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    Doug Free
    6-6, 325 (current weight)
    Arm Length: 34
    Hand Size: 10
    Bench: 18
    Forty: 5.01

    His bench press was probably a red flag.
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    Sorry, I haven't abandoned the thread it just took a back seat to some other tasks including the draft which I enjoyed but I'm glad its over. Just a lot of work.

    We were talking primarily about the run game. Free grades out to almost 4 yds but the right side of the line cumulatively was close to a yd off the avg for the left side and both sides down between .5-.75 yards off the league average. What's worse is we were a predominantly right sided running team which magnified the difference. Smith grades out the best in the run and Bernie the far. That's with Bernie graded being on point for the run.

    I've been trying to get some stats and images from ProFootballFocus but either the format is messed up or it just wants to put the link there which won't help most as it requires a subscription. I will try tomorrow to save it then upload it if it will let me.

    I'll try briefly describe one chart which rates his overall performance by week. He had six negative games with the last Phi game being his worse at -6.8 with pass block of -4.8. The first NY game and the Chi game were next at -3.6. The TB game used to describe his terrible play was -2.8 and the Clv game -1.1. The Cin game was -1.9. In the TB game his pass blocking was actually a plus 1.1 and the run game was -0.4. What killed him were 4 penalties for -3.5 which wiped out his positive pass protection and left him with a neg. I think this goes along with my subjective opinion reasonably well although I need to know the exact penalties because if they were holds then that would change things some. His only significant neg pass blocking game was the last Phi game. He had four games with a neg rating for penalties which hurt him esp the TB game. Those may have been holds but they don't show the penalties in the all22. He had four postive pass blocking games and 4 negative ones with five overall positive game scores and the TB positive wiped out by the penalties. The chart is simple to understand and I'll try to find a way to get it up.

    Week Game Pos S Snaps Overall Pass Rush Pass Block Screen Block Run Block Penalty # of Pen QB Sk QB Ht QB Hu
    1 DAL @ NYG RTS 68 / 68 -3.6 -0.2 0.0 -1.9 -1.5 2-0 0 0 3
    2 DAL @ SEA RTS 58 / 58 -0.2 -1.7 0.0 1.1 0.4 0-0 1 1 3
    3 TB @ DAL RTS 74 / 74 -2.8 1.1 0.0 -0.4 -3.5 4-0 0 1 2
    4 CHI @ DAL RTS 70 / 70 -3.6 -2.1 0.0 -2.0 0.5 0-0 0 0 7
    6 DAL @ BLT RTS 95 / 95 0.2 1.9 0.0 -0.3 -1.4 2-0 0 0 1
    7 DAL @ CAR RTS 69 / 69 0.1 0.5 0.0 0.1 -0.5 1-0 0 0 1
    8 NYG @ DAL RTS 87 / 87 -0.6 -0.3 0.0 -0.9 0.6 1-1 0 0 6
    9 DAL @ ATL RTS 57 / 57 1.2 0.2 0.0 0.6 0.4 0-0 0 0 4
    10 DAL @ PHI RTS 56 / 56 -0.5 -1.0 0.0 1.1 -0.6 1-0 0 0 3
    11 CLV @ DAL RTS 91 / 91 -1.1 -0.8 0.0 -0.9 0.6 0-0 3 0 2
    12 WAS @ DAL RTS 82 / 82 1.2 0.6 0.0 1.0 -0.4 1-0 0 0 4
    13 PHI @ DAL RTS 66 / 66 -6.8 -4.8 0.0 -0.4 -1.6 2-1 2 1 2
    14 DAL @ CIN RTS 59 / 73 -1.9 -1.4 0.0 -0.4 -0.1 1-0 0 0 3
    15 PIT @ DAL RTS 50 / 70 4.1 2.2 0.0 1.6 0.3 0-0 0 0 0
    16 NO @ DAL RTS 36 / 58 1.4 0.2 0.0 1.0 0.2 0-0 0 1 0
    17 DAL @ WAS RTS 39 / 62 2.8 1.4 0.0 1.1 0.3 0-0 0 0 0
    1,057 -10.1 0.0 0.0 -4.2 0.0 0.4 -6.3 15-2 6 4 41

    I highlighted his cumulative score, sks, hts, pressures. My subjective impression is he didn't have that many pressure and he had none in the last three games and only one sack. I'm not sure what to think but if you look at his stats from 2010 thru 2012 you'll see an upward trend with much more last year. I don't buy all those pressures but its such a dramatic increase even from 2011 that you have to buy at least some of the trend.

