News: Freeman: Ten Point Stance: Finale vs. Skins could be Romo's watershed moment

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 27, 2012.

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    By Mike Freeman | National NFL Insider

    There are any number of polarizing figures in sports today: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, Roger Goodell, the NHL commissioner who deserves to be punched in the face ... any number.

    But none of them, at least for the moment, have a chance to totally revamp their image in a single moment the way one polarizing figure does this weekend. That figure is Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

    One game can change Romo's image of a pretty boy with the million dollar arm and nickel cranium into something better. Beat the Washington Redskins, the Cowboys make the playoffs, and his image can be transformed. Lose, and it stays the same. Lose, and that rep might get worse.

    This is how Romo is viewed now: as a soft player who can put up at times mind-boggling numbers during the regular season but at some point chokes. That choke job normally happens late in the year and usually in the biggest of games or moments. The fact the Cowboys with Romo as quarterback have been playoff-challenged and late-season gag champs isn't all on Romo. But much of it is.

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  2. Illini88228

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    Moronic opinion.
  3. WoodysGirl

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    Freeman is a total Romo hater, so the article isn't as bad as it could've been.
  4. jimnabby

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    These exact same arguments were written before the finale vs. the Eagles in 2009. And again before the playoff game vs. the Eagles a week later. "This one game can completely change his image." And he rose to the occasion. And of course nothing changed. Why? Because sportswriters are the laziest people on Earth.
  5. Illini88228

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    I understand casual fans buying into the media narrative about Romo. But, if your job is to analyze NFL football, it is unacceptable to be that delusional.
  6. Dale

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    Unfortunately for Romo, this game can only harm his national perception. No one will ever look back to his regular-season finale of the 2012 season as his watershed moment should we win, nor should they.
  7. Eddie

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    Even if we win this game, the national media will blitz Romo the moment we're tossed from the playoffs.

    Romo's ONLY saving grace will be to win a Super Bowl. There's no other way around it.
  8. rocboy22

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    just read what was posted here. After that, had no desire to follow the link to the rest of the article. moronic trash....
  9. Eric_Boyer

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    soft player?


    I would like to see this guy go into work with broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
  10. Future

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    Possibly, but most will just say that the team around him stepped up so that he couldn't ruing it for them.

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