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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Danny White, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Danny White

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    Apparently, Fred is going to "kinda-sorta" announce today at 4:30... basically make it clear he is running... and then make his "official" announcement in early September, most likely on Leno next Wednesday (or Thursday).
  2. Dallas

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    Git'r done Fred.

    How do you think he is leaning DW?
  3. zrinkill

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    I was gonna make a joke ...... but I like the guy to much to do it.
  4. Danny White

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    Not sure I understand the question.

    Do you mean leaning towards saying he is or isn't going to run?

    Because if that's what you mean, he's DEFINITELY running. 100%, no question whatsoever.
  5. trickblue

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    August 30, 2007
    Read More: F. Thompson Sources: Thompson to announce Sept. 6th
    Fred Thompson's campaign-in-waiting will hold a 4 p.m. conference call today with supporters to brief them on plans for the former Tennessee senator's presidential announcement next week, according to an e-mail obtained by

    Randy Enwright, Thompson's political director, said in the message that they will "discuss the next steps as we move forward as an organization." A Thompson aide confirms that they'll share the news about the long-awaited formal launch. "By the end of the day, we'll have more clarity," the aide said, declining to reveal which day the announcement would take place.

    UPDATE: Still no official confirmation from the campaign, but Thompson sources now confirm that he will announce his candidacy next Thursday, Sept. 6. The launch will include a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. As expected, Thompson will not appear at the GOP debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

    A Thompson campaign official says that they'll issue a paper statement as to their plans later this afternoon.

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