Frank Gore declares.....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ken, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Ken

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    What do you think of him in the 4th round as a power backup for Jones?

    Maybe the 4th is too low for him but he does have the knee concerns.
  2. Shotgun Dave

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    So did McGahee. Some thought Gore was a better back regardless. Not me, but there are a few who did. Had McGahee been there in the 2nd I was hoping Dallas would take the flyer on him. He wasn't.
  3. Nors

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    I take Lacewells job predicated on Zimmer being fired. Us going 3-4 in draft on D. And we take a QB prospect in this draft. That gets done Gore would easily be my 4th round selection if on the board.
  4. Hostile

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    I would prefer him to Clarett whom I still think is going to end up here much to my chagrin.
  5. Gaede

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    Both Gore and Clarett should be available on Day 2, both good gambles.

    Natural runners with huge red flags, but on day 2, anything goes.
  6. RCowboyFan

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    I dont think Gore is as much of red flag as Clarett is. Gore's only concern is injuries. Clarett not only has injury concerns ( since he wasnt all that dependable even his freshman year injury wise) and big character concerns.

    I doubt Gore falls lower than 3rd round. ALthough you never know how it will go at this point yet.
  7. Duane

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    IIRC Dominic Davis fell to the 4th because of a similar history of injuries and he's probably the best back out of that class.
  8. trickblue

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  9. VThokie7

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    Seeing how Parcells responds to head case players (cutting Ross, trading Bryant) I can't imagine him taking a risk on Clarett when there is so many ohter backs in this draft. Mel Kiper said he sees Clarrett as a late round/undrafted player so if he ends up here maybe its the 7th. I don't want him anywhere near this team though.

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