    There is talk about a shoulder injury in game two of 2011 which some feel is still either bothering him or has affected his technique and confidence. He says confidence is not a problem but both he and Garrett feel he's not being aggressive enough. There is clearly a difference between the 2010 player and last year by eyeball and that's enough for me. I agree he doesn't look as strong nor as aggressive and I think some of that in part is responsible for the bull rush problems. He's letting some players get into him. Gerald McCoy was a handful for him but he only gave up one sack to him. I watched McCoy some the other day and he's tearing up a lot of RTs. He is just so strong and has a really good rip, decent swim and inside move. Thankfully he doesn't have a spin move I've seen (certainly not all his games) or he'd be too difficult for one guy to block no matter who they were.

    There's more but I'm going to bed.
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    This is the weekly ratings for Doug Free for 2012. I tried to describe this yesterday but a pic is so much better.

    You can make your own observations. I will say the TB game was negative for his penalties (-3.5). His pass blocking was a positive and run blocking a slight negative for that game but he got dinged for penalties. You don't see the outcomes of any flags you see although you can tell by field position who is was against. I suspect he got dinged for holding but I just don't have the time to rewatch games right now. It's been so long since I looked at the games I don't remember all and I don't remember the 2nd Philly game.

    The Cowboys have been flagged 38 times so far with five penalties declined by the opposition. The opponents have picked up first downs by penalties eight times. The Cowboys have just one first down by penalty.

    The breakdown:

    Doug Free – 6 – two offensive holdings, four false starts
    Tyron Smith – 6 – five false starts, one horse collar
    Jason Witten – 4 – three false starts, one hold
    DeMarcus Ware – 4 – 4 offside (three declined)
    Dez Bryant – 2 – one illegal motion, one illegal shift
    Tony Romo – 2 – two delay of games
    Brandon Carr – 2 – one pass interference, one illegal contact
    Bruce Carter – 1 - unnecessary roughness
    Morris Claiborne – 1 – pass interference
    Jason Hatcher – 1 - roughing the passer
    Sean Lissemore – 1 – face mask
    Anthony Spencer – 1 – face mask
    Mackenzy Bernadeau - 1 – illegal use of hands
    Mana Silva – 1 – pass interference
    Phillip Tanner – 1 – Illegal block above the waist
    Lawrence Vickers – 1 – offensive holding
    Josh Brent – 1 - unnecessary roughness
    Barry Church – 1 – pass interference (declined)
    Nate Livings -1 – offensive holding (declined)

    This is from the Dallas Cowboys official site thru the Chicago game last year. Free had two holding calls thru that game and both Smith and Free had 6 penalties thru 4 games. I don't know when Free's two holds came.

    I will throw up the game breakdown in another pic in a bit.
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    You can see his total ratings and weekly. I don't know how they assign and count pressures but even if you think 1/3 of them aren't correct you still have a problem with hurries. You get an idea of his hits, hurries and sacks better here. I haven't looked at Smith yet and likely won't but I've thrown up his stats as well as Parnells'. They are all having problems but subjectively I liked their play better than the interior. Also some of the adverse plays attributed to the tackles were caused by the interior flushing Romo right into a tackle's player who at times was blocked well. I think the hurries are a bigger problem than the sacks and there are too many for Free to explain enough of them away. It's a problem.
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    Dallas at Bengals

    Promised to finish this and draft got in way. Decent game we probably should have lost. Chalk this one up to steady play by D and O, Tony, and Cinci not having a Tony. Scored a FG on opening drive then a TD when Carr got an INT on a Cinci drive that probably would have won game. Two big plays by Tony and then scored ran it in on three tries (with some difficulty) from close in. Then big score near end of 4th to get within score close followed by long drive for a FG to win with time expiring. Nice hold by the D at the end with Spencer getting big sack.

    Free and Parnell shared snaps and both had a decent game. Free got beat twice on an inside swim move, recovered reasonably well on one and gave up a hurry on the other. He was given 3 hurries. I counted two. Parnell got beat once outside and gave up a hit and a hurry on that play. In fact Tony was in the grasp but got the ball out for an incompletion. Both played pretty well although both got a negative grade of -1.9 and -1.2 which shows how the stats sometimes just don't agree with the tape completely. Neither tackle blocked that well in the run game just ok. The OL was marginal in this game esp the middle and left side. Tony was hurried more than a little and forced to move around too much for me. It's easy to take him for granted for that part of his game. I didn't watch Smith every play but he gave up 6 hurries in this game and 37 for the year which is about the same as Free. I thought he gave up a sack but PFF didn't give him one.
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    Pit at Dal

