Frederick - Instant leader?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HowAboutThemCowboys, Aug 29, 2013.

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    The debate with the Cowboys the last half decade or so has been the lack of a true leader. Whether you agree or not, it's definitely been a point of contention. First, can a O-lineman be an effective team leader? Secondly, can a rookie O-lineman be an effective leader?

    I think an O-lineman can be a leader and by the looks of things, T. Frederick has all the makings of a team leader. I have seen many sideline shots of this kid talking to groups of players , he calls the coverages on the O-line, he seems to have a presence about him.....all things you see in a leader. Jury is still out on him, but I like what I see so far.
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    Kinda always felt this team had leaders but the media harps on it so much and it eventually trickles down to some fans.

    The problem with this team has been stupid mistakes and coming out for games looking unprepared by Garrett.
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    I chuckled when I saw that sideline video shot of the rookie (Frederick) apparently coaching the veterans (Kowalski and Arkin) on the sidelines.
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    When I saw it I thought to myself wow the rookie is already schooling the "Vets."

    I've been wanting an upgrade at center since the days Gurode was stealing Pro bowls...
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    I'm a Garrett fan but i'll have to agree. I never got the whole "Leader" argument the media always went to.......that's just lazy journalism IMO. So if we had Ray Lewis in our locker room we would've made the post season last year? I will never get why the media harps on that so much.

    The same media use to say the same thing about Dirk. He'll never win a championship because he's not a "leader" and needs a "Batman". Well that was prior to him winning a championship.
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    When mistakes are tolerated that means you have no leadership.
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    Swing and a miss!
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    Catch17 (repeated) agenda aside, yes, I see Fred as a potential leader for this team, but mostly on the field (ironically) right see him making the play-calls and so far, he has been in the right spots...this kid "gets" it and I hope that his attitude, presence and play is infectious to the rest of the OLine and team
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    I think Frederick will quickly become the leader on the OL. Guy seems to be very intelligent and dedicated plus he likes getting paid to hit people. lol
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    The first response in a Frederick thread is a JG bash?

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