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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Fredd, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Let me first tell you about my bell curve.

    I have been around a long time, longer than most on this site. I have seen a lot including every Cowboy Super Bowl (on TV, not in person) I gotta say, despite normally being very positive in regards to the 'boys, even I am starting to lose faith. Thus, I need assistance.

    I have a good memory of what it took to win those Superbowls but all of that was in a pre-cap era. Each of those teams had their own bell curve that started low, finished high, and then fell back down. Finally, FINALLY, I feel like the team is ready to have a good season and now they come up with two flat tires on the road (literally and figuratively).

    I, like many in here, have been somewhat patient in the last few years as the team fumbled through the lame head coaching decisions, the bad personnel moves and of course, the Owner/GM (the only one of them in the league and possibly ever unless you count Davis). But, then they hire Garrett. I was actually a little excited at the time (I wasn't on this site then).

    My bell curve was at an all time low once Parcells left. It stayed pretty low until they brought in Garrett. At first, he still represented the low end of the curve, but at least he was better than the Wade's, the Chan's, et al. His first season gave me little cause to raise my bell curve EXCEPT it seemed that he had a 3-year plan. He starts to jettison some old contracts (reminding me of JJ). The curve starts to rise.

    Then in year two, they had to fix one of their two big issues. They decide to go all-in on CB and sign Carr and then trade 2 picks for Mo. The curve is going up! Garrett is putting his mantra of RKG in place and the bad seeds are being filtered out.

    Year 3 (this year), they decide they had better fix the OL. But first, they bring in defensive gurus to improve the team - YEAH! finally we will have the ball-hawking defense that I (we) always wanted! They draft a center in round 1 and had the foresight in the previous draft to grab UDFA Leary, and THEN this year go and sign Waters, the re-sign Free at a cheaper rate AND he is playing better - the OLine is fixed in one off-season! Impressive! I am almost at the peak of my excitement, what could be better? How about an opening-day victory against the rival Giants!

    Fredd's bell curve has now reached it's peak! Week #2, we lose a tough one but my curve hasn't shifted yet. then, we romp over a hapless Rams team, but finally the team puts a full game together. My excitement is at it's peak for sure now.

    then, as all bell curves do, they shift downward. I was hoping to see it continue to rise, but that was not to be. Mo is hurt and playing poorly, the offense can't drive their way through a wet paper bag. the defense has more holes than swiss cheese. there is virtually ZERO scheme by either the offense or defense - do we have any coaches? Even with all of that, my curve was still pretty high at half-time in the SD game.

    Now, the curve has taken about a 45 degree turn downwards based on the 2nd half of the SD game. Injuries, albeit not ones that will currently take others out of the game, are starting to take their toll (Austin, Mo, Selvie, Durant to name a few)...and now we have under-achievers in Mo, Carter, Romo (love him, but if you are helping to prep the game plan, then throw down the field once in a freakin while)...what the **** happened?

    I am worried that the Denver game could result in my bell curve really taking a bigger nose dive. What we saw in the SD game was a serious lack of preparation, coupled with our coaching staff having ZERO clue on how to adjust on the fly. We got murdered in the 2nd half and I can't see any miracle happening to change that around.

    Someone help me, I hate being like this and I need to see something to keep the curve from going downhill even more. Does anyone see the curve at least staying where it is?

    (I will accept any donations to pay for psychiatric evaluation and care)
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    Welcome to Cowboy famdom.

    Ever considered taking up tennis?
  3. Fredd

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    haha....been a fan since early 70's, just venting....although, I don't mind watching women's tennis sometimes :D
  4. KJJ

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    I only watch women's tennis to hear them grunt.
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    I like the bell curve analogy.
    I liken it more to a ride on Jerry's boomerang . We all show up excited for the trip and jerry flings us off full of hope. About halfway thru the journey, the thing starts to change direction and pretty soon it's carrying us back over familiar ground ... Finally at the end, we are right back at the same place we left from.
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  6. Fredd

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    you may have something with your analogy, you can hit someone with the boomerang (and I feel like I have been struck)
  7. TrailBlazer

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    Please enlighten me. I have no idea.
  8. nake

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    Ask not for whom the bell curve tolls...
  9. Ring Leader

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    I Bell-ieve you strap up for season that will emulate a cardiogram much more than a bell curve.
  10. john van brocklin

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    I don't drink , but being a Cowboy's fan has tempted me !
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  11. OhSnap

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    Cowboy fans think we know what it takes to have a great team. There's hours and hours of NFL films showing who did it and how it was done....sorta. If Jerry would just copy those films we would be set. Sounds easy enough right? I can't speak for the young fans but for me(at least for a little while) I expected another team that could break off ten straight wins but when I look at how easy it is for so many teams to have a good core of 5-6 players I've had to adjust my expectations. All any team has to do now is hit on a couple or 3 draft picks and they can buy 2 more and go on a 3-4 year run with winning records and even if they never make it to the SB think of all the other teams whose record they screw up during that time. It's not all the salary cap, Jimmys and Tom's don't grow on trees with Emmitt's and Tony D's either. Maybe if you give up on seeing those kind's of teams again you can enjoy football again. It worked for me, mostly- I have busted a remote and a couple other things within arms reach since but the NFL has a national enquirer feel to it nowadays. Guys can't even play when they have a concussion anymore, they can't make them practice twice a day anymore and as Art Donovan said when they get hurt they lay on the field like they been shot. All the players wanna do TV shows BEFORE they retire and they don't have to win jack squat to be told there great, all they gotta do is last 4 years as a starter and JACKPOT they hit the lottery go to the highest bidder and retire in a few years and seldom if ever earn the money they got. Hope this helps LOL and thanks for being one of the ones that has tried to stay positive.
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  12. Doomsay

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    That's kind of mean spirited, but you are correct, it is a misapplication of the term.
  13. Fredd

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    how is it a misapplication? we started low (in my mind), enthusiasm rose to it's peak, and now it is starting to decline...
  14. visionary

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    Don't listen to the high brow comments about your post

    You just go on with your curves ......I mean your bells......
  15. kramskoi

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    Well you could not have known it at the time of the Garrett hire but here we are in his 3rd full season as head coach and he has done less than both Philips and Gailey, who each took the Cowboys to the postseason twice in their respective tenures.
  16. visionary

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    I am sorry but facts have no place in this debate about the cult of Garrett
    This is about "believe "
  17. Doomsay

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    I think that you are thinking of a roller-coaster or an arc trajectory, not a Gaussian / normal distribution.
  18. Future

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    First of all, the OP is referring to the literally looks like a bell so, no, its not a misapplication of the term, even if its being used differently.

    Secondly, I bet $10 you didn't really know what it was and Googled it b/c nobody in their right mind actually refers to it as Gaussian. Guarantee you pulled that right from the anchor text of the second link.
  19. Doomsay

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    It's one of the most basic statistical representations, the bell curve relates to the area of occurrences bounded by it, not a ride over it. It's just a probability distribution - you'd learn that in any introductory stat class, I took prob & stat at both the grad and undergrad levels. Feel free to donate your $10 to the zone.
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  20. Future

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    Relax, it was a joke.

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