    Free and Parnell both played. The tackles had a very good game although I didn't watch Smith the entire game. Both Free and Parnell had positive ratings with Free 4.1. Smith had a slightly negative rating with 2 penalties one a false start, 2 hurries and one hit. The other tackles had a clean game. In fact the entire OL did pretty well. Free looked like a different guy in the run game and blocked well at the second level. Drive blocking was ok by the entire line nothing to write home about. Zone blocking was pretty good. Murray makes the most out of that scheme and he also caught the ball well and made some plays in space. Harris is hard to bring down and makes some plays. The kicker won his second game in a row being set up by the Carr INT (which also helped win the second game in a row). This was Dallas's third straight win in a row to move into a three way tie with Wash and NY at 8-6. Nice come back as they tried to give this away with a fumble near the Pit goal line early on and a couple of huge plays given up by the D. They did strip a big Pit punt return late which may have put the game away though and scored to tie the game so....

    Nice to beat Pittsburgh though anytime, anywhere and anyway.
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    NO at Dallas

    Tough game to loose. Close game until punt covered deep and Murray stripped inside the five led to NO TD. Extremely poor tackle by a scrub safety led to another NO TD and a 2 TD lead. We came back to tie the game with 2 scores in last four minutes but lost in OT when Graham fumbled forward twenty yards to our 2 yard line. Lost the game on OT FG. Romo had big day but not that accurate until later in game.

    OL played well again. Smith had a clean game, Parnell gave up one sack late in game, and Free had one hit. Both Free and Smith had positive scores.
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    Dal at Wash

    Another tough game to watch. Defense had no answer for the rush game as Wash had 276 rushing yards. Tony had poor game with 3 INTs two on him and one either him or probably Olgetree. Last INT to OL of Wash was really lame. Bad decision and bad throw on a bad play that he advertised although Murray lined up wrong. Game was not on Tony though who wasn't hurried like the first game but still didn't have a lot to work with at times. Seemed the receivers just weren't open until later on that much. We might have had a worse game than the two Washington games but those two really made us look bad. They started 3-6 and won 7 straight to win the division. Hats off to them and their rookie QB as well as their coaching staff. Their D is underrated along with Fletcher.

    Smith and Parnell gave up a hurry. Free had a clean game and was good in the run game as well.

    I'm glad to be thru with this as I'm sure some of you are. Told you I'd finish.

    I went into this thinking Free sucked and at times he did. He had a few poor games including the first NY game, Cleveland, the second Philly game and didn't play that well in the Chicago game either. He had a negative score in the TB game due to 3 penalties although he had a positive passing game. He played well in the last four games after his poorest showing in the second Philly game although he had 3 hurries in the Cin game.

    His final stats were 15 penalties, 6 sacks, 4 hits and 41 pressures on 1057 snaps. He started but platooned at RT the last few games with Parnell who had 267 snaps. Free grades out as an average OT except for pressures which have steadily climbed for him since a good year in 2010. Smith had 11 penalties, 3 sacks, 4 hits and 37 pressures with 979 snaps so they had roughly the same year although his adjusted sack rate was .31% and Free's was .57%. Their pressure rates were 3.8 and 3.9%.

    I'll come back later tonite and add in the stats and hopefully graphs to go with the rest of the significant OL. There are a couple of surprises there I didn't see coming.
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    How many players have the embarrassing distinction of being asked to take a massive pay cut, so that they can remain on the team only for the chance to compete for a spot when the only competition (Parnell) wouldn't even make the roster of most other NFL teams?

    The team has openly stated that he played poorly. Hell, they did their best to bench him, but his replacement wasn't any good either.
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    Pat McQuistan, Corey Proctor and super scrub-a-dub Rob Petitti all got multiple years with other teams when they were released here. "Most other teams" is just bias talking. The "reaches" teams have been doing on various OL runs in drafts in recent years tells me that the supply of OL in the NFL is wanting.

    Callahan indeed said that Free played poorly. It wasn't hard to see. I don't remember it being characterized as "trying to bench him" though but rather "a wake-up call." Broaddus said he talked to coaches and the reason why he was rotated was because he balked at using the new technique in games. That corroborates that characterization.

    He did wake up and by most accounts his play improved significantly
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    He's getting bullrushed straight back and giving up his inside.

