Fresh Mock Using the CBS Sports Big Board as a reference

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sifillest, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Sifillest

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    16. Aaron Donald – DT Pitt-dominated in the senior bowl practices, and had a monster 2013 season. Waiting for him will make passing on Shariff Floyd for Fredwreck even more of a masterstroke than originally thought.

    48. Will Sutton, DT Arizona St-Defensive tackle depth is deplorable, and I love what was done in the draft last year by Carolina, getting Lotulelei and Short in the same draft…I am to replicate that, except with Marinelli da Gawd crafting these men into monsters.

    78. Marcus Smith DE Louisville-Rounds out a fresh infusion of blood on the D line, which with good injury fortune and Marinelli magics, means relentless pressure and quarterback sack….lunches. This dude has length and showed some coverage ability underneath, so it would give us some additional wrinkles, if needed.

    115. Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss- Solid in every respect, and another big body opposite Dez Bryant should enable nightmare scenarios along with Terrance Williams for defenses league-wide.

    146. Kenneth Ladler, FS, Vanderbilt- Pretty sure i’m not going to make the mistake of putting any further stock in Matt Johnson and his mythical ability. With playmaking ability and a big hit power (5 forced fumbles in 2013), this dude has the potential to finally allow Darren Woodson some respite from Cowboys fans begging him to come back.

    206. Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech-It’s the 7th round, and he’s 6’6". I doubt there would be THAT many complaints. If he never shakes out, then you didn’t waste much…but if he turns into something? Killa Cam Newton lite.

    208. Jonathan Brown, OLB Illinois-Short in stature, but not in production this past season…119 tackles, 15 TFL with 5 sacks, a pick and a forced fumble. Pretty sure we can afford to take a flyer on those stats at this point in the draft.
  2. tm1119

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    I still wouldn't touch Sutton, but good mock other than that. Only complaint other than Sutton is 0 o line taken. Gotta grab at least 1 guy in the top 5 rounds in my opinion.
  3. Sifillest

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    Thanks. What's the knock on Sutton besides height? also, lol, is oyhe an acronym for something?
  4. shmee

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    It would be hard taking 2 DT's to anchor your line for years that are both barely 6 foot, no? I like both of them especially with sutton bringing his weight down.
  5. tm1119

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    He has ridiculously short arms for an nfl DT. And while he's quick, he doesn't have elite quickness that will make up for the lack of size and arm length. He is alarmingly similar to Drake Nevis in my eyes.

    And nah trying to post from my phone and messed up lol. Check the edit.
  6. KDM256

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    Good mock IMO... I'm not too thrill about the Sutton pick inthe 2nd, I would rather go after Kareem Martin, or even take a chance with Dominique Easley with that 2nd round pick. (especially with a good combine/pro day)

    Loved the Marcus Smith Pick and the Donte Moncrief with the 3rd/4th. Both a Great Mid Round players who should contribute at the next level soon

    The rest of your picks are good solid developmental picks that would add depth, although I think Logan Thomas is Josh Freeman 2.0

    Would say B- just because you didn't address the OLine need
  7. Sifillest

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    Yea, I thought about O line with either one of the 7th rounders but...ehhhh. And idk what happened to Freeman. In 2010 that dude looked like he had the makings of a franchise QB. I think Thomas has few enough believers that anything average or above would be deemed something of a success.
  8. DBOY3141

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    I know our defense is trash, but I think we have to add a guard within the 1st 3 rounds. I don't like our history of OL taken after the 3rd round, and I think we need a solid prospect in the event Leary's knee goes out or Berny goes south with his play.

    Not a fan of Thomas. Didn't have a very good year at VT and looked horrible at senior bowl from all the chatter I read.
  9. reddyuta

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    what is this fascination with logan thomas,did you guys not watch him in College?
  10. Sifillest

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    Pretty sure the fascination w thomas is solely because of his size and potential. That's why i took a shot in the 7th round. It's not like Romo was setting the world on fire as a UDFA at first. But he grew into a starter. I don't think it's impossible for Thomas to do the same thing. I think the guard situation is a real thing, but the defensive side of the ball needs so much more help imo. Plus we don't know if waters will be back or not next year. But the likelihood of keeping either hatcher or spencer seems pretty low.
  11. Questfor6

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    Wouldn't even give him a camp tryout, he's flat awful. He's Jamarcus Russell caliber bad for a big QB.
  12. Sifillest

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    Can't knock anyone's opinion. Guaranteed he gets drafted this May by some team tho, provided he doesn't absolutely bomb at the combine.
  13. bodi

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    if we go Donald in the first - I will blow my top

    I really don't want the kid - I don't think he will not be able to hold up un the pros

    then there's Sutton -an Thomas

    Smith will go to 3 -4 team IMO
  14. IAmLegend

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    Two undersized DT's w/ our first 2 picks would be pretty bad imo. And no way Logan Thomas falls to the 7th round. Some team will take him in the 3rd, 4th at the very latest. Bet on it.

    I like Donald but I'd rather trade back a few spots and pick up another pick and I bet he'd still be there. I have about 5-6 guys I'd take over him in the 1st anyways.
  15. Oh_Canada

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    Love Donald, but Sutton I am undecided on. Right now, I prefer a guy like DeQuan Jones or Caraun Reid to pair with him.
    Like most of the other picks especially Moncrief, but prefer a guy like Matthews instead of Thomas later in the draft as a developmental QB.
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Moncrief is an intriguing prospect...
  17. sbark

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    ...then grab NDSU's Billy Turner..........North Dakota State Guard Billy Turner: 8.06 talent score, First Round
    • Billy Turner is pure, raw power and violence. The epitome of a true smashmouth offensive lineman, Turner's biggest plus is his
    ability to physically bully and punish defenders who dare try to scrape across his face. He's still raw with his footwork
    and blocking technique, but he's a special physical package who has nice movement skills to boot.
    ........also good enough to move out to a Tackle position if needed.....played LT thru the 3 consecutive champ years........
  18. jterrell

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    Also not a fan of Sutton. Watched him get abused all bowl game by a future insurance salesman.

    Removing Sutton gives the draft more balance anyway.

    Carolina got great values for reallllly good players, neither guy where drafted is that type of value.

    No issue with 7th round shot on any QB. Probably a PS guy year 1 anyway.
  19. xwalker

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    Yes, Turner is fun to watch. NFLDS has him ranked as a 3rd rounder.

    Turner, Billy
    North Dakota State
    33 1/4
    81 3/4
  20. CowboysLaw87

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    IMO, we really should be gunning to come out of this draft with one of Aaron Donald, Will Sutton or Dominique Easely. They are all 3T's in our system, and each has a wart, but would seriously upgrade our interior pressure.

    As mentioned, I don't think we bite on 2 guys from that group. Throwing a guy out there with a wart is one thing... having multiple guys on the field with the same wart would be problematic.

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