in this good class who displays excellent initial quickness that gets him through the line of scrimmage. He has the ability to make good running decisions with fine cutting skills to change directions and hide behind big linemen. He shows the quickness and natural running ability to get outside and make yardage on the perimeter with good speed to break a big play. He needs development as a receiver to compete for a third down role, but he has the makeup to fill that position in time. As a runner, he shows the ability to cut back sharply and make a key run with the quick acceleration to get through the hole to get the 2nd level. He shows the power and toughness to run between the tackles to make the difficult yardage with the ability to string a few moves together. He shows fine vision, balance and the ability to make defenders miss and run through them regularly. He makes consistently good running decisions with the burst of speed to get through the hole and become a battering ram with his crouched style of running. He runs with good body lean and is basically a pick and slide type of runner with the power to break tackles and finish his runs well. His durability is a concern after an injury riddled 2009 season, though his production over his entire career has been outstanding.

    The Numbers: As a senior, he rushed for 1548 yards on 271 carries for a 5.7 yard average and 16 TDs, playing in every game. He had some fumbling problems over his career with 8 overall and losing 6 fumbles. Over his final season, he lost 2 of 3 fumbles and is an area of concern for earning pro playing time. As a junior, he missed five games and rushed for only 382 yards on 89 carries, but had a strong finale in the Cotton bowl, rushing for 94 yards. As a sophomore, he rushed for 1555 yards and 16 TDs playing in every game. At the NFL Combine, he will face a critical medical exam, though it should verify what scouts already know about his current health.

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