    He's done and there is no excuse for him to see the field as a starter.
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    I would prefer an upgrade and think he is payed too much but that wasn't happening late last season. Just like Costa people are intent on fixating on the bad and refuse to acknowledge improvement or just dismiss it as an abberation.

    An explanation has been presented by the team in "slow to utilize Callahan's technique." Do I trust him to start? No, but I also don't think he can be written off. Well, he can be obviously but I don't think that is the smartest approach.
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    I just don't want to see him on the field and if he is going into this season then I just don't think the Cowboys are serious about winning.

    This guys technique is bad and his strength is bad.

    You can beat him inside far to easy.

    Parnell may end up a nice piece but Clabo & his contract were perfect.

    I think Free is well liked by everyone and he'll make it back on the roster for country club purposes only. Not as a quality football player.
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    ......anyone that watched our games knows how bad he was. To take all those games and break them down that way.....:rolleyes: .......remember the 'Styx' song called "Too much time on my hands"? That would be jobberone:lmao:
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    Very good post.

    Part of me says, "Move on from Doug Free".

    Hey when you're the 66th ranked tackle in the NFL and you're getting paid what he is... Well.

    Then you look at where Free was entering the last 3 games of the season. He was a -18.4 (using PFF numbers) and over those last 3 games he was almost able to cut his negative rating in half to -10.1.

    He strung together 3 positive games for the first time since 2010.

    At the same time Parnell was a positive 2.3 over those last three games.

    And if a positive 2.3 doesn't do anything for you, keep in mind Tyron Smith was a postive 3.8 for the season, which was good for 40th in the NFL.

    So part of me say's "Let Free be free".

    The other say's, "Let keep the Parnell/Free combo going".
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    I'm with you, Mike.

    It would be worse than foolish IMO to pencil him in as the starter. If they keep him and let him and Parnell compete for the starting job then I don't see that as throwing in the towel.

    Stephen Jones has talked about having to let the young guys play in the salary cap era. If you are constantly signing FA then you are going to have problems down the line. That seems like sound reasoning to me.

    They have done that at safety, a lot of the backup spots and this draft was obviously an attempt to inject some of that youth into the skill positions which are the most expensive to resign

    Winston at this point would be a progress stopper for Parnell. I can see the wisdom in seeing if Parnell continues his progression and if he doesn't then use Free as a fallback. Hedge your bets so to speak.

    Right now hes a prohibitively expensive insurance policy.
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    Yes, that would be the angel on one side of your shoulder saying that. He is in fact correct.

    That would be the devil on the other side of your shoulder saying that. I can assure you that he is 100% wrong.
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    His play is not significantly different than Smith's and they aren't asking Smith to do anything publicly although I suspect they are working hard with all the tackles and entire OL.

    Smith is on a first round 4 year contract that paid him 12.5million.

    Doug FreeTackle 7/29/2011: Signed a four-year, $32 million contract that was restructured in 2012. The deal contains $17 million guaranteed, including a $10.3 million signing bonus. 2013: $7 million, 2014-2016: $8 million, 2017: Free Agent.

    2011 4 yr/32M 10.3M signing bonus 8M avg salary

    2011 700k base 2,166,250 0 Misc 2,866,250 cap hit
    2012 _ 1.2M__ 2,060,000_ 960K_ 4,220,000
    2013 __7M ___2,060,000 960K 10,020,000 10,020,000 dead
    2014 __8M __ 2,060,000 960K 11,020,000
    2015 __8M __ 2,060,000 960K 11,020,000
    2016 __8M ___________960K _ 8,960,000
    2017 UFA

    Here's the breakdown of the OL:

    9 OFFENSIVE LINEMEN - $23,866,948

    Doug Free
    $7,000,000 – Salary
    $4,175,000 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $11,175,000 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Nate Livings
    $1,700,000 – Salary
    $700,000 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $2,400,000 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Tyron Smith
    $1,511,009 – Salary
    $1,897,018 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $3,408,027 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Mackenzy Bernadeau
    $1,750,000 – Salary
    $812,500 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $2,562,500 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Jermey Parnell
    $1,023,088 – Salary
    $333,333 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $1,356,421 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    David Arkin
    $555,000 – Salary
    $125,000 – Prorated Cap Charges for previous signing bonuses

    $680,000 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Ryan Cook
    $1,100,000 – Salary
    $150,000 – Prorated Cap Charge for previous signing bonuses

    $1,250,000 – Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Darrion Weems
    $480,000 – Salary and Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Kevin Kowalski
    $555,000 – Salary and Total 2013 Cap Charge

    Free is getting paid like a LT and he's playing in the bottom half of the average RT group. Three people are making that kind of money for the Cowboys: Free, Spencer and Romo. It's not a coincidence is it that all three are vastly over paid in the minds of many is there?? That coupled with the Cowboys' cap problems and the fact Parnell looks like a viable OT starter gives them leverage to try to force Free into restructuring his contract. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Free played well the last part of 2012, is as good or better than Winston and Clabo, who may be better (or not), signed with Miami. If Dallas cuts Free post-June 1st he'll count as 4.175M against the 2013 cap (meaning we save almost 3 million) and 5.6M against the 2014 cap. My guess is Dallas can get Free to restructure his contract again for 5.0-5.5M a year for the next two years. I don't see a reason for Free to sign for less than that (despite all the media and fan speculation of lower). That's what it will cost Dallas to cut him or play him so why not have the guy for at least insurance.

    Another part of Free's problem is that he allegedly was resistant to doing what Calahan was asking him to do technique wise and that was part of the reason, again allegedly, that he was put in rotation with Parnell. That and the fact the team felt Parnell needed the experience as well as wanting to see what they had after he did well spelling an injured Smith at LT game 11.

    Also, where do you get the fact that Parnell couldn't start for any other team? You have absolutely zero facts to base that on. It's either clear you haven't watched any of the coaches film you claimed to have watched multiple times or you are entirely isolated in your view that Parnell didn't play well in 2012. Even the media thinks Parnell is a viable starting candidate for 2013. You certainly aren't basing that on any stats on Parnell which are better than the other two tackles. Having watched the last few games of 2012, Parnell is absolutely ready to compete at tackle. He just might be a better LT than Smith or Free is much less a RT. We'll see.

    If you would show me where Calahan stated Free played poorly I'd appreciate it. I can't find him or another coach saying that although I can find many in the media and more fans saying it. Not saying they didn't I just couldn't find it.

    Here's what Calahan said recently about the OL.

    Here is what Stephen said about Winston and Free before the draft and before we heard they aren't interested in Winston but were Clabo. "He's obviously somebody that we're taking a look at," Jones told the Elf & Slater show on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. "We certainly haven't dismissed Doug [Free]. We really felt like when we went to rotating him and Jermey Parnell that he really picked up his game in terms of the competition, not to mention the fact that I think he got some clarity as to what [offensive line coach] Bill Callahan was after."

    Your agenda is showing.

    And you say??
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    Yeah, I'm right there with you.

    It seems to be hip to only think about the 2013 season... And not beyond that.

    Winston would be a progress stopper and obviously Clabo would have been.

    Yes Clabo is a good RT. No argument about that.

    But a year from now the team would be in even worse shape than they are now because they still wouldn't know about Parnell, then would still need another RT and from early indications the cap isn't going to be very friendly for the Cowboys for the 2014 season... AND there are some key young players that need to be resigned/extended.

    While a $3 million hit for Winston or a $3.5 mil hit for Clabo doesn't sound like a lot for this season, I'm not convinced that amount isn't needed to maintain the key components of the team heading into 2014.

    Parnell costs the team $3.1 mil over the next TWO seasons.

    And if Parnell can do an adequate job, then at least for the next two seasons season RT isn't a concern.
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    Smith and Free had essentially the same number of penalties (13 v 15), hits (both 4) and hurries (37 v 41) for the year with both having roughly 1000 snaps. The only statistical difference was Smith having 3 sacks and Free 6 which when adjusted is .31% v .56%.

    And you honestly think those numbers are different enough to deride one and not the other? If you guys want to hang one player with those numbers and give another a free (pun intended) ride then go ahead.

    Free also outplayed Smith the last 1/3 having 1 hit and 1 hurry vs 1 hit and 9 hurries. He also outplayed Parnell over that time. Parnell had 1 sack, 1 hit and 2 hurries. That's if you're going to use PFF as your criteria. Although I'd say they all played well over that period rather than dragging any of them down. I'm not all that impressed with positive and negative numbers from PFF when it's hard enough to just assign sacks, hits and hurries. Trying to put a number on how well someone run blocks (esp on a team that was almost dead arse last in the league) is not a number that interests me that much. But if you want to hang your hat on their game ratings and ignore the major stats being roughly the same go ahead.

    I don't have any great love for any of our OL. Any team that can't run the ball needs work. I'm just not going to run with the crowd when the evidence points elsewhere.

    BTW, look at Livings and Cooks numbers and game graphs. I thought they sucked, too. But maybe I misjudged them. They still can't run block well either though so